Pet Health Tip - Proactive Joint Support

When it comes to joint support, many of us have become too comfortable with the current model of reactionary medicine. By this we mean reacting to a symptom, such as limping or some form of discomfort, making a veterinary appointment, and then using a medication to suppress that symptom. This is far from optimal when the goal for most of us is a high quality of life and maximum longevity for our canine and feline companions.

When your animal begins to show signs of joint pain, damage is already done. The cartilage in the joint capsule has become worn, deformation of the joint has occurred and bones are now rubbing together to produce pain. You then make a vet appointment and receive a prescription for an anti-inflammatory medication. The problem here is that medication does nothing to improve the health of the joint. It may reduce levels of discomfort but as time goes on the joint deterioration becomes worse, as does the pain, and the potential for harmful side-effects increases.

Instead, imagine you were proactive and provided your dog or cat with the proper nutrition and supplementation so their joints remained healthy for life. This can be done by providing a whole food diet that is high in protein and contains natural nutrients important for healthy joints along with a high-quality joint supplement. For those that can not, or do not wish to, feed a whole food diet and instead will provide a kibble pet food, providing a high-quality joint supplement is even more important. By “high-quality” we mean a joint supplement that is natural and whole food like elk velvet antler or a research-supported ingredient from a reputable source like our pharmaceutical-grade glucosamine sulfate USP.

By following our suggestions you can keep your dog or cat youthful and pain-free for their lifetime. Start supporting your animal’s joints now because joint pain shouldn’t be expected as an animal ages, it is a consequence of lifestyle choices that include diet, supplementation and proper exercise.

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