S Coleman

I just want to thank Maria for her attentiveness to my aging dog's needs. Ellie will be 11 this December and at the age of 10 received several of her "normal" vaccinations. She did not do well afterwards and began to have issues with her hips. She also developed a terrible skin condition where she was scratching ALL the time or biting to alleviate the itch. In addition, she began having gastrointestinal issues which were exacerbated by stressful events, ie. grooming or staying at my sisters home where she's very well cared for. I contacted Maria who recommended a protocol for Ellie that worked like a charm (Nerve Tonic, Detox Blend, Velvet Antler, Multi-Vitamin with probiotics and digestive enzymes, and Strength and Repair). She now has her on a maintenance formula to preserve her hip integrity and to take care of the other issues associated with aging dogs (skin, digestive, ears, etc.) which include being on an all raw diet. Ellie is now a very lively, happily content, almost 11 year old Labradoodle and because of Maria's recommendations, I believe I will get at least another 11-12 years with my sweet girl!
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