Martingale Limited Slip Dog Collar Information

For dogs that frequently escape their collars, the martingale or limited slip style collar could help solve the problem. For certain breeds, such as Grey Hounds, the dog's neck and head are similar in size allowing the dog an easier chance of backing out of his collar. While a choke chain can damage a dog's trachea and be painful, the martingale causes little or no discomfort while tightening enough to prevent a dog from backing out of his collar. When fitting this type of collar, it should be comfortably snug and not too tight.

Pros of Limited Slip Style Dog Collars

  • Difficult for dogs to slip out of collars

  • Does not easily cause damage to trachea or neck as can standard choke collars

  • Will not choke a dog when tightened and used properly

Cons of Limited Slip Style Dog Collars

  • Dogs left unattended may accidentally choke themselves by getting a paw or something else caught on the smaller loop. These collars should be removed when dogs are unattended and replaced with a safety or safer collar.

  • Dogs can also choke while playing with each other becoming entangled with another dog. When playing a safety collar should be used, that releases the dog easily, or collars should be removed.

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