"This glucosamine has put the spring back into the step of my 10+ year old American Cocker Spaniel." Candice

Glucosamine Sulfate for Dogs and Cats

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Our Pharmaceutical Grade Glucosamine Sulfate is the finest and purest glucosamine supplement you can give your dog or cat. It is also the most researched joint nutrient available with over 300 studies, and the most easily and completely utilized form of glucosamine. In fact, it is the only isolated joint nutrient with a 98% absorbability rate in the body! Compare that to chondroitin sulfate that, according to studies, has a 0-13% absorbability rate.

Glucosamine Sulfate is a natural nutrient produced by the body and is often recommended as a joint supplement to prevent future joint damage or assist in new cartilage growth. Glucosamine sulfate can be used as a stand alone joint supplement because it provides many primary joint nutrients. Glucosamine sulfate increases sulfur concentrations that feed cartilage (so you don’t need MSM) and naturally stimulates the body’s production of chondroitin sulfate, collagen and hyaluronic acid. It is very safe, economical and recommended for puppies and kittens through seniors.

What Makes Our Glucosamine Sulfate Special?

1). Wild Shrimp
Unlike most glucosamine in the marketplace that is derived from antibiotic pumped shrimp grown on farms, our glucosamine utilizes wild ocean shrimp collected in an environmentally responsible manner abiding by international quotas.

2. Full Traceability
As required by typical pharmaceutical regulations, every step of the harvesting, manufacturing and transportation process is fully documented and traceable by lot number back to its origins.

3. Purity
As outlined in the Drug Master Files, our glucosamine is rigorously produced to achieve remarkable consistency from batch to batch. The unrivaled purity levels and associated consistency ensures that every molecule present is expected and accounted for.

4. Maximum GMP Manufacturing
Produced in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility located outside Mumbai, India (one of the few glucosamine products not manufactured in China!). One of the most sophisticated facilities of its kind with strict adherence to cGMP, FDA and EU guidelines.

5. Certification
A material can’t be considered Pharmaceutical Grade unless it is identified as such by legitimate governing health authorities. Our glucosamine has recognized Drug Master Files in over 25 countries.

All Glucosamine is NOT Alike

Over 98% of all glucosamine on the market is manufactured in China where GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are absent. This results in the presence of impurities and inconsistencies in Chinese made products that vary from lot to lot. In fact, if you use a glucosamine product right now, you can be fairly certain that, unless it states its origin and purity as we have done, it is likely to test positive for antibiotic agents and antifungals like malachite green and gentian violet. Purchase your joint supplement from a place that goes the extra distance to ensure the health and safety of your dog or cat - like The Pet Health and Nutrition Center!

100% pharmaceutical grade glucosamine sulfate.

Other Ingredients: None

*Clumps may be present since there are no additives to prevent clumping.

No Additives in Dog Glucosamine Supplement

Provide 1/8 tsp (500 mg) per 35 lbs daily. For smaller animals estimate dosage as best you can. Blend into food well. If feeding dry food mix with some warm water while in food dish. Use some special food if necessary (goat milk yogurt works well).

Storage: Store at room temperature away from heat and moisture.

Measuring Scoop for Dog Glucosamine Sulfate

Approximate Daily Servings per Container

Container Size 15 lbs 35 lbs 50 lbs 70 lbs
75 gram 300 150 112 75
275 gram 1100
550 367 275
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