Acana Dog Food Review

Acana Dog Food is a kibble diet made by Champion Petfoods out of Alberta, Canada. This review aims to give consumers some information about this pet food in order for them to be able to make an educated purchasing decision. This dog food review is as unbiased as possible and is aided by our years of experience and feedback from our customers.

The Good

  • Made exclusively in Champion Pet Food's own factory
  • Made with "fit for human consumption" ingredients
  • A biologically appropriate diet for canines
  • Obtains the majority of its nutrition from natural, unprocessed ingredients as opposed to relying on synthetic/isolated vitamins and minerals
  • High fresh animal ingredient content (60%)
  • Low in carbohydrates (26-28%)
  • Utilizes over 95% fresh, regional ingredients
  • Formulated with botanicals that are a part of the natural canine diet and act as tonics to help strengthen organs and tissue
  • Provides a high-quality “Biologically Appropriate” diet at a very good price point

The Not-As-Good

  • Protein levels are a little lower (32-33% compared to 38-42% in Orijen) but are still adequate and far superior to other kibble pet food diets
  • Since this food is so popular there can be occasional shortages frustrating both retailers and consumers

The Bottom Line

Taking into account the manufacturing process and the ingredients used, Acana Dog Food is a premium kibble diet that may be considered a close second only to its sister food Orijen. However, it is formulated for a market slightly different to that of Orijen. Acana has a lower protein and total fresh meat content than Orijen with slightly higher carbohydrate levels, which allows this dog food to provide unbeatable value and a price point that makes Biologically Appropriate pet foods accessible to a wide range of pet lovers.

For those dogs with a weak or damaged digestive system, Acana may make a good alternative to Orijen because it is a little less dense in meat protein, with a different variety of fruits, vegetables and botanicals, and may be a little easier for certain animals to digest. Of course, any digestive issues are often solved with a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement.


Acana Dog Food is a moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate and grain-free, biologically appropriate diet with a ratio of 60 percent premium animal ingredients; 40 percent fruit and vegetables; and zero grains. Acana features human-grade ingredients, we don’t recommend anything less, so you aren’t going to find any of the questionably sourced rendered meats or waste and by-products of the human food industry that are so common in commercial dog foods today. The meats used are never frozen and contain no preservatives. Unlike most commercial pet foods, the fresh regional meats used in Acana Dog Food are processed the same day they are received, and are a key factor in the superior palatability and feeding performance of Acana.

Fresh regional ingredients like chicken and fresh whole eggs produced on local prairie farms; a variety of wild-caught fish from the Pacific Ocean; as well as cranberries and apples from local orchards are used. These regional ingredients found in Acana Dog Food can’t be over-emphasized because they are full of nutrients that are usually depleted by long-term storage and shipping and can’t in any way be compared to the highly refined commodity ingredients found in many other pet foods.

Every Acana diet is made with a minimum of three fresh meats, which means Acana Dog Food is going to provide your canine companion with the biologically available and easily digested and assimilated protein sources a dog needs for good muscle tone, adequate energy levels, injury healing and a healthy immune system. The fresh regional fish, such as salmon, flounder and herring, provide the fatty acids that dogs have a hard time producing themselves (including DHA and EPA) that are so important to nutritionally support the development of cell membranes, immune system function and a vibrant skin and coat. In many commercial pet foods, the fresh fish is replaced with fish oil imported all the way from China - preservatives and all!

When comparing kibble dog foods, Acana is matched only by its sister food, Orijen, and Natures Logic Dog Food in the way it derives the bulk of its nutrition from whole food ingredients. Instead of relying on large quantities of synthetic vitamins to meet AAFCO requirements, Acana focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables and native botanicals that include marshmallow, burdock, chicory root, stinging nettle and milk thistle. All of these replicate the natural canine diet and help to soothe, nourish and tone the digestive tract, strengthen the liver and control insulin levels. In addition, all delicate ingredients, such as the botanicals and beneficial microorganisms are added after the cooking process to preserve their natural nutritional qualities. We are sure that you and your canine will also appreciate the absence of any artificial flavors, colors and preservatives!

Champion Pet Foods, the manufacturer of Acana Dog Food, is just as special as the quality of the ingredients. Based in Canada, this family owned business formulates Acana Dog Food in their own facility and has been manufacturing high caliber pet food for over 35 years. This keeps quality control in-house and is a huge selling point with us, especially after the large pet food recalls! Further proof of their passion to provide the highest-quality dog food is their proprietary, low-temperature (90C) processing method, which includes steam-cooking their fresh ingredients in small batches to preserve the natural goodness and delicious taste.

Acana Dog Food provides a superior kibble diet for your canine companion, rich in real meat protein, at an affordable price. The only real competition comes from its sister food, Orijen, and you can’t go wrong with either one!

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