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Myelin Sheath Regeneration Supplement for Dogs and Cats


Myelin Sheath for dogs and cats helps to support the myelin sheath in animals suffering with degenerative nerve conditions such as degenerative myelopathy (similar to multiple sclerosis in humans). Myelin sheath glandular can help increase myelin because it contains myelin basic protein which is an important protein component that comprises myelin. Research has shown it is possible to regrow myelin sheath and many believe, like us, that maintaining existing, and regenerating damaged, myelin can protect the underlying axons from major damage and preserve the health of the nerve (1). We believe that myelin sheath glandular can play an important role in increasing myelin and also offer protection against degeneration of healthy myelin in the case of autoimmune attack.

Degenerative conditions in which an animal's own antibodies begin to attack nerve tissue can damage this important protein, a process called demyelination. When this damage occurs nerve signals do not travel from the brain down the spinal cord as they should. This leads to neurological deterioration and cognitive and motor skill dysfunction causing symptoms such as rear-end weakness, visual disturbances and urinary or fecal incontinence in the unfortunate canine or feline.

Consumers should be aware that suspected causes of demyelination include toxicity from heavy metals or pesticides linked to vaccinations, food or environmental contamination. Animals that have been vaccinated have higher levels of autoantibodies associated with autoimmune disease, so consumers should be very careful about over-vaccinating their pets.

About Our New Formula!

We are proud to introduce a new whole food myelin supplement. This supplement not only provides a source of myelin sheath in a whole food, unprocessed form but also other nutrients important to myelin sheath maintenance and repair.

Our Whole Food myelin supplement for dogs and cats provides these important nutrients to support your pet’s nervous system health:

  • Sphingomyelin which plays a central role in the myelin sheath and cell signaling.
  • Phosphatidylserine (fatty substance called a phospholipid) that enhances the ability of enzymes in membranes of nerve cells to relay messages in and out of the cells.
  • Neurotrophic factors that support the survival of existing neurons and encourages the growth of new neurons.
  • Important cofactors that assist in biochemical processes such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids EPA & DHA
Available in a 45 gram container.

What is Myelin Sheath in a Dog or Cat?

Myelin Sheath in Dogs and Cats

The myelin sheath is a whitish, fatty substance (depicted in above image in yellow) that surrounds nerve fibers forming an insulating and protective layer. It is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and without it nerve impulses are not efficiently transmitted between nerve cells. The loss of myelin leads to significant nerve dysfunction and slowed or blocked nerve conduction between the brain and the rest of the body. The production of the myelin sheath is called myelination and the loss of myelin as occurs with degenerative conditions is called demyelination.

How to Repair Myelin Sheath Naturally in Dogs and Cats?

Myelin sheath can sometimes be damaged by a demyelinating disease. This is defined as any condition that results in damage to the protective covering (myelin sheath) that surrounds nerve fibers in a dog or cat's brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. When the myelin sheath is damaged, nerve impulses slow or even stop, causing neurological problems. Although it is well-known that myelin can be repaired by oligodendrocytes (2,3) if it is damaged, scientists do not understand the exact repair mechanisms used by these cells. In certain conditions, myelin unfortunately does not appear to be easily repaired, also for unknown reasons.

In addition, nerve tissue growth can be a slow process, so this can make repair of damaged nerve tissue an issue in dogs and cats that have shorter lifespans than their human companions. This makes beginning nutritional support for degenerative nerve conditions as early as possible that more important in our canine and feline companions.

However, we know from experience that there are ways to support the body's ability to increase myelin sheath naturally using certain supportive whole foods and supplements:

  • Phospholipids - we know that myelin sheath is comprised largely of phospholipids, cholesterol and protein so providing these nutrients in a highly bioavailable, natural form will help to repair myelin sheath naturally.
  • Brain Glandular - this supplement supplies bioidentical nutrients that a dog or cat's myelin sheath can use as "food" to repair itself.
  • Herbs - there are compounds in St. John's Wort herb that have been shown to repair nerve damage. Providing herbs that improve the flow of nutrients to myelin sheath, like ginkgo and cayenne, can help repair this nerve tissue as can herbs like ginger root that reduce inflammation that can further damage tissue. Herbs like hydrangea root and licorice root can help to reduce the autoimmune process that is damaging the myelin sheath in a safe and natural way.
  • Food - whole foods are good sources of nutrients important to myelin sheath repair. For instance, eggs and raw or lightly cooked meats are good sources of phospholipids. Organic herbs, vegetables and fruits are good sources of antioxidants that help to feed and protect tissue while reducing inflammation. It is hard to get these nutrients, that are easily digested and metabolized by the body, from processed foods like kibble.
  • Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics - these nutritional supplements can help to break down food quickly and thoroughly so it is easily utilized by the animal's body as well as keep the digestive tract healthy. This helps to ensure that aging animals or those suffering with degenerative conditions can get all the nutrients from their food necessary for the repair and maintenance of myelin sheath.


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Active Ingredients per 200 mg (1/8 tsp scoop):
100% bovine brain tissue* sourced from New Zealand grass-fed, inspected animals raised without the use of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.

Inactive Ingredients: None

*A naturally rich source of myelin that is freeze- dried to maintain the integrity of vitamins, minerals and cofactors.

About the Ingredients in this Formula

The nerves of your brain and spinal cord communicate on a regular basis. To do this‚ they need a way to make sure that the electrical signals or impulses they send are able to travel back and forth. That’s where the myelin sheath comes in handy: this layer of fat and protein surrounds the nerves and keeps them safe. It also allows impulses to travel along the nerves‚ which is important since these impulses are in charge of things like movement. Maintaining the myelin sheath helps ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything interfering with nerve impulses.

