• Firstly, let me start by saying that this review is LONG overdo!!! I have a 5 lb., 13 year old Yorkie named Noisette, who's struggled with numerous health issues all of her life, from Digestive, Pancreatitis, Lyme Disease, UTI's, Ear & Skin Infections, etc.. I found the PH&NC (Maria & Phil) while searching online, desperate for answers, a few years ago. I've contacted Maria MANY times for all sorts of issues. Maria has been an Angel to us!!! She's always returned my (many) calls & e-mails promptly, & has always taken the time to listen, get to the root cause of the problem, thoroughly explain everything to me, & make suggestions in a non-bias manner. She NEVER tries to "push" sales upon customers. It's been obvious from day one that her passion & true intention is to help & heal the animals!!!  She is knowledgeable & sincere.
    Recently, Noisette was diagnosed with CKF, & Maria was who I turned to for advice on how to manage it holistically. We are currently managing her with supplements & tinctures (all suggested by Maria), & Noisette seems to be thriving again!!! I always recommend the PH&NC to anyone & everyone who is seeking to holistically heal or manage any health issues with their pets! I can not THANK Maria & Phil ENOUGH !!!! They have Truly been a Godsend to us!!!
    ~Holly G (& Noisette)

    Holly Gnip

  • Hi PHNC wonderful people... As requested I wrote a review for the thyroid glandular supplement that has made such a huge difference in my dogs health. Thank you again for providing such awesome health products for animals. I just received my order from you guys today and I'm looking forward to using the products to further help my pack. I rescue senior schipperkes and they usually come to me in pretty rough shape. Every dog that I have put on your products shows a marked improvement in health in usually a very short amount of time. I'm so thankful for you guys!!
    M. McDonald
    Ellie, Chico, Marley, Dartagnan and Perry

    M. McDonald

  • I can not rave enough about the Pet Health & Nutrition Center (PH&NC) both their products and caring, educated, timely advise. March 2017 I had adopted a dog who had been in a pet rescue center for 7 years! poor thing: ( Rayne was 10 yrs old at that time. I'm grateful for that rescue center and of course they can only do what they have available to them and so Rayne came with several conditions. When I first met her she barely had any fur on her head, her skin was hot red and I could barely pet her (without my own hand getting itchy (fungus), her eyes where skewing mucus constantly, and her ears had extreme wax build up (I had to clean them at least 2x/week with gobs of cotton balls. With my background as a wellness practitioner for people I knew Rayne was lacking some significant nutrients and had been over-vaccinated, medicated.  In addition to getting Rayne on a raw food diet and working with a  holisitic vet... I was still lacking supplemental nutrients specifically for animals that were of high quality without any added excipients. Through my search that is were we GRATEFULLY found PH&NC. Within 8 mos. or less using PH&NC immune colostrum, probiotic digestive, female incontinence and adrenal glandular and bio-prep Rayne is literally a different healthy dog! Her fur completely covers her face, her fungus outbreak is gone, her stools are healthy, her ears barely have any wax build up (even after a whole month goes by without cleaning), her eyes are clear with no discharge and her incontinence is much better. I'm so grateful what God has created and supplied in nature and how others like PH&NC use it to truly help animals (and their owners) through the power of nature. Thank you very much I have and will continue to refer PH&NC to any animal owner :) - Tracy


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