Mary Rizza

We found you through our Vet when she prescribed your Daily Vitamins. I brought the supplements we are using for Cappy to manage various issues to the appointment. She was glad to see the improvement in Cappy especially his eye and how we are able to manage his discomforts through your products. When I told her how impressed I was, her comment was, "I don't order enough of their products."  

As previously mentioned, the Anxiety Blend was not as effective for nighttime sleep as when initially started. Watching his behavior at night, up and down, going in circles and wanting to go out side for no reason other to lay on the cool pavement and pace, I decided to try your Stomach Soother.  He now sleeps through the night. Guess his issue may have been more of a GI upset than anxiety.  Maybe the upset was caused by his anxiety but whatever, we all are doing better now that we get a good night sleep.

The day before starting the Stomach Soother, he was eating plants and purging.  This too has stopped since starting the Stomach Smoother.  

Neighbors who winter in Phoenix, saw Cappy for the first time since last spring.  They thought we had gotten another Welsh. They were amazed to see how much more energy he had and how much better he looked overall.

Thank you for your quality and effective products and ongoing support.

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