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Core IMHA Package


Our Core Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Package consists of the four supplements for dogs and cats that we consider to form the foundation of our Natural IMHA Protocol. This supplement package for dogs and cats with IMHA is a research-based protocol developed by a certified Master Herbalist working alongside a certified Canine Nutritionist. It is the most complete supplement protocol that supports dogs and cats with immune mediated hemolytic anemia* and from the feedback we receive we conclude the most successful available. It has taken more than a decade of experience working with animals to assemble.

This supplement package for IMHA consists of the supplements Immune Balance, BioPreparation F3, Daily Multi Plus and ChlorOxygen. You may follow the links to view the product pages for more information on these supplements for your dog or cat with immune mediated hemolytic anemia as well as individual product ingredients. This is not an inexpensive protocol, however IMHA is a serious condition and we have incorporated many years of research and experience working with animals to develop this IMHA protocol for your dog or cat and we hope you are pleased with the results.

For further information about this condition please view our Natural Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Protocol. You may select from our list of other recommended supplements for dogs and cats with IMHA that can be found on our immune mediated hemolytic anemia page to use in addition to our Core Package or rely on these four supplements for IMHA alone. We are here to help so feel free to Contact Us if you need more assistance.

The IMHA Package is designed to provide the supplements for your dog or cat with immune mediated hemolytic anemia to get you started. After this initial purchase you may want to purchase supplements individually as they each will last varying lengths of time. You may purchase the largest IMHA supplement package below if you desire as there are discounts built in as you move up in size.

Core IMHA Package Sizes

Small Package (Recommended for animals up to 25 lbs)

BioPreparation F3 - 60 caps (1 - 3 caps daily)
Immune Balance - 2 oz (60 ml) (3 ml daily per 25 lbs)
Daily Multi Plus - 3.5 oz (99 gram) (Approx. 2 grams per 30 lbs daily)

Medium Package (Recommended for animals 25 - 50 lbs)

BioPreparation F3 - 60 caps (2 - 4 caps daily)
Immune Balance - 4 oz (120 ml) (3 ml daily per 25 lbs)
Daily Multi Plus - 3.5 (99 gram) (Approx. 2 grams per 30 lbs daily)

Large Package (Recommended for animals 50+ lbs)

2 - BioPreparation F3 - 120 caps (3 - 6 caps daily)
Immune Balance - 8 oz (240 ml) (3 ml daily per 25 lbs)
Daily Multi Plus - 12 ounces (340 gram) (Approx. 2 grams per 30 lbs daily)

Core IMHA Help Sheet for Dogs and Cats

A copy of this information is included with your package purchase!

1). Daily Multi Plus

This is the supplement that provides the enzymes and probiotics necessary for proper digestion and immune system health. It also provides organic, whole food nutrition to improve the overall health of your dog or cat.

How much should I give?

Provide 1/2 teaspoon in each meal per 30 lbs. Mix with water so it is not dry. Serving size does not have to be exact. Err on the side of more rather that less.

How long should I provide this supplement?

This supplement should be given with every meal for the life of your pet.

2). Biopreparation F3

This is a highly regarded supplement vital to your animal’s recovery. We recommend the F3+ Forte for this condition. It feeds cells on a cellular level providing thousands of natural nutrients directly into cells without the need for digestion while helping cells to efficiently detoxify. This can be placed in with meals, a little meatball made with a favorite food or in a little water used with a syringe. Follow the recommendations below for the Acute Phase and then when your animal’s condition has stabilized in the “normal” range continue with the Maintenance Phase for the life of your animal.


Acute Phase

Maintenance Phase

Under 15 lbs

1/4 capsule every 2 hrs for a total of 1 1/2 - 2 capsules daily

1/2 capsule 2x daily

15 - 30 lbs

1/2 capsule every 1 - 2 hours for a total of 2 1/2 - 3 capsules daily

1/2 - 1 capsule 2x daily

30 - 50 lbs

1/2 capsule every 1-2 hours for a total of 4 - 5 capsules daily

1 capsule 2x daily

Over 50 lbs

1 capsule every 2 hours for a total of 5-6 capsules daily

1 capsule 2x daily and you may add a third capsule daily.

