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Liver Support for Dogs and Cats


Liver Tonic for dogs and cats is the premier hepatic remedy for animals formulated using USDA ORGANIC HERBS and USP ORGANIC VEGETABLE GLYCERIN with NO added ingredients like chemical flavorings. Formulated by a certified Master Herbalist to support proper liver elimination* in canines and felines that are suffering with a sluggish, toxic or diseased liver. Since the liver is the primary detoxifying organ, it often suffers the most due to our toxic environment. Luckily, the liver is very resilient and can usually repair itself with some help. Liver Tonic has been formulated to have a tonifying and gentle detoxifying effect on this very important organ. Safe and gentle enough to use for the life of your dog or cat.

If you wish to support your pet's liver for a serious issue like liver failure, we recommend that you take a look at our entire Core Liver Disease Package as these supplements work together synergistically.

What are the Symptoms of a Stressed Liver in Dogs and Cats?

Symptoms that we often see in our clients' pets include skin conditions, digestive issues and behavioral changes. These imbalances occur because of the many roles the liver plays in an animal's health. Diagnostic testing by a veterinarian can show a liver that is struggling indicated by high liver enzymes Alanine transaminase (ALT) and/or Aspartate transaminase (AST). This occurs because damaged liver cells leak higher than normal amounts of certain chemicals, including liver enzymes, into the bloodstream, which can result in elevated liver enzymes on blood tests. Often after using our Liver Support formula the levels of these enzymes will come back down into the normal range. Recognizing and removing contributing factors such as unnecessary vaccinations, flea and tick products and liver damaging medications (when possible) greatly benefit this process.

What are the Roles of the Liver in our Pet's Health?

1). The liver detoxifies poisonous substances for elimination by the kidneys. When this isn't done properly these toxins can remain is circulation with the body trying to eliminate them through the skin (resulting in skin conditions), storing them in adipose (fat) tissue (resulting in fatty lipomas) and eventually the kidneys will suffer to some degree.

2). By secreting bile, the liver plays an important role in the digestion of lipids. If the liver is sluggish it will not secrete proper amounts of bile resulting in the incomplete digestion of fats and poor elimination of excess cholesterol in stool.

3). The liver helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels and synthesize blood proteins that are important to proper blood clotting and blood volume.

4). The liver also stores vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12, and the minerals iron and copper in order to provide a constant supply of these essential substances to the tissues of the body.

Compare our formula to other similar herbal remedies and you will notice that our product is less expensive while we use USDA organic herbs and USP organic vegetable glycerin with no undesirable additives like Bacon Flavor!

  Our Formula Popular Competitor
Herbs to support gentle detoxification of the
liver, blood and kidneys
Yes No
Herbs to support liver regeneration Yes Yes
All USDA Organic Herbs Yes No
USP Organic Glycerin Yes No
Undesirable Additives No Yes (Bacon Flavor)
Cost for 2 oz Bottle $24.95 $34.95

What to Look for in a Superior Liver Tonic for Dogs and Cats

Organic Herbs

Our formula contains certified USDA organic herbs. Research shows organic herbs have higher amounts of important nutrients as opposed to conventionally raised plants. Organic farming methods are also better for the environment and of course do not have the levels of residual pesticides that conventionally grown herbs can have. We also do not use wild crafted herbs in our formulas as this practice can damage wild populations of herbs and you do not necessarily know where the herbs are coming from or how they've been grown. Instead, we prefer to be on the safe side and only obtain herbs from USDA certified organic farms.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are going to be gentler on your animal's body when compared to synthetic chemical ingredients or medications. The proper natural constituents are able to provide the body with what it needs to heal and get better. This is in direct contrast to synthetic ingredients or medications that can be especially hard on the liver and kidneys. Medications are also designed to have a symptom suppressing action in line with the principles of allopathic medicine which is to create a diagnoses and then use drugs to suppress symptoms. Using this course of action can never result in true healing and is not really meant to.

