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Core IMHA Package


Our Core Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Package consists of the four supplements for dogs and cats that we consider to form the foundation of our Natural IMHA Protocol. This supplement package for dogs and cats with IMHA is a research-based protocol developed by a certified Master Herbalist working alongside a certified Canine Nutritionist. It is the most complete supplement protocol that supports dogs and cats with immune mediated hemolytic anemia* and from the feedback we receive we conclude the most successful available. It has taken more than a decade of experience working with animals to assemble.

This supplement package for IMHA consists of the supplements Immune Balance, BioPreparation F3, Daily Multi Plus and ChlorOxygen. You may follow the links to view the product pages for more information on these supplements for your dog or cat with immune mediated hemolytic anemia as well as individual product ingredients. This is not an inexpensive protocol, however IMHA is a serious condition and we have incorporated many years of research and experience working with animals to develop this IMHA protocol for your dog or cat and we hope you are pleased with the results.

For further information about this condition please view our Natural Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Protocol. You may select from our list of other recommended supplements for dogs and cats with IMHA that can be found on our immune mediated hemolytic anemia page to use in addition to our Core Package or rely on these four supplements for IMHA alone. We are here to help so feel free to Contact Us if you need more assistance.

The IMHA Package is designed to provide the supplements for your dog or cat with immune mediated hemolytic anemia to get you started. After this initial purchase you may want to purchase supplements individually as they each will last varying lengths of time. You may purchase the largest IMHA supplement package below if you desire as there are discounts built in as you move up in size.

Core IMHA Package Sizes

Small Package (Recommended for animals up to 25 lbs)

BioPreparation F3 - 60 caps (1 - 3 caps daily)
Immune Balance - 2 oz (60 ml) (3 ml daily per 25 lbs)
Daily Multi Plus - 3.5 oz (99 gram) (Approx. 2 grams per 30 lbs daily)

Medium Package (Recommended for animals 25 - 50 lbs)

BioPreparation F3 - 60 caps (2 - 4 caps daily)
Immune Balance - 4 oz (120 ml) (3 ml daily per 25 lbs)
Daily Multi Plus - 3.5 (99 gram) (Approx. 2 grams per 30 lbs daily)

Large Package (Recommended for animals 50+ lbs)

2 - BioPreparation F3 - 120 caps (3 - 6 caps daily)
Immune Balance - 8 oz (240 ml) (3 ml daily per 25 lbs)
Daily Multi Plus - 12 ounces (340 gram) (Approx. 2 grams per 30 lbs daily)

Core IMHA Help Sheet for Dogs and Cats

A copy of this information is included with your package purchase!

1). Daily Multi Plus

This is the supplement that provides the enzymes and probiotics necessary for proper digestion and immune system health. It also provides organic, whole food nutrition to improve the overall health of your dog or cat.

How much should I give?

Provide 1/2 teaspoon in each meal per 30 lbs. Mix with water so it is not dry. Serving size does not have to be exact. Err on the side of more rather that less.

How long should I provide this supplement?

This supplement should be given with every meal for the life of your pet.

2). Biopreparation F3

This is a highly regarded supplement vital to your animal’s recovery. We recommend the F3+ Forte for this condition. It feeds cells on a cellular level providing thousands of natural nutrients directly into cells without the need for digestion while helping cells to efficiently detoxify. This can be placed in with meals, a little meatball made with a favorite food or in a little water used with a syringe. Follow the recommendations below for the Acute Phase and then when your animal’s condition has stabilized in the “normal” range continue with the Maintenance Phase for the life of your animal.


Acute Phase

Maintenance Phase

Under 15 lbs

1/4 capsule every 2 hrs for a total of 1 1/2 - 2 capsules daily

1/2 capsule 2x daily

15 - 30 lbs

1/2 capsule every 1 - 2 hours for a total of 2 1/2 - 3 capsules daily

1/2 - 1 capsule 2x daily

30 - 50 lbs

1/2 capsule every 1-2 hours for a total of 4 - 5 capsules daily

1 capsule 2x daily

Over 50 lbs

1 capsule every 2 hours for a total of 5-6 capsules daily

1 capsule 2x daily and you may add a third capsule daily.