3). ChlorOxygen

This supplement is rich in chlorophyll that contains a compound that increases the health of red blood cells and greatly increases their oxygen carrying capacity. This could make the difference between life and death for your animal. Remember the directions on the bottle are for people so use the serving suggestions below.

How much should I give?

Use 2 - 4 drops per 10 lbs 4x daily while your animal is in the acute critical phase.

How long should I provide this supplement?

When your animal is stable in the “normal” range provide a maintenance dosage of 2 drops per 10 lbs twice daily for the life of your animal.

4). Immune Balance

This remedy is used to help balance your animal’s immune system in the presence of an autoimmune condition. It can work with the medications you may be receiving from your vet or on its own and can help support your animal’s liver as well.

How much should I give?

Provide 1 ml per 25 lbs three times daily. You may safely use up to 4 mls per 25 lbs three times daily for a short period of time depending on the severity of your animal’s condition. As your animal’s condition improves slowly decrease to minimum effective dosage. Squirt directly into mouth by pulling out lower lip at corner of mouth. Do not tilt head back because your pet can breath some in. If this is difficult dosage can be placed in a small amount of special food or even main meals if necessary. It is best to give away from meals when possible. When your animal’s condition improves you may be able to reduce the frequency to two times daily.

How long should I provide this supplement?

This can be used long term on a five days on two days off schedule or you can discontinue use when your animal is fully recovered and their RBC numbers stay up even when they are weaned off of the Immune Balance in the future. The length of time your animal stays on this remedy depends on the situation which is unique to you. Do not use or use with caution in animals with hypertension

Other Recommendations


We recommend a simple whole food diet during the critical phase consisting of calf liver (blood building) mixed in scrambled eggs with liquified greens (lettuce liquified in blender with a little water). Meals should be small and spaced four or five times throughout the day. When your animal has improved and is stable you can move to a regular commercial whole food diet (preferably raw) or a home cooked diet (research how to do this properly and make sure to add a calcium source). There is also the option to use prepackaged premixes to which you add your own meat. Read our articles How to Feed Your Dog or How to Feed Your Cat in the Education Section of our website for more information.


Exercise should be limited during the acute phase until your animal is very stable. This is because your animal’s oxygen carrying capacity is greatly diminished and exercise can place potentially dangerous stress on your animal.

About Medications

Immune suppressing drugs and blood transfusions can be life-saving at the critical phase for your animal. It is hard for us to make recommendations concerning medications because it is really out of our “jurisdiction” and all animals and situations are so unique. What we do feel comfortable saying is that as time progresses these medications (especially drug “cocktails”) can have severe and even potentially life-endangering side effects over time that could negatively effect the recovery of your animal. Veterinarians may be afraid and resistant to removing medications, and maybe rightfully so depending on the situation. However, we feel that leaving your animal on medications out of fear can be counter-productive. From our experience medications should be adjusted as your animal stabilizes to see what can be removed in the shortest time frame possible without risking the health of your animal.

Common Causes

Nothing “just happens”. There is always a catalyst. Autoimmune conditions are caused by an insult to the body, most commonly from a chemical or toxin. Flea and tick pesticide treatments are a major cause. Reactions will be seen within hours or days of application. Vaccinations are another major cause with reactions generally seen anywhere from days to months after exposure. But if your animal is more sensitive household cleaners, lawn chemicals, mosquito fogging exposure and even skunk spray can trigger this condition. Please keep in mind that once an animal develops IMHA experiencing a relapse if exposed to any of the above is very common. Speak with your veterinarian about an exemption from future rabies vaccinations.

Please Note:

The majority of our supplements are basically herbs and whole foods, so a little more or less will not harm your animal. When determining the dosage estimate as best you can for the weight of your animal from our suggested serving sizes.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Our Colostrum Powder for dogs and cats is the finest 100% human-grade colostrum available for your animal. Certified True Colostrum by Cornell University, it is 6-hour, first-milking colostrum and is tested ORGANIC free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and steroids.


