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Degenerative Myelopathy Package

A lifesaver for our boy...

This product has been a lifesaver for our boy. He was dragging his legs and we feared the worst. After researching holistic ways of treating myelopathy, I came across your site. As my husband and I prefer holistic and integrative medicine, we feel the same for our fur baby. After purchasing the program, we noticed a difference after the first dose! It was amazing! Unfortunately, Teddy cannot skip dosing days, but as long as this keeps working, I don’t care! He’s worth every penny spent. Thank you for giving our boy more time....
Cat and Scott A.
IMHA Supplements Package

Molly survived IMHA...

I am happily submitting my testimonial for your IMHA protocol. Our 7 year old pomeranian Molly is now fully recovered. She had a red blood cell count of 6% when we had to get the first blood transfusion. While she was in the hospital getting her third transfusion, I overnighted your IMHA supplements which we began administering immediately. She began to improve by the end of that first day. Over the following weeks she was back to her old self, full of energy. Her subsequent red blood cell counts on follow up tests steadily rose and is now at 40%. We continue to give her the multivitamin, chloroxygen and biopreparation and will do so for the rest of her life. We can't thank you enough and we wish more veterinarians would adopt this protocol. It would save a lot of unnecessary heartache and money.
Justin S.
Pancreatitis Supplements package

Thank you for products that work naturally...

Our miniature schnauzer Zoey was very sick and diagnosed with severe pancreatitis. I did research on pancreatitis in dogs and contacted The pet health and nutrition center. I explained her symptoms and received guidelines and suggestions for natural treatment. She started the pancreatitis protocol and has had much improvement. Her coat had been dull dry and brittle, now it's soft shines and feels like velvet. Her activity seems great she runs and plays with her toys and acts like a puppy - she's actually 11 years old. I highly recommend reaching out to the pet health and nutrition center with any pet concerns or issues you might notice with your pet. They respond promptly with advice and answer all your questions. Thank you to the helpful staff we appreciate your advice and products that work naturally.
Zoey Z.
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