3). ChlorOxygen

This supplement is rich in chlorophyll that contains a compound that increases the health of red blood cells and greatly increases their oxygen carrying capacity. This could make the difference between life and death for your animal. Remember the directions on the bottle are for people so use the serving suggestions below.

How much should I give?

Use 2 - 4 drops per 10 lbs 4x daily while your animal is in the acute critical phase.

How long should I provide this supplement?

When your animal is stable in the “normal” range provide a maintenance dosage of 2 drops per 10 lbs twice daily for the life of your animal.

4). Immune Balance

This remedy is used to help balance your animal’s immune system in the presence of an autoimmune condition. Because your veterinarian has most likely placed your animal on an immune suppressor, this can begin to be used as your animal is weened off of the drugs.

How much should I give?

Provide 1 ml per 25 lbs three times daily. You may safely use up to 4 mls per 25 lbs three times daily for a short period of time depending on the severity of your animal’s condition. As your animal’s condition improves slowly decrease to minimum effective dosage. Squirt directly into mouth by pulling out lower lip at corner of mouth. Do not tilt head back because your pet can breath some in. If this is difficult dosage can be placed in a small amount of special food or even main meals if necessary. It is best to give away from meals when possible. When your animal’s condition improves you may be able to reduce the frequency to two times daily.

How long should I provide this supplement?

This can be used long term on a five days on two days off schedule or you can discontinue use when your animal is fully recovered and their RBC numbers stay up even when they are weaned off of the Immune Balance in the future. The length of time your animal stays on this remedy depends on the situation which is unique to you. Do not use or use with caution in animals with hypertension

Other Recommendations


We recommend a simple whole food diet during the critical phase consisting of calf liver (blood building) mixed in scrambled eggs with liquified greens (lettuce liquified in blender with a little water). Meals should be small and spaced four or five times throughout the day. When your animal has improved and is stable you can move to a regular commercial whole food diet (preferably raw) or a home cooked diet (research how to do this properly and make sure to add a calcium source). There is also the option to use prepackaged premixes to which you add your own meat. Read our articles How to Feed Your Dog or How to Feed Your Cat in the Education Section of our website for more information.


Exercise should be limited during the acute phase until your animal is very stable. This is because your animal’s oxygen carrying capacity is greatly diminished and exercise can place potentially dangerous stress on your animal.

About Medications

Immune suppressing drugs and blood transfusions can be life-saving at the critical phase for your animal. It is hard for us to make recommendations concerning medications because it is really out of our “jurisdiction” and all animals and situations are so unique. What we do feel comfortable saying is that as time progresses these medications (especially drug “cocktails”) can have severe and even potentially life-endangering side effects over time that could negatively effect the recovery of your animal. Veterinarians may be afraid and resistant to removing medications, and maybe rightfully so depending on the situation. However, we feel that leaving your animal on medications out of fear can be counter-productive. From our experience medications should be adjusted as your animal stabilizes to see what can be removed in the shortest time frame possible without risking the health of your animal.

Common Causes

Nothing “just happens”. There is always a catalyst. Autoimmune conditions are caused by an insult to the body, most commonly from a chemical or toxin. Flea and tick pesticide treatments are a major cause. Reactions will be seen within hours or days of application. Vaccinations are another major cause with reactions generally seen anywhere from days to months after exposure. But if your animal is more sensitive household cleaners, lawn chemicals, mosquito fogging exposure and even skunk spray can trigger this condition. Please keep in mind that once an animal develops IMHA experiencing a relapse if exposed to any of the above is very common. Speak with your veterinarian about an exemption from future rabies vaccinations.

Please Note:

The majority of our supplements are basically herbs and whole foods, so a little more or less will not harm your animal. When determining the dosage estimate as best you can for the weight of your animal from our suggested serving sizes.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Our Colostrum Powder for dogs and cats is the finest 100% human-grade colostrum available for your animal. Certified True Colostrum by Cornell University, it is 6-hour, first-milking colostrum and is tested ORGANIC free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and steroids.