Our Liver Glandular for dogs and cats is one of the simplest, safest and effective Holistic modalities available to us. Essentially, the science behind the use of a liver glandular for pets, is that glands, when taken internally, support and nourish the corresponding gland in the body.

Well i have nothing to say bad things about the product. Let me tell you about my experience i have 11 yrs old golden/shitzu mix i ve been going to vet 5 times they told me put him down or he need a blood transfusion its really hard for me to put him down i did do blood transfusion once on him and spent 4,000usd and told me one week he will be alive i met someone in store and told me about the product here because it has the same situation as there pet and save there too so as pet parents i did try the product called ihma protocol with maria and kassandra on dec 2 2021 i remember vet told me to put him down ididnt put him down.....i started the herbs and it work its amazing now hes on his own self now its jan 18 2022 and this product its amazing i cant imagine my boy is alive still but his herbs continue thank you for the amazing product i will reccomend 101% to all pet parents out there had the same problem ... thank you maria and cassandra for helping me to choose the product that fit on my boy
The IMHA core package was responsible for my 14 year old dachshund Rusty being able to stabilize and recover. He was diagnosed with non-regenerative IMHA in late January. Bone marrow aspirate was normal and was hospitalized for transfusion and placed on high dose prednisone, cyclosporine and clopidogrel. The first transfusion held for a month then HCT began dropping. He underwent a second transfusion and repeated the holding for a month and declining. During this time he was weak, rapidly loosing muscle and nauseous. He was determined to be non-responsive to treatment and given no hope. During my research I found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center’s IMHA products and figured at this point why not they couldn’t make anything worse. The core package arrived quickly and I started the protocol immediately. At start of treatment Rusty was weak and needed help to stand. By later in the evening after starting the protocol he was much brighter and able to stand up on his own and walk around. Three days later his HCT was rising for the first time since diagnosis. It’s been around 6 months on the products and he has been feeling great and HCT continued to rise to low normal range. I highly recommend The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and can not thank them enough! Wonderful products, great service and fast shipping. My only regret is not finding them sooner.
I am happily submitting my testimonial for your IMHA protocol. Our 7 year old pomeranian Molly is now fully recovered. She had a red blood cell count of 6% when we had to get the first blood transfusion. While she was in the hospital getting her third transfusion, I overnighted your IMHA supplements which we began administering immediately. She began to improve by the end of that first day. Over the following weeks she was back to her old self, full of energy. Her subsequent red blood cell counts on follow up tests steadily rose and is now at 40%. We continue to give her the multivitamin, chloroxygen and biopreparation and will do so for the rest of her life. We can't thank you enough and we wish more veterinarians would adopt this protocol. It would save a lot of unnecessary heartache and money.
I am beyond thankful that I found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center...a true God send! My 4 year old male boxer, Walter, was diagnosed with IMHA almost three months ago. It has been a long and rocky road that did not look promising at times. I started the IMHA core protocol about three weeks into his veterinarian treatment plan. I fully believe that the supplements in the IMHA core package played a critical role in getting Walter back on a promising path. His RBC numbers are now very close to being within the normal range. I would highly recommend The Pet Health and Nutrition Center to anyone seeking assistance with holistic pet care. Maria and Phil have been extremely helpful and kind during this healing journey.
My cat Maurice isn't even 3 years old, but he has been extremely sick with IMHA for the last 4 months. When I adopted him, the shelter told me he had 'some kind of blood disease' and had him on steroids. I noticed in December he was acting lethargic and didn't have a good appetite, so took him in for a vet visit and they told me he needed to be rushed to the ER for an emergency blood transfusion and his PCV levels were so low (5) that he shouldn't even be alive. Fast forward 3 months and 3 blood transfusions later, I've nearly taken him in 4-5 times to be put down because it seemed like his non-regenerative IMHA was not responding to anything. He would get a transfusion, and would be ok for 2-3 weeks, and then he'd crash. He's on prednisolone and we tried cyclosporine, but he wouldn't take it because the taste was so bitter. So now he's on prednisolone and mycophenolate and doing pretty well. But the real turning point was when I found these supplements. Maria found out how desperate I was and overnighted me these supplements. She told me not to expect Maurice to eat them with his food because cats can be finicky. To my total surprise, Maurice downed these supplements like it was kitty crack. Over the next few days, he went from totally lethargic to more energetic with the pink back in his pads and gums. He now has gone 5 weeks without a transfusion and seems to be doing extremely well. I take him in tomorrow for his PCV counts to get checked, but I am 100% sure these supplements saved his life. I wish veterinarians new more about whole nutrition and holistic health. I love my vet, but all he was doing was giving Maurice meds, and wasn't taking into account what else his body might need. I am forever grateful for Pet Health and Nutrition Center. I know IMHA is a tricky disease and Maurice isn't totally out of the woods, but I will keep him on these supplements for as long as he's with us.
I am so happy I found this website! My poor baby boy was suddenly diagnosed with IMHA about 2 months ago. We did everything we could to try and save him in the initial critical stage but he just wasn’t getting better :( so one of the worst days came when we had to consider putting him to sleep, even though we didn’t want to, we couldn’t be selfish as he was suffering badly... And then that same night I found this website and decided to give the IMHA package a try. After a few days he already started getting better, I couldn’t believe it! His RBC count has been sometimes going up up and down, but he is doing sooo much better!!! He went from just laying in one spot all day as you could tell in his eyes he had no energy to even get up, to trying to run again and be that little happy boy that he used to be :) I really do believe these supplements saved his life 100% and I know he still hasn’t completely recovered but I do know that as long as I keep him on these supplements he will be okay from now on (hopefully we can get him off the steroids eventually as well). I am just so grateful I found this website, it saved my little boy’s life!!!
I am very excited to share our story about my dog, Zeus.

