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Ordering Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. Alternative payment methods you may use include PayPal Express Checkout, Shop Pay (Shopify Payments), Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Is my credit card information safe?
Yes, it is very safe, and after being in business for almost two decades now we have never had an issue. Our website uses a secure connection, and your credit card information is encrypted and sent directly to the credit card processor. We never see any of your credit card information. You will also notice our Trust Guard security stamp in the footer of our website, as well as at checkout, that you can click on to see the results of daily security scans.

Shipping Questions

When is my order shipped?
Orders of in-stock items received before 12:00 pm EST are shipped the same business day Monday through Friday excluding Holidays. If an item on your order is backordered there are two possibilities: 1). Your order will be shipped in its entirety when the item is back-in-stock or 2). If the item will be delayed for an extended period of time for some reason, we will ship items that are in-stock and then ship the back-ordered item when it arrives at our expense. You will be notified of any order delays by email. We do our very best to maintain our levels of inventory because we often work with very sick animals so delays are rare.

What type of shipping is used for the $6.95 Flat Rate shipping?
We use USPS Priority Mail for our flat rate shipping so orders get to you as quickly as possible.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Orders are shipped by Priority Mail which has a shipping time frame of 1 to 3 business days depending on where you are located in the country. This is typical, but is not guaranteed. If this is an emergency you may use FedEx Express shipping and these time frames are found on our Ordering and Shipping Help page. Some people think that if they order FedEx Home Delivery they will get their order quicker than our usual Priority Mail shipping method, but this is generally not the case and it is better to let us ship using the USPS.

Do you offer express shipping?
Yes, we do. You must call us to place your order and request your express service option as they are not provided online. We use fedEx shipping services and they offer several express shipping options that can be viewed on our Ordering and Shipping Help page. Please realize these express services are affected by weekends, Holidays, inclement weather and the time of day at which you order is placed so please take this into account when ordering. For example, if you place an express order after 12 pm EST, your order may not be shipped out until the following day so this extra day for delivery must be taken into account. Even though these services may be more from us than say Amazon, we only charge you our FedEx discount rate for these services.

Do you ship Internationally?
Yes, we do. However, we don’t ship to all countries because of issues we have had with certain countries. For example, in Australia customs confiscates orders with any herbs/plant ingredients so we had to discontinue shipping to this country and all of the European Union. You can see if we ship to your country by placing an item in your shopping cart. On the Cart Contents page click on Calculate that is next to Shipping cost. In the pop-up window you can see if your country is found on the list.

Are there additional costs associated with International shipping?
Yes, many countries add duties, taxes and possibly other fees to your shipment that you will need to pay directly to your customs agency when your order arrives in your country before they will release the package to you. It is the responsibility of the individual placing the order to know, or find out, what these fees may be before they order so they are not surprised by the added cost.

Return Questions

What is your return policy?

Our Return Policy is very consumer friendly and can be found here.

Product Questions

Can my dog/cat use your supplements if they are using a medication?
Yes, this should be fine. Our supplements are basically whole foods so there should not be any issues.

Can my dog/cat use your herbal remedies if they are using a medication?
In the majority of cases this will be fine. There are some exceptions that are indicated under Contraindications found at the bottom of the Instructions tab on the product page. Also, please be aware that dosages of medications may have to be adjusted by your veterinarian. For example, formulas using an herb like St. John’s Wort can increase the liver’s elimination of medications more quickly. Or, a formula like our Heart Tonic may have a similar action to medications used for heart failure possibly requiring your vet to lower dosages of your pet's medication.

Are your products organic?
The majority of our supplements and all of our herbal remedies use USDA organic herbs and whole food ingredients. We use organic USP glycerin for our tinctures. Other supplements like our glandulars, elk velvet antler, whey protein, colostrum etc. come from grass-fed animals and are the best quality available. We are a small, dedicated company so we are not able to support the process of organic certification at this time.

Are your ingredients human-grade?
Yes, all of our ingredients are human-grade.

Can I take your supplements?
While all of our ingredients are human-grade making them safe for human consumption, once we label them for dogs and cats we can not market them to people. Exceptions to this are Biosuperfood, elk velvet antler and systemic enzymes that we provide for our human clients.

Why is there no “guaranteed analysis” on your supplements?
The reason for this is quite simple - we use only whole-food ingredients. You will only find a guaranteed analysis on supplements that use synthetic/manufactured ingredients. These are two different types of supplements entirely. As an example, when you purchase an organic apple do you get a “guaranteed analysis”? Of course not. You understand that the apple has antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber and many other phytonutrients some of which science may not have even discovered yet. However, if you purchase a manufactured apple powder it may have a “guaranteed analysis” because the ingredients have been manufactured in a laboratory. The medical community is still stuck on “guaranteed analysis” because they work primarily with chemical medications and their way of thinking is a result of their medical training. Our way of thinking is quite different, and from the success we have with our clients I tend to think we are on the correct path - organic, whole foods whose natural nutrients work synergistically together are better than synthetic vitamins and isolated minerals even of they may have a “guaranteed analysis”.

How do I know how much to give my dog/cat of each supplement or herbal remedy?
This information can be found under the Instructions tab on every product page as well as the containers themselves. You may have to do some math to find the dosage for your animal that is dependent on their weight. For example, if the instructions say 1/8 tsp per 30 lbs and you have a 15 lb dog then you would use one-half of 1/8 tsp, which is 1/16 tsp. Remember, since we use all-natural, whole food ingredients a little more or less will not hurt your animal so approximate as best as you can.

What size scoop is provided with supplements?
Supplements that have dosages of 1/4 tsp and above do not come with a scoop because the typical household has these size measuring spoons. For supplements that require 1/8 tsp we provide the small plastic scoop that is 1/8 tsp. Two exceptions to this are the Microbiome Harmony and the Ox Bile Powder that require small dosages so we provide a 1/32 scoop for these two supplements.

Is my dog or cat getting too many supplements?
Is it possible to give your animal too many supplements? Sure. However, this usually applies to synthetic ingredients. For example, feeding a kibble diet is popular and these types of processed pet foods contain numerous synthetic vitamins and isolated minerals. If you then purchase supplements with similar synthetic nutrients your pet could be overdosing on certain vitamins and minerals. However, our supplements are very different because they are made with organic, whole foods. It would be hard to overload the body with natural nutrients because they are efficiently metabolized and excesses are easily eliminated.

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