"This protocol is so easy to follow and made such a difference for us very quickly. Within a few days our dog was looking and obviously feeling better." Cathy from Texas

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Package for Dogs and Cats


Our Irritable Bowel Syndrome Package for Dogs and Cats consists of the three products we consider to form the foundation of our Natural Irritable Bowel Syndrome Protocol. This supplement package for dogs and cats with IBS is a research-based protocol developed by a certified Master Herbalist working alongside a certified Canine Nutritionist. It is the most complete supplement protocol that supports dogs and cats with irritable bowel syndrome* and from the feedback we receive we conclude the most successful available. It has taken more than a decade of experience working with animals to assemble.

This supplement package for animals with IBS consists of Diarrhea Relief, our Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics Formula and Repair and Strengthen. You may follow the links to view the product pages for more information as well as individual product ingredients. We have incorporated many years of research and experience working with animals to develop this irritable bowel syndrome protocol for your dog or cat and we hope you are pleased with the results!

For further information on this condition please view our Natural Irritable Bowel Syndrome Protocol. You may select from our list of other recommended products that can be found on our IBS page to use in addition to our Core IBS Package or rely on these three products alone. We are here to help so feel free to Contact Us if you need more assistance.

The IBS Package is designed to get you started. After this initial purchase you may want to purchase products individually as they each will last varying lengths of time. After your animal's condition improves you may wish to upgrade the Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics to our Daily Multi Plus.

A complimentary IBS Help Sheet is included with any package purchase!

Core Irritable Bowel Syndrome Package

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics - 45 grams
Diarrhea Relief - 75 grams
Repair and Strengthen - 90 grams

How our Core IBS Package Will Benefit Your Dog or Cat...
  • 13 different enzymes help to quickly and efficiently digest meals
  • 13 different probiotic organisms help to restore proper intestinal balance
  • Soluble fibers provide bulk to help firm stool
  • Organic herbs help to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract
  • A specialized bacteria called Bacillus coagulans has been shown in research to help alleviate diarrhea in animals
  • A unique formulation of colostrum, whey protein isolate and organic aloe that helps to reduce inflammation and promotes healing and rebuilding of intestinal cells that line the digestive tract

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Help Sheet for Dogs and Cats

A copy of this information is included with your package purchase!

1). Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics OR Daily Multi Plus
Either of these supplements will form an integral part of your animal’s long term nutrition plan. Often for animals with IBS we recommend to start with the Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. This is because dogs and cats with this condition may be more sensitive to different ingredients in their diet. The Daily Multi Plus contains our digestive enzymes and probiotics blend as part of the formula along with many other ingredients. So, when your animal is feeling better you can move them up to the Daily Multi Plus or, if you feel your animal is not all that sensitive to new ingredients in their diet, you can just start with the Daily Multi Plus immediately.

How much should I give?
Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics:
Provide 1/8 teaspoon in each meal per 30 lbs. Mix with water so it is not dry. Serving size does not have to be exact. Err on the side of more rather that less.
Daily Multi Plus:
Provide 1/2 teaspoon in each meal per 30 lbs. Mix with water so it is not dry. Serving size does not have to be exact. Err on the side of more rather that less.

How long should I provide this supplement?
This supplement should be given with every meal for the life of your pet.

2). Diarrhea Relief
This is a very beneficial supplement for those animals with IBS. It features slippery elm bark that has astringent properties that will help to heal and tighten tissue reducing the amount of water being drawn into the intestines and thereby firming stool. Other herbs in this formula help to reduce inflammation and eliminate gas making your animal more comfortable.

How much should I give?
Provide 1/4 tsp in each meal per 15 lbs. Mix with a small amount of warm water prior to mixing with food or when in food dish. May safely use 2 - 3 times suggested serving for short periods when needed to eliminate diarrhea.

How long should I provide this supplement?
As stool firms, reduce dosage to suggested serving on container. Can safely use for the life of your animal taking one or two days off each week if this doesn’t result in a flare up. However, this shouldn’t be necessary as your animal heals and stool is normal. Keep Diarrhea Relief on hand so you have some available for flare ups.

3). Repair and Strengthen
While Diarrhea Relief primarily works to remedy loose stool, this supplement is the one formulated to repair the lining of the digestive tract. Because research shows that glutamine is very important to the repair and replication of the cells that line the GI tract we have included whey protein isolate that is a great natural source of this amino acid. The colostrum in this formula will help to speed healing while reducing inflammation and the addition of organic aloe vera provides additional healing and anti-inflammatory attributes. Many of our clients find that they need to continually use this supplement since when they try to remove it their animal relapses to some degree. See how it works with your dog or cat and use the minimum effective dosage as your animal’s condition improves.

How much should I give?
Provide 1/2 tsp per 20 lbs daily. Mix with a small amount of warm water and give to your animal 15 - 20 minutes before main meal either alone or in a small amount of favorite food. This allows the supplement to work on the digestive tract without competing with main meal.

How long should I provide this supplement?
Can safely use for the life of your animal taking one or two days off each week if this doesn’t result in a flare up.

Other Recommendations

We recommend a whole food diet for your dog or cat with this condition. This can be a commercial raw or cooked diet, involve a premix with your own raw or cooked meat or a home-prepared diet. If home-preparing please research how to do this properly and make sure to add a calcium source like our Seaweed Calcium. Read our article How to Feed Your Dog / Cat in the Education Section of our website for more information.

Stomach Soother
This remedy is helpful for many animals, sparing them from a life of discomfort. The herbs in this formula help to relieve inflammation and alleviate gas making an animal much more comfortable when they have stomach upset. Initially, use this remedy 2 - 