Zeus collapsed one morning out of nowhere and then had blood in his urine. I rushed him to the vet, where after many hours of tests, he was diagnosed with IMHA. He was put on the standard medications for it, the steroid, immunosuppressant, and blood thinner. I took him home and gave him these meds, only for him to become more lethargic with a fever of 106.3. We took him to the MSU hospital where he ended up staying for 9 nights. His RBC count kept dropping. He went in at 38% and finally stabilized at 18%. He was a rare case in which he ended up not needed a blood transfusion, so they finally let us take him home. During this time, a friend sent me a link to this company and showed me the IMHA protocol. I was skeptical at first, but after reading all of the amazing reviews, I decided to give it a try. Zeus was non-regenerative in the hospital and they thought it would take up to 9 months for him to be fully "healed" on the medications. For many days he stayed between 18-20% PCV in the hospital. Within 2 days of being home on this protocol, he jumped up to 24%. Not only that, but you could see life coming back into his eyes. When we picked him up, he was so weak and lethargic. For the first week, his PCV was checked every 2 days, and EVERY visit he went up 1-2%.
He got all the way up to 32% within just 3 weeks! But then his medication (either the Prednisone or immunosuppressant) ended up giving him a GI bleed/possible ulcer, dropping him back down to 26%. He wouldn't eat or drink, was vomitting, and had bloody diarrhea. So he was hospitalized for another 2 nights. He came home and was no better. The doctors gave us another 4 medications to "help" so that he could continue his IMHA meds. We decided to stop his medication altogether and just use the supplements. I spoke with Maria on the phone and we got him on the stomach soother, the adrenal tonic (as stopping Prednisone can cause adrenal issues up front due to the medication stopping them from pumping on their own), and the liver tonic (as his liver enzymes were in the 600s due to his medication). After a couple days on the stomach soother, his appetite came back and was becoming himself again! After 1 week, his PCV jumped back up to 30% and his liver enzymes dropped into the medications needed! After another week, his PCV jumped up to 36% and after 1 month up to 44%!!! They didn't recheck his other values yet, but told me based on this, they believe his IMHA to be gone! The vet told me he had never seen a case like this before. All in all, Zeus was healed only in about 1.5 months time, even with the hiccup of the GI bleed!