Our Liver Glandular for dogs and cats is one of the simplest, safest and effective Holistic modalities available to us. Essentially, the science behind the use of a liver glandular for pets, is that glands, when taken internally, support and nourish the corresponding gland in the body.

My seven year old Maltipoo named Pandy spent four days in an emergency clinic in Atlanta after being diagnosed with IMHA. After three blood transfusions and no positive results I searched and found Pet Health and Nutrition Center. With the fourth transfusion I started her on the Core IMHA package and I believe it made all the difference with blood PVC levels climbing from 12% to 41.2%. Many thanks to the owner, Maria for her advice on the products she sent and positive attitude. I would highly recommend this business and products without any doubt because I truly believe it helped save my little dogs life. Thanks again to Maria and staff
On February 2018 I took my 2 dogs and cat to the vet thinking I’m being a good pet owner. They all got shots but the vet failed to look inside my dogs mouth and didn’t catch that she had IMHA. Within a week of getting the shot my blue heeler Luna was very week and looked like she was dying, because she was. I was finally able to see the vet the following Friday and the only thing they told me was that she was going to die that weekend because she only had 9% red blood cell count. I didn’t accept that for an answer and starting looking for help for IMHA which is how I found the pet health and nutrition center. I immediately called them, they explained to me what to do and rushed me a IMHA kit. Long story short the Vet thinks it’s a miracle and I have nobody to thank but Maria and her team. Until this day, October 2018 Luna is with us and even though she relapsed once again this month we caught it early and brought her back again, no help from the vet who wanted us to keep her on immunosuppressants to the point it almost gave her kidney failure. Thank you Maria and team. Without you folks she would have died the first time. We’ll keep doing our best and I know we can depend on you for support.
Maria and the Pet Health and Nutrition Center helped to save my dogs life. Nico is a 12 year old husky mix who started showing signs of lethargy. I took him to the vet and after hundreds of dollars of testing- X-rays, ultrasound, and blood work- the vets office couldn't find a definitive diagnosis. The only thing they could find was he was very anemic. Without knowing the cause, they put Nico on steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs hoping to help. After weeks of trying various prescription drug combinations and getting biweekly blood test, his RBCs and platelets were still well below normal range. One morning, he was very lethargic and I took him to the vet where they told me that all the prescription drugs had caused some serious damage to his liver and he was in liver failure. They said his liver enzymes were so high that he most likely would not recover and recommended putting him down. I wasn't ready to give up so I was put in contact with Maria. After only talking to her for a few minutes, she said that Nico seemed to have symptoms of IMHA and overnighted me the suggested treatment plan and adjusted his diet to a raw food diet . Now, three months later, Nico is healthier than ever. He is off all the prescription drugs and all of his values, liver enzymes, RBCs and platelets, are back within normal range! He has been given a second chance at life and I am so grateful! Thank you so much for your help. It has changed my whole perspective on how to care for my pets.
My dog, AddyLane, was first taken to the vet and diagnosed on Oct.13, 2017. She started taking the IMHA protocol supplements on Oct. 23rd, 2017, as of her last vet appt. several weeks ago (Jan. 2018) she is off all medication and her PCV level at that time was 57% and her TP was at 7%. This is totally awesome! She is on raw diet and will continue with your recommendations for long term use on the Biopreparation and Chloroxygen and several others. Her attitude and energy is normal and playful. So Thank you very much from
AddyLane and her pet parents...............
Hi, just wanted to let you know that my dog Addy-Lane was diagnosed with IMHA on Oct. 13 and after finding your site, we started on your IMHA protocol on Oct. 30. At that time her PCV was at 27% and TP was at 6%. They had reduced her steroid medication to 2 pills (20 mg/pills) a day instead of the 4 that she started on. She is also on 75 mg of another immunosuppressive drug per day. Took her back for another blood test on 11-02 and her PCV was at 40 % and TP at 6.4%. They were shocked that it came up to that level in a short period of time. They reduced the steroid to 1 pill a day and is still on the other medication. Took her back on 11/17..... Her PCV at 46% and TP is now at 7%. So we are now at 20 mg of the steroid every other day and still on the other immunosuppressive drug and we will recheck in two weeks. She is on raw diet and I steam carrots and organic spinach to add into her food. Thank you so much for the products that have turned her around.
In February 2017, Nigel (our 6 year old cockapoo) went into his second round of IMHA. He had survived his first episode one year earlier thanks to the quick thinking of his vet, a week's stay in the animal hospital, a blood transfusion, and many months of steroids.

