My husband and I rescued a 1 ½ year old male German shepherd about eight years ago, we named him Sergeant. He came to us with many health problems including allergies to a host of food products. His ears would become infected, his paws turned red and he scratched and gnawed at himself constantly and he lived on daily pain medication. About five years ago our vet sent a blood sample to a lab in California and we started Sergeant on a series of allergy shots, which I hate giving to him. We spent a large amount of money to try to find healthy foods and good medications to make his life comfortable. I have been making purchases at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center for the past several years. After speaking with Philip I purchased their Colostrum, Systemic Enzyme Formula and the liquid Probiotic Formula. Within two weeks Sergeant’s ears cleared, his paws looked normal, he stopped licking, scratching and gnawing and we now use less pain meds. Our eight year old German shepherd, Sergeant, is now living a more normal life thanks to Phil and The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and I wanted others to know about it. My name is Kathleen.
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