The Pet Health and Nutrition Center is offering a Rewards Program in an effort to show our returning customers that we recognize and appreciate your patronage.

Who is eligible? All of our retail clients are eligible to accumulate rewards. Wholesale customers are excluded from the program.

Do I have to register to be eligible? Yes, you have to register so we can keep track of your points. Registering with us is beneficial anyway as it allows you to see past orders and repurchase products with the click of a button. We never see or have access to your payment information when you register if that is a concern.

How do I Earn Rewards? You earn rewards simply by shopping with us and by a few other ways as well.

  • Earn one point for every dollar spent shopping with us.
  • Earn ten point on your (or your pet's) Birthday every year.
  • Earn ten points by following our Instagram page.
  • Earn ten points by liking our Facebook page.
  • Earn ten points by subscribing to our Youtube channel.

How much can I earn? For each and every 400 points you accumulate when shopping with us you will receive a $10.00 Reward!

How do I redeem my reward? In the lower right-hand corner of our website you will see a "Rewards" tab. Click on the tab and then on "Redeem Points". When you accumulate 400 points you will see a discount code for you to enter at checkout.

You have successfully subscribed!