"Deeply touching and heartwarming. I was expecting a good story but quickly found so much more. Written from two different perspectives, this book reveals how intelligent, emotionally aware, intuitive, and capable of unconditional love our dogs truly are. " J Smith

A Thousand Lifetimes


A Thousand Lifetimes is a book for anybody that loves dogs! A Thousand Lifetimes will resonate with everything you knew, and hoped, was true. Here is the very real story of one woman’s life with rescue animals, and in particular, Celeste — a beloved canine who found a home in the author’s heart and never left. Celeste was plagued with a number of mysterious health problems. But despite being deaf, and being a dog, Celeste was able to communicate everything she was experiencing, thinking, and feeling through Carol, a professional Animal Communicator with the ability to converse with animals telepathically. Together, Celeste and Maria, her human companion, narrate their heroic journey together as spirits intertwined in this lifetime. For those who don’t believe in psychic communication with animals, don’t worry. A Thousand Lifetimes will burrow right into your soul and find where your truth is buried.

If you ever loved a dog…
If you ever sought a cure…
If you ever believed in a power beyond your understanding…

Maria has spent the last decade helping hundreds of pet parents around the country improve their dog or cat's health.

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A Thousand Lifetimes
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