• My 6 y/o dog, Molli, suffers with chronic IBD. I rescued her over two years ago. It took those two years to get to the bottom of her medical issues. We had visited several different vets from Arizona to Vermont. After getting the runaround from vets and nutritionists- a couple of them claiming "there's simply nothing wrong, just indigestion"- we landed in CT and got a proper diagnosis after our first GI Blood Panel. So... Now what? Our new vet is on board and giving us information about what this is and why it could be happening, but ultimately leaving it up to me to come up with a consistent plan to manage Molli's condition.

    That's where the Pet Health and Nutrition Center comes in. I emailed them and received a prompt reply full of detailed information, assurances, and answers. Molli has been on the core recommendations for IBD for a couple months now and the difference is remarkable. She has gained her lost weight back, hasn't had a single IBD symptom since, and her energy levels are consistent with what they were on her best days.

    On top of this, she has been suffering from incontinence for a year. We've been trying the Female Incontinence and have been able to scale back her Proin to half of the daily amount and anticipate completely phasing it out in the next couple weeks.

    We use the Diarrhea Relief, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, Repair and Strengthen, Daily Multi Plus, Female Incontinence, Bio Preparation Microalgae Supplement, Topical Probiotic Spray, and Internal Powder.
    Molli and I love The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and know that you will too.

    Bradford Schneider

  • I cannot say enough wonderful things about Maria and Phil as dog nutrition and health advisors, or the vast array of holistic, organic supplements they craft or make available to dog and cat parents.
    My dog has suffered from digestive issues since late 2019. And, if I reflect back, probably longer than that displaying mild symptoms that I wasn’t educated enough to notice.
    I met Maria and Phil in September 2020 through a website search at the height of my dog’s discomfort: vomiting, burping, pacing, chewing at mattress strings, and lip-licking throughout the day and night.
    Almost a year later, after consulting with Maria and Phil several times (Phil has gone above and beyond at researching dog foods for me, giving me detailed instruction on product protocols, and Maria has incredible patience, answers all of my questions and willingly shares her knowledge with me on products and animal health) on my dog’s diet and using several of PHNC’s products, my dog is significantly improved.
    I currently use Daily Multi Plus, Repair and Strengthen, BioPreparation F3, Ox Bile, and Elk Velvet Antler for my dog with digestive issues, and many of their skin and allergy solutions for my other dog who has seasonal allergies. I trust every product on their website and am incredibly grateful I found this company to work with on the health of my pups. My dogs deserve nothing less.
    Thank you, Maria and Phil!

    Barbara N.

  • Maria and Phil have gone above and beyond when it comes to helping me choose the right products for my dogs, and navigate some of their health issues. I’m happy to say both are doing very well. This is an excellent company with superb products, great customer service, fast shipping, (nothing has ever been back ordered/out of stock or arrived to me in more than two days over the course of the two years I’ve been a customer - even through COVID 19!).
    I am very pleased with the high-quality of their organic lines, and the breadth and depth of their product line. Pet Health Nutrition Center makes it and carries it all!
    Thank you, Maria and Phil! May as much goodness as you’ve given to others come back into your own!

    Barbara N.

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