Alcohol-Free Tincture with ORGANIC Vegetable Glycerin for Animals

Our blend is formulated by a special process using low heat and organic vegetable glycerin. Tinctures are concentrated forms of a plant's constituents that are readily absorbed and utilized by your pet's body. Because your pet may not like the taste of alcohol, we use vegetable glycerin which gives our tinctures a sweet taste your animals will like. Vegetable glycerin is a carbohydrate but is metabolized differently than sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels. It is also an efficient menstruum which extracts valuable constituents from plants and makes them readily available to the body. In addition, we take the extra time and effort to use a low heat process that extracts many more constituents than just soaking in glycerin alone as is done by most other herbal companies. And, of course, the use of organic vegetable glycerin ensures your pet avoids genetically modified ingredients and herbicides in their natural medicine.

Uses only Human Grade Ingredients

Our products are manufactured using human grade ingredients. In the pet industry this is far from the rule as many companies use pet quality ingredients, those considered "not fit for human consumption".

Uses Fresh, High Quality Ingredients

We purchase our ingredients from some of the most highly regarded companies in their respective fields so you and your animals are ensured the finest quality supplements. In addition, we purchase in small quantities to make sure the products we provide to you are fresh and bursting with important nutrients. This is in direct contrast to many other products on the market that can spend a year or longer sitting in non-climate controlled warehouses before they even get to you.

A proprietary formula containing the following organic herbs in a 1:5 ratio of herb to menstruum:

Milk Thistle Seed (Silybum marianum), Dandelion Root & Leaf (Taraxacum officinale), Burdock Root (Arctium lappa), Nettle Leaf (Urtica Dioica), Alfalfa Leaf (Medicago sativa) and Red Clover (Trifolium pratense).

Other Ingredients: ORGANIC vegetable Glycerin, Distilled water. Alcohol free!

About the Organic Herbs in this Formula

Milk Thistle Seed for Liver Condition in Dogs and Cats

Milk Thistle Seed - Silymarin and other compounds found in this herb strengthen and protect the liver by stimulating the production of new cells to replace damaged ones.

Dandelion Root for Liver Condition in Dogs and Cats

Dandelion Root - Acts as a gentle liver detoxifier by stimulating bile production that aids liver function and helps to eliminate accumulating toxins.

Dandelion Leaf for Liver Condition in Dogs and Cats

Dandelion Leaf - A gentle diuretic, rich in potassium, that helps the kidneys efficiently remove nitrogenous waste products benefiting the body's detoxification process.

Burdock Root for Liver Condition in Dogs and Cats

Burdock Root - A nutritive liver tonic that works well with dandelion root. This herb helps to stimulate bile production while cleansing and improving the health of the blood.

Nettle Leaf for Liver Condition in Dogs and Cats

Nettle Leaf - A wonderful tonic herb rich in vitamins and blood cleansing chlorophyll. This herb helps to strengthen and tone the entire system especially the liver and kidneys.

Alfalfa Leaf for Liver Condition in Dogs and Cats

Alfalfa Leaf - A very nutritious herb that helps to inactivate chemical carcinogens in the liver, cleanse the blood with its chlorophyll content and help with the absorption of fat soluble nutrients in the small intestine.

Red Clover Flowers for Liver Condition in Dogs and Cats

Red Clover - This herb is a wonderful detoxifier and blood purifier that will assist the liver in its detoxification duties.

Provide 1 ml per 25 lbs 2 - 3 times per day. May be squirted directly in the mouth, placed in a small amount of favorite food (goat milk yogurt works well) or added to meals. It is desirable to provide herbal remedies such as this away from meals for better absorption when possible.

Shake well before use.

Since this is not a medication, dosages do not have to be exact. Do the best you can to get as close to the suggested dosage below as you can for your animal’s weight.