Taking a supplement that supports myelin sheath health may help reduce the risk of suffering from neurological problems associated with myelin damage or help to repair the degeneration of this very important tissue.

For use in dogs and cats only. Supports the maintenance and repair of myelin nerve tissue.

Directions for Use:
Provide one 1/8 tsp scoop per 20 lbs of animal weight daily. This is a minimum suggested serving and may be increased 2 - 3x with more severe needs.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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My dog was never officially diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, however, he started having trouble with his hind end about two years ago. The first sign was a weakness that would cause his back end to sway out to the right and he couldn't keep his balance or walk without assistance. He also would at times toe knuckle with his back legs when walking. I was so grateful when I found this website and started him on the DM regime. It's been almost 2 years and he has been doing amazing. During the past two years he had a rear leg amputated and still continued to do amazingly well. This past October when I went to order the Myelin Sheath and it was unavailable (I didn't get any again until right before Christmas), I could see the strength in back leg weaken, he starting having a difficult time with balance, and was toe knuckling. Also when he stood, his back leg wouldn't be straight. It was like he was in a crouching position. I continued to give him the Nerve Tonic, Lion's Main Mushroom, Bio Prep, Immune Balance. But finally being able to get the Myelin Sheath back into his system has been a game changer. Almost immediately he was walking better, gaining strength, not losing his balance. If your dog seems to be having any problems with walking, lose of strength in the hind end, or anything else that affects their ability to walk, buy this product!!!! It makes all the difference in the world! I know this without a doubt having had to go over 2 months without it. You and your dog will feel so much better using this. It's like a new lease on life! No lie!
I love this product for our dog Evie who has had issues with walking. It has really helped her to regain the ability to walk, infact she is jumping and running now.
Love this product! Will continue to use.
Update from 1st review written Oct.2016: Louie is running around the yard, up and down stairs and has even jumped up on our couch once or twice! Amazing! It has been OVER 2 YEARS since I started him on the myelin sheath, nerve tonic and started digestive enzymes last year. In Oct. 2016, we were about to contemplate having Louie put to sleep because he was suffering so very badly, and it was breaking my heart. But then I found this website!! I can't express enough how well these products work and how effective they are. I now use many of there other products on all my dogs and cats with MUCH improvement in their over all health! Thank You Again for the Supplements that you produce for all my fur babies! It's nothing short of a miracle.
I have a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix. He is 4.5lbs and is 7yrs old. He started dragging his front paws and I was not aware that he had already begun dragging his back paws as well(he hid it very well). After a month or so he started to decline rapidly. He could not even stand, much less walk. We had to "stack" his 4 legs in order for him to stand and urinate, and he would fall over to poop. He could not take one step without falling over. NOTE: I never write a review. I did some research and found this site. As a last ditch effort, I ordered Nerve tonic and Myelin Sheath. I give him 0.25ml of tonic and one capsule of Myelin along with 1/8th of a 200mg NSAID with his breakfast and again at end of day with diner. Making sure I never give medicine on his empty stomach. After first week he was able to take a few steps and urinate on his own. By 3rd week he was walking 20 to 30 feet. I am about to place 2nd order and he is walking on slick surfaces and not falling and can now poop without falling. He was not able to walk through the house alone, he had to be carried. Now he goes wherever he wants whenever he wants in the house without any issues. He still cannot traverse stairs, but he is starting to attempt them, when before he could not even lift a paw, much less stand on his paws because he was standing on his wrists with he paws buckled under them. This is nothing short of a miracle. With this supplement and a prayer every day, our little Louie can walk again. We truly thought we would have to have him put down before Christmas due to his loss of functioning. But now he is getting better every day and even was able to "RUN" a few strides today!! Praise The Lord!! And Thank You for the education you bring and the supplements you offer!!
My 15 year old min-pin was diagnosed with DM about 3 years ago. I started her on the recommended protocol including Myelin Sheath, Nerve Tonic, Multivitamin Plus, Elk Antler powder and Bioprep F3+ about 2 years ago. It has significantly slowed the progression of the disease. I am so thankful that I came across this website. Every product I have ordered for all of my animals (and myself) has delivered amazing results.
I have an older dog with degenerative nerve disease. My vet prescribed more steroid medication, that did not help. With this herb along with the Nerve Tonic and multivitamin powder, Spanky has recovered feeling in his legs and can walk with help. Before he was becoming listless. The earlier you can start giving this the better.
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Dogs Degenerative Myelopathy Customer Testimonial
Rocky was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and has been using the DM suggested supplements ever since his initial diagnosis. He also takes a few others that Maria recommended and I've been thoroughly pleased with all of the products. There are a few other companies that carry holistic medicine and supplements, but will not give you the same quality and care as they do here. Maria was extremely helpful on the phone and gave me all the advice I needed to help my boy. There is no cure for DM, but I know that I'm doing everything I can to provide him with the best quality of life and slow the progression. All of the supplements are easy to mix with his food and have been enough for him to be off all doctor prescribed medications. My vet was even impressed with the quality of the Myelin Sheath supplement. I'm happy to say that Rocky is still on his feet after his initial diagnosis in June 2016 (now March 2017) when the neurologist gave him 6 months - 1 year for the disease to take his life. Thank you for your excellent products and customer service!