Buck Mountain Botanicals Bugleweed


Buck Mountain Botanicals Bugleweed contains bugleweed extract and can be useful for animals with mild over-active thyroid conditions. Studies have shown that bugleweed slows the release of the hormone thyroxine from the thyroid gland making it useful for over-active conditions. For moderate to severe cases of over-activity of the thyroid gland, Buck Mountain Thyrolite is an option.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Bugleweed Benefits

  • Offers a natural alternative to synthetic drugs for animals with over-active thyroid conditions

  • Bugleweed works to reduce thyroid gland output

  • Formulated with organic herbs

  • Extracted into a tincture making it more easily assimilated by the body

Buck Mountain Botanicals Bugleweed Details

Available in a 2 oz tincture

Buck Mountain Botanicals Ingredients
Organic: bugleweed (Lycopus), distilled water and ethyl alcohol.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Usage Guidelines
Small frequent doses must be given over several days before results are seen. Recommended dosage is three to ten drops per 20lbs three times daily as necessary.
Avoid overdose and sudden cessation of treatment.

Bugleweed contraindications
Do not use in pregnant or nursing animals or those with depressed thyroid function.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Bugleweed
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