Pet Weight Dosage
0 - 5 lbs 2 - 3 drops
6 - 10 lbs 1/4 ml
11 - 15 lbs 1/2 ml
16 - 20 lbs 3/4 ml
21 - 25 lbs 1 ml
26 - 31 lbs 1 1/4 ml (1/4 tsp)
32 - 37 lbs 1 1/2 ml
38 - 43 lbs 1 3/4 ml
44 - 50 lbs 2 ml
51 - 56 lbs 2 1/4 ml
57 - 62 lbs 2 1/2 ml (1/2 tsp)
63 - 68 lbs 2 3/4 ml
69 - 75 lbs 3 ml
76 - 87 lbs 3 1/2 ml
88 - 100 lbs 4 ml
101 - 112 lbs 4 1/2 ml
>112 lbs 5 ml (1 tsp)

For serious acute conditions - It is recommended to provide three dosages per day. When your animal is doing better you may try reducing dosages to twice daily and see how they do with that schedule.

For chronic conditions - You may provide two to three times daily. If your animal does not respond to two dosages they will need three until they show improvement and then you may reduce to two dosages daily and see how they do.

Long-term use: After the first two - four weeks when your animal's condition stabilizes or improves begin to use on a schedule of 5 days on and 2 days off as long as your animal's condition allows this schedule without deterioration.

To apply directly in mouth just pull out lower lip at back of mouth and squirt in desired amount. Don't tilt head back and squirt down throat or your pet may breathe some in. Wipe off dropper before placing back in container. If your animal coughs afterwards it is a sign they are breathing some in and it may be best to place in food in the future.

How long does it usually take for this herbal remedy to work?
Well, that is a difficult question to answer because each animal and his/her situation is unique. Sometimes benefits are seen immediately within a day or two and other times it may be a couple of weeks. We would say that you should see some sort of improvement within three to four weeks. If you don’t see improvement please contact us in case we can make other suggestions - perhaps there is a more appropriate remedy etc. Remember, these are not pharmaceutical drugs that have a dramatic affect on the body. What we are trying to accomplish with our herbal remedies and other supplements is to increase the health of weak organs/systems and this can take a little time to accomplish in some cases. Also, please keep in mind that diet and lifestyle play a huge role in the health of your animal(s). If you continue to feed a poor-quality kibble diet or provide repetitive booster vaccinations or use flea/tick chemical products, these will work against what we are trying to accomplish and make it more difficult to improve the health of your dog or cat.

What if my animal is not responding as hoped?
Then you may increase the dosage by 50% and see how that works. Dosage can then be reduced at a later date. If they still do not respond as hoped then please do not just give up, instead contact us by email so we can consider your animal's condition and make further suggestions. Our goal is to succeed and we will help you to the best of our abilities.

What if I have a large dog or I am on a budget?
We understand that providing a large animal with herbal remedies and natural supplements can be a financial burden to some. We would suggest to provide what is within your budget and see how that works. For example, if you have a 100 lb dog that would require 5 mls two to three times daily, figure what is within your budget and try that. It may only be 1 ml or 2 mls two times per day. However, in our experience this is preferable to avoiding the remedy entirely.

Do these herbal remedies have any contraindications?
A contraindication suggests that a particular remedy should not be used in certain health conditions or along with certain medications. If any are present they will be indicated at the bottom of this page under Contraindications.

Can I use this herbal remedy along with my pet’s medication(s)?
Generally, the answer to this question is “yes” with some caveats. As mentioned previously, if any contraindications are present they will be indicated at the bottom of this page. In addition, keep in mind that our herbal remedies often duplicate the actions of medications. For example, our heart tonic will help to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure mimicking the action of certain drugs used for heart failure or high blood pressure. If this is the case, then this should be discussed with your veterinarian as the dosage of the medication may need to be lowered or may even be eliminated entirely. This must be done working in coordination with your veterinarian - please do not take it upon yourself to remove your pet’s medications. If using chemotherapy drugs please discuss this with your vet as well.

