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The Pet Health and Nutrition Center Family has for years incorporated animal communication into our holistic lifestyle as one of the useful tools that joins others such as a species appropriate diet and organic, whole food supplementation in caring for our own companion animals. We thought it was time to bring you more detailed information on how Animal Communication can help you and your companion animals and guide you towards a gifted Animal Communicator in Carol Harrison. The information below has been provided by Carol.

What is Telepathic Communication?

It is a heart-to-heart exchange of energy. It is sending and receiving thoughts and information through words, feelings, emotions, images, and sometimes simply a knowing. Telepathic Communication has no geographical boundaries, and is not limited to any one species. It is an opening of the heart and a knowing that we are all Divine creatures. Successful communication is a willingness to view another species from their point-of-view.

How Can Animal Communication Help Me With My Animal?

Telepathic Communication gives the animal a voice and opens up a clear channel for people to understand life from the animal’s point-of view. Most behavior issues are a cry for help, a reaction to a past experience, a possible health issue, or a lack of a mutual understanding of what is and is not acceptable behavior as you share your life together. Most animals also have very strong opinions about how their basic needs are met, for example: are they on the right diet, is their living environment set up to help them thrive, feel safe, provide proper exercise, etc.

When poor health is a factor, animal communication can help you understand what is happening inside their body from their experience of it. How many times has someone said “ if only my dog, cat, horse, bird, fish, etc. could tell me what’s wrong.” Animal Communication can be that voice. Unless an animal communicator is also a vet they DO NOT DIAGNOSE, or take the place of a vet when required. However, giving your animal a voice can assist in getting directly to the core issue, providing the least invasive, most beneficial care for your beloved companion.

Animal Communication helps the caregiver to better understand the personality, humor, and wisdom of their companions in order to provide the best care and, to enjoy and enhance the bond between them. Animals are wise and prophetic friends who have much to teach us.

A Case Story of Animal Communication

One example of how telepathic communication and energy healing can bring about positive results is the following story about Betsy:

Betsy is a beautiful medium sized golden retriever who was adopted through a rescue organization to a single woman living alone in a mountain cabin. For two years Betsy was the perfect companion, but could be very protective of her human. She always got to the door first when someone was arriving to visit, often times doing a low growl to let everyone know she was “on the job”. However, once through the door she was an absolute love, well-behaved in every way. For no obvious reason Betsy became very aggressive, She began chasing people as they strolled by, barking, jumping up, even biting at their ankles. She went so far as to bite a neighbor and began attacking other animals if they came too close to the cabin. People started complaining about Betsy, neighbors became fearful of what she would do next. Her human mom became concerned that she would have to give Betsy up, or worse. Her mom called Carol to see what could be done.

Betsy revealed that she was not feeling well herself, and that she was very worried about her human and believed that a heightened level of protection was the answer. The body scan revealed an imbalance in Betsy’s system that caused her to feel very nervous and out of sorts, much like a human in sugar-shock. Carol suggested dietary changes and supplementation to address the physical. Carol then offered a Reiki healing session to relieve the stress and tension Betsy was feeling. It was then revealed that Betsy’s human was experiencing a serious health issue of her own. Betsy had picked up on the changes she was seeing, feeling, and smelling regarding her mom. Carol explained to Betsy that the aggression she was displaying to others was beyond what was needed, caused undo harm to people and animals, and was causing problems for her mom in the neighborhood. Betsy’s mom, Carol, and Betsy discussed the situation and explained to Betsy what her job in the
household was, and how it might be carried out in a more appropriate way...alerting mom that someone was out there, or at the door, but waiting for mom’s signal that it was friend, not foe, and all was well.

Since that day Betsy’s mom made the suggested changes in diet and there have been no episodes of aggression toward anyone. Betsy now greets you at the door, tail wagging, glancing at mom for reassurance that she is doing her job appropriately, and there have been no issues outside.

About Carol Harrison - Animal Communication, Body Scans and Energy Healing

Carol Harrison is the Professional Animal Communicator we have been working with for over ten years. In addition to receiving information through telepathic communication, Carol is also extremely skilled at scanning the body of your animal - feeling what they feel and receiving intuitive information on the physical experiences your animal is having. This gift can be very useful when trying to develop nutritional and supplement recommendations for a particular animal and is often made use of by clients of The Pet Health and Nutrition Center.

Carol is also a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner. Following the body scan she will immerse your companion in healing energy to bring about whatever is in the highest good of all.

We invite to experience for yourself the many benefits of Telepathic Communication and Energy Healing. The following is Carol’s contact information :

Carol Harrison lives in Balsam, North Carolina with her two parrots and two standard poodles.

She can be reached at 828-456-9781

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