This second round that struck only 13 months later was much different. Though this time we were more knowledgeable about the disease and knew the warning signs a bit better, this occurrence presented much harsher, more aggressive, and devastated his system within a matter of days. Realizing that he was having a second occurrence of the disease in such a short amount of time left us heart broken, short on funds for the expensive treatment, and fearful that we were about to lose our favorite buddy. Due to these and many other factors, we chose not to put him through the trauma of hospitalization and transfusion again. Nigel's vet immediately put him on steroids hoping to slow the progression of the disease but it was not as fast acting as we needed (Nigel is their only patient ever to present with and survive IMHA, let alone have a second occurrence). Nigel was getting weaker by the day and his numbers were dropping steadily.

Nigel's pcv% had dropped into the teens on that Friday that we found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center online. We were desperate for help and hope when we scoured the internet looking for options and answers. I called and spoke to Maria, who was full of information about the disease and understanding where we were at in our situation. Maria shipped us the IMHA core package and we received it the next morning. I immediately started giving him the supplements, along with the steroids from the doctor. Since this was Nigel's second round in such a short amount of time, his body took a long time to regain balance. However, I'm happy to report that though it was a long and arduous journey he did pull through and without the hospitalization or transfusion. We now have him cleared of all steroids but continue to give him the supplements every day. Our hope is to fortify his system so that should the outlying factors that are triggering his IMHA episodes ever occur again, that his body will be strong enough to fight.

There were many days where I thought he wouldn't make it but I'm overwhelmed with pride to say he is strong, healthy, and full of life today. This illness is ugly, fast, and damaging but I feel we are proactively giving him a fighting chance not only through this last episode but for his future.