What if my vet is not receptive to using natural supplements or herbal remedies?
Well, this is a fairly common occurrence unfortunately. The decision will have to be yours on how to handle this. Try discussing with your vet how important it is to you to try a more natural approach. If this doesn’t work and they are unreceptive then you have only two choices: do it their way or find a veterinarian that you can work with to better the health of your dog or cat. We know what we’d do!

We recommend you purchase enough for at least 2 - 4 weeks to get an idea if this remedy will work for your animal. Use the chart below as a guide.

Dropper for Dogs and Cats Herbal Medicine

Approximate Daily Servings per Container

Container Size 10 lbs 25 lbs 35 lbs 50 lbs
2 oz (2 or 3 servings per day)
60 or 40 30 or 20 22 or 15 15 or 10
4 oz (2 or 3 servings per day)
120 or 80 60 or 40 45 or 30 30 or 20

Storage: If to be used over a period of a few weeks store at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Refrigerate for longer term storage.

Important: If animal's condition worsens or does not improve or any unusual symptoms occur discontinue use and consult your veterinarian. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.

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Wow! Thank you Phil! I am giving Cody the liver tonic and stomach soother at night, and the results are amazing! I wait until I hear any signs of distress to give him doses. Immediately he stops gagging and
goes back to sleep! Yesterday at the dog park he seemed so perky and happy! I think he's really coming around! I'm so relieved! I appreciate your advice and these great products! I just knew after having the diarrhea product on hand for years, and how well it works that I could count on your products. Thanks again!
My 15 year old dog, Fletcher suddenly became ill with acute liver disease, unknown cause. I was not going to have him go through the invasive and frightening liver biopsy to just find out what made him so sick. Because his blood was perfectly normal at his end of May vet visit, we are assuming it was toxicity from the vaccines and flea/tick meds he took at that visit. His bilirubin and other liver readings were way, literally, off the charts. One was so high they could not even get a reading. He was near death's door. He spent a few nights at his vet with IVs and was completely lethargic and not interested in food or water. They released him saying they felt the situation was very critical. From tests, it was clear he did not have a tumor, so, most likely not cancer. Also, we tested him for other diseases related to ticks and nothing came up. He was prescribed milk thistle and SAMe (typical for liver disease in dogs) and prednisone and released to my care. Because I could not bear to see him in such misery and quality of life was certainly declined, I sought the help of a hospice care vet. She had me administering subcutaneous fluids twice a day, which was very hard for a needle squeamish person. Two friends of mine who knew how to do this came to assist me. Poor Fletcher could not eat, drink, or do much of anything. I made an appointment with the vet to come to our house and we planned to put Fletcher down. My partner suggested we try supplements from Pet Health and Nutrition Center to see if that helped. The supplements came just before our scheduled euthanasia. I gave him the Repair and Strengthen, Liver Tonic, Stomach Soother and the green algae, all mixed in some cottage cheese. He ate it, which was a miracle in itself. After this, he started to eat hand fed chicken. He also began to drink water (YES!). Of course, we cancelled the vet visit. Slowly, with homemade dog food and his med and these supplements, Fletcher started to become himself again. He returned to wagging, barking at deer, eating and drinking. After about a month of this regime, we returned to the specialist vet and blood work was steadily improving. His eyes began to whiten again and his urine became more clear. Now, 2 1/2 months after his initial diagnosis, bilirubin is normal and all but one liver reading is normal. The abnormal one is improving, though, and close to normal. The vet said it's possible it won't return to normal after such an ordeal, and that acute liver disease may be chronic now for him. Now Fletcher is just a happy healthy senior dog instead of near death's door. We continue the home made dog food for both dogs (with supplements from this company) and are very grateful we decided to try Pet Health and Nutrition Center's services and products!
While searching the web I came across this great company. My dog's recent blood test showed elevated liver enzymes and I was very concerned at what could be causing this issue. I spoke to a very helpful woman who recommended a couple of products. This has worked wonderfully as the most recent tests showed levels back in the healthy range. I very much appreciate all the help and the selection of natural products.
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