What Should I Do About Ticks?

The weather is finally warming, but that good news brings out one of a dog owners most disliked pests - ticks! Tick related illnesses are a major concern for pet owners, however, the truth is dogs actually do quite well with tick related illnesses. We understand though, that this is an emotionally charged issue and many people are afraid. Whether you decide to use tick pesticide products in the end is up to you. Let us share a couple of thoughts.

Should I use chemical tick applications, collars or oral drugs?

At least 1,600 pet deaths related to tick treatments were reported to the EPA over a five year period. Common chemicals found in these products are "likely to be carcinogenic to humans." Using our experience, in our small business, we feel there are probably tens of thousands more animals affected every year, and this is probably being conservative. Did they count the dog that died from autoimmune hemolytic anemia after an application? What about the one that died from heart failure?

Natural approach

Our Herbal Protection Drops contains herbs that boost the immune system, which in our experience is the best course of action to prevent illnesses associated with ticks, and also offers the protection of antimicrobial herbs to help eliminate organisms that may be circulating in the blood. A successful five year track record protecting dogs.

Should I use antibiotics if my dog tests positive for exposure?

The immune system of healthy dogs deals quite effectively with exposure to tick related organisms. Antibodies picked up on blood tests are actually proof of that. The conventional veterinary approach says yes; we, and more holistic minded vets, say not always. Doxycycline is a powerful, wide-spectrum antibiotic that can be very hard on an animal and damage microflora throughout the body leading to health issues down the rode. If no symptoms are being seen we would hold off on the antibiotic because it appears the body is currently handling the situation.

Natural approach

Use our Antimicrobial Formula for two weeks or so to boost your dog’s immune system and provide antimicrobial activity as a safe and natural alternative to antibiotics in many cases.

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