Herbal Ear Rinse


nimals Essentials Herbal Ear Rinse is a safe, all-natural, highly effective herbal pet ear care product for dogs and other animals. A safe, all-natural, highly effective ear care product that helps fight bacteria, fungi and mites as it flushes away excess earwax, dirt and debris from the outer ear. Supports the body’s immune defenses against infection*.

Animal Essentials Herbal Ear Rinse Benefits

  • A natural, herbal ear care product for your animals.

  • Helps fight bacteria, fungi and mites as it flushes away excess ear wax, dirt, and other debris from the outer ear.

  • May help reduce the need for unnecessary antibiotics by keeping the ears clean and healthy.

  • Formulated with organic and/or ethically wildcrafted herbs.

  • Alcohol free.

Animals Apawthecary Herbal Ear Rinse Details

4 fluid ounce squeeze bottle w/applicator tip

A highly effective, soothing combination of Purified water, cider vinegar, aloe vera, calendula, witch hazel, olive leaf, certified organic goldenseal and vegetable glycerin. Alcohol free

Apply liberally to ear exterior and into the ear canal. Wipe away dirt and excess with clean gauze or tissue. To minimize possible contamination of product, avoid contacting eye or nose with dropper tip.

Herbal Ear Rinse
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