All Natural Pet Vitamins and Supplements

All Natural Pet Vitamins and Supplements are the way to go when you want the very best for your dogs, cats or birds. Nature designed vitamin molecules and through evolution an animal’s body has learned to recognize and easily utilize those molecules. Science, no matter what anyone says, cannot duplicate nature. You can’t duplicate a blueberry in a laboratory; scientists do not even know all the constituents that make up a blueberry let alone how its different constituents work together synergistically.

So, at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center, we believe it is better to eat a blueberry, or take a supplement comprised of concentrated blueberry, than to take a supplement marketed as the powerful active constituent of blueberry in a pill. Science has proven over and over again that all-natural pet vitamins and supplements are safer. This is because you are not isolating a single constituent than can end up being toxic in higher doses or depleting the body’s reserves of minerals and other substances to form the complete vitamin, but the whole vitamin complex, with all its synergistic parts working together, is much more beneficial to the body.

A good example is ascorbic acid, which is not vitamin C as most people have been lead to believe; instead it is a isolated fraction of the vitamin C complex. In addition to ascorbic acid, to be complete, the vitamin C complex must include rutin, bioflavonoids, factor K, factor J, factor P, tyrosinase, and ascorbinogen. If any of these parts are missing, there is no vitamin C activity. What has to happen now is the body will draw on its own stores of the other substances to form the entire molecule. A lot of work for an animal’s body. What would you rather your animal’s body be doing; exerting energy trying to form a complete vitamin complex from cheap synthetic vitamins or eliminating cancerous cells or pathogenic bacteria and viruses?

A fraction of a vitamin, whether natural or synthetic, is at best a drug—not a vitamin—and can only have a drug effect in the body—not a physiological or curative benefit. That is why at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we focus on all natural pet vitamins and supplements. Natural substances that your animal’s body recognizes are more easily assimilated, utilized and any excess eliminated. This is not true with synthetic vitamins and supplements in which assimilation is difficult and excesses can be dangerous.

When we recommend all natural pet vitamins and supplements to our customers, it is with good reason. They provide an animal’s body with what it needs in a form the body recognizes and can easily use without taking energy away from other important, maybe even life-saving, bodily functions. Premium whole food vitamin supplements are going to be more expensive, but in our opinion the benefits to your animal’s health are worth the extra cost. Synthetics are cheaper and for good reason; it is much easier and inexpensive to mass-produce something in a facility than to use a whole food; but the whole foods found in all natural pet vitamins and supplements are how nature intended our animals to obtain the nutrition their bodies need and following nature is always going to be the better way!

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