PLEASE consider using these supplements! They work miracles! And they are way cheaper than the big hospital bill we had to pay!

Zeus is down to just the maintenance level on this protocol. He is doing so well we were able to stop the adrenal tonic, liver tonic, and stomach soother, but those all helped immensely at the time we needed them. We also switched him to a fully raw diet (we are using the Primal brand). He is doing better now than before he even got sick!

I cannot say enough good things about this company! I sent so many emails and they always were so kind and helpful in our journey! I will be a life client!

I am using your supplements for Moka.(IMHA)..she is up to RBC 42 and the vet has her on 15 mg of prednisone. hopefully he cuts back evenmore this Mon after bloodwork. Thanks be to God and your supplements as I feel it has kept her alive
and able to regain some of her depleted vitality.
Pet Health and Nutrion Center saved Marley's life!!!

Marley, Rottweiler, 7 started losing a bit of weight and began acting lethargic. Few months later i noticed his energy levels were still on the downside. He began a habit of licking dirt. Once i looked up the symptoms i rushed him to a nearby vet. He was severely anemic with a PCV of 12% an needed an emergency blood transfusion. after a 6 hour long transfusion his PCV was only at 16%. The specialist told me it was a Tumor or Cancer but i refused to speak those words of death onto my baby. i had already spend 3500$ on a blood transfusion and they wanted 5000$ more for "emergency surgery" that was not possible and sent me home with very strong medications for Marley.

That day, God led me to this website and forever changed my life.
After speaking to Phil and Maria i started the IMHA protocol and Marley's PCV jumped to 22% within a week.
Although his PCV was still fairly low he had more life in his eyes. A week later i took him to a trusted Vet/friend who believed the spleen had something to do with this anemia. We removed the enlarged spleen and no tumor or cancer was found!
Within a month we were able to wean Marley off of those horrible medications.
3 months later and i still have Marley only on these natural supplements and he is feeling great. His weight went from 69lbs (prior to surgery) to a healthy 97lbs and he is acting like a puppy again.


Thank you Phil and Maria!

Our 3 year old Pomeranian Coby was diagnosed with IMHA disease in July 2017. From an unknown cause, antibiotics, Seven dust, and bug spray all could have caused it at the time. He had a 8.97 WBC, 3.66 RBC, and 11 PLT counts. He was put on steroids and given 1 blood transfusion. He was released from the hospital and put on steroids and various other immune suppressors. They started to ween him off and in October 2017 he had relapsed again and had to receive 4 more blood transfusions to be stabilized. They put him on more immune suppressors and increased his prednisone. I started looking online and found your website and with the help of Maria and the core package along with other holistic vitamins and supplements. We have been able to ween him off of his immune suppressors. He has been in remission since 2018. He has also had both knees repaired in 2019 of luxating patellas. So with all of his problems we use the Multiglandular, 14 mushroom blend, Bioprep f3, chloroxygen, daily multivitamin with joint support, immune balance, Whey protein, Colostrum, milk thistle seed, Pain Relief, and elk antler. All given daily and on a strict schedule. In March of 2020 his sister Chloe and him will celebrate their 6th birthday and pray for many more to come. Thank you Maria and your products.
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IMHA Treatment for Dogs Customer Testimonial

Last year our Schnauzer Charlie almost died, he underwent a blood transfusion and was finally diagnosed with IMHA. We went through several ups and downs after coming off the steroids and he would start to show signs of anemia again and we knew we were heading down that grim road again. I knew our baby couldn't live a healthy life on steroids so I began to research holistic approaches. That is when I found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and Maria. I started Charlie on the IMHA protocol and he is doing great ever since! Maria is super knowledgeable and great to have as a resource! I have been ordering products ever since and they always arrive quickly.