The Pet Health and Nutrition Center is now certified Plastic Negative with rePurpose Global. With every product we sell, we are financing vetted impact projects that will recover and remove twice as much plastic waste from the environment as we use in our packaging and operations. In addition to reducing plastic use in our supply chain wherever possible, our partnership with rePurpose Global allows us to create an immediate impact on plastic pollution.

By contributing to the rePurpose Impact Project Saaf Samudra, we’re enabling access to improved waste management infrastructure in local communities in Goa, India. While we work towards our long-term sustainability goals, taking action on our plastic footprint means creating meaningful change, today.

About our impact project: Project Saaf Samudra (साफ़ समुद्र)

In Hindi, Saaf Samudra (साफ़ समुद्र) means clean sea. Goa is home to some of India's most beautiful seas and coastlines. Its marine biodiversity includes turtles, dolphins, and endangered corals. Over the last few decades, the pristine coastlines of Goa have been devastated by rampant plastic pollution, affecting wildlife and contaminating waterways. We aspire to return this ecosystem to its original beauty, helping it recover, rejuvenate, and thrive. This Impact Project is our effort to stop ocean-bound plastic waste from leaking into Goa's coasts and protect the Arabian Sea. It is an effort to make our aspirations a reality.

Consumer FAQs

1. What does it mean that our supplements and herbal remedies are certified as Plastic Negative?

Having Plastic Negative products means that we have measured the product’s plastic footprint - using rePurpose Global’s robust measurement tool - and we fund the recovery of twice as much plastic waste from nature as we use in our product's packaging.

To be Plastic Negative certified, we were required to:

measure our product’s plastic use

commit to plastic reductions

fund recovery of twice as much plastic as is used in our product's plastic footprint through plastic recovery at rePurpose Global’s impact project Saaf Samudra in Goa, India.

This is just one part of our wider sustainability strategy that aims to increase our positive impact on our planet.

On our behalf ,project Saaf Samudra employs and empowers marginalized waste workers to recover low-value plastic waste – plastic that is otherwise land-filled, burned, or flushed into our natural environment, equal to twice as much as that used in our product packaging, shipping and manufacturing process.

2. How does this initiative positively impact communities on the frontlines of environmental protection?

Millions of workers are engaged with informal recycling across cities in the developing world - from Nairobi and Bogotá, to Mumbai and Jakarta. They play a crucial role in dealing with the consequences of our consumption. However, their environmental work is often unappreciated and waste workers can be discriminated against, marginalized, and underpaid. With small and unreliable incomes, no progression or training, and harsh working conditions, workers are often stuck in a cycle of intergenerational poverty.

Your purchases with The Pet Health and Nutrition Center help to create new realities for these unsung environmental heroes. Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we contribute to waste workers having fairer and more reliable incomes, more status in communities, and safer working conditions.

3. Why are you still using plastic at all? Can't you figure out something better for the environment?

Plastic is an incredibly durable, affordable, and lightweight material that guarantees product quality, reduces food waste (as a result of improved shelf life), and reduces carbon footprints in transportation compared to glass or metal.

However, we’re all becoming more and more aware of the devastating impact it can have on not just our oceans, but land-based ecosystems, communities, and even human health. That’s why we’re taking action!

Our Plastic Negative certification empowers us to create an immediate impact on the plastic waste crisis, while we work hard towards our long-term sustainability goals.

4. What are you doing going forward to further reduce your environmental footprint?

We are working hard to establish packaging reduction goals that will reduce our plastic footprint further. So far, we have removed plastic from our product shipping boxes and the packaging materials you now receive are all paper/cardboard recyclable!

We are also actively searching for packaging alternatives to plastic for our supplements that will provide the same protection of ingredient freshness and moisture barrier.

5. My purchase is happening in the USA. Why are your Plastic Negative contributions happening in Goa, India?

Our packaging may be generated and collected here in Connecticut but plastic waste is a global issue. For example, the US is the world’s biggest plastic polluter, and per capita plastic use is 6-10 times higher, on average, in Western Europe and North America than it is in India.

Despite plastic waste generation soaring, recycling rates are lagging behind. The U.S. exports large volumes of plastic waste to countries around the world. Shipments often go to developing countries that lack the waste management infrastructure capacity to deal with their own domestic waste.

rePurpose Global works in countries that are the weak links in the global waste ecosystem – where waste is mismanaged and most at risk of leaking into nature. In fact, 90% of plastic pollution in the oceans today stems from just 10 rivers, 8 of which are located in Asia. And when plastic ends up in the ocean, it affects us all.

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