Thank you PHNC for helping us and giving us hope when even our vet didn't have many answers. Thank you Maria, for being understanding and walking us through the process and giving us more information. For the duration of Nigel's life (and we hope it to be a long and happy one) we will continue to be loyal customers to PHNC because we feel these supplements and vitamins made the difference for him. Nigel and his family really appreciate you.
Chico has now been in remission from IMHA with normal hemocrit levels for 14 months ... his energy level is very good and is more active than ever! I'm grateful for these products supporting his Rx meds which he now only takes one pill every 3 days. Thank you!
I have taken my beloved dog Zelda to the vet multiple times recently where they diagnosed her as having some kind of intestinal infection. They would give her a full panel of blood work and an X-ray because she was perfectly healthy except having very low red blood cells. This last time her red blood cells were so low they wanted to give her a blood transfusion. I was devastated hearing this as I didn't really have the money for costly procedures that the vet said we're not a guarantee and might have to be done repeatedly. We came home pretty defeated not thinking anything could be done. The vets didn't even know we thought! When I got home I decided to search the symptoms and conditions she was dealing with and came across your website and the IMHA page. I couldn't believe what I was reading. It summed up perfectly what we were experiencing. I decided to trust my judgement, the testimonials and the value of good nutrition and ordered the IMHA pack and Chloroxygen right away as well as move her to a raw diet. That was last week and I am astonished by how quickly Zelda's life has been restored. No more super labored breathing and exhaustion. Her gum color has been restored and her personality is back. I haven't returned to the vet for another blood panel yet, but I suspect it won't be 19% for her red blood cell count. We are now giving all our dogs a raw diet and chloroxygen and the multivitamin/probiotic. We can't thank you enough for helping us save our Zelda!
Our boy, Murray walked into our lives as a stray about 8 years ago. We had no intentions of becoming a 2 dog family, but something in my husband told him to give it a try. Since then, we've never had a day of regret. In fact, we can't imagine our lives without him.
As the years went by, Murray developed several serious disorders: Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia and the worst, IMHA, a potential death sentence that was diagnosed a few months ago. He stopped eating and drinking, so giving him medicine was rough on his stomach. He had a fever and only wanted to stay outside, laying in the snow. He had no energy and walking was an effort. His red blood count continued to drop and one Sunday morning, he was disoriented and his tongue and gums were white. We rushed him to a hospital for an immediate transfusion. He was there almost a week, not improving enough to give us hope. His blood count went up a little, but dropped again, this time down to 11. A second transfusion was needed and this time, immunoglobulin was added. If this didn't work, there was no hope for Murray. The IMHA was killing him and the second transfusion just bought him a little more time. We weren't ready to say goodbye, so having nothing to lose, I desperately started researching IMHA on line. Nothing short of "Divine Intervention" led me to this wonderful website and it's promising testimonials of other people who's dogs had this fatal disease. It seemed too good to be true, but I called and spoke to Maria. I was crying and could barely talk, but Maria's compassion calmed me down and quickly and confidently talked about the protocol for him. It gave me such hope that I wanted to get the products in him ASAP. We ordered everything she recommended and had it shipped overnight. We really loaded him up on Chlor-Oxygen and Bio-Prep F3 numerous times a day, and because he still had no appetite, we had to administer it directly into his mouth every time. After a few days, he started to eat small meals, which seemed like a miracle to us. He had lost 10 lbs in a couple of months and we were thrilled to see him start to eat and drink again. He loves sweets, so, because he's diabetic, I bought him Glucerna and mixed it with a little sugar free ice cream and he lapped it up! Murray was on his way back to us!!
Slowly and steadily, with Maria's help and guidance, his number began to climb. On March 22nd, his number was 11 and we thought we would lose him. He continued to improve from the day he started these products and on May 11, his red blood count reached 50!!! He has continued to improve and his blood count is steadily in the mid 40's, which is fantastic for a dog with all his issues. His appetite and energy are back and he is now at a healthy weight. We have been able to reduce some of his supplements, as per Maria, and our vet, (who is wonderful) is becoming a believer in natural products. Murray is only on a couple of prescription drugs now (he was on a ton!) which we have been slowly reducing because he is doing so well on these products. If it weren't for Maria, her husband Phil and their expertise in this field, so many people would be mourning the loss of their pets. For anyone reading this who has any doubt as to the healing power of these products, please, give them a try. Murray is a celebrity around town and had lots of people praying for him. He became known as the "Miracle Dog" and is living proof that natural products CAN and DO heal from the inside out.
He's happier and healthier than he's ever been and there's no doubt that these products are responsible.
We owe a debt of gratitude to Maria and Phil for saving our Murray's life and can't thank you enough.
Linda and Frank
Last year our Schnauzer Charlie almost died, he underwent a blood transfusion and was finally diagnosed with IMHA. We went through several ups and downs after coming off the steroids and he would start to show signs of anemia again and we knew we were heading down that grim road again. I knew our baby couldn't live a healthy life on steroids so I began to research holistic approaches. That is when I found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and Maria. I started Charlie on the IMHA protocol and he is doing great ever since! Maria is super knowledgeable and great to have as a resource! I have been ordering products ever since and they always arrive quickly.
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IMHA Treatment for Dogs Customer Testimonial

Last year our Schnauzer Charlie almost died, he underwent a blood transfusion and was finally diagnosed with IMHA. We went through several ups and downs after coming off the steroids and he would start to show signs of anemia again and we knew we were heading down that grim road again. I knew our baby couldn't live a healthy life on steroids so I began to research holistic approaches. That is when I found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and Maria. I started Charlie on the IMHA protocol and he is doing great ever since! Maria is super knowledgeable and great to have as a resource! I have been ordering products ever since and they always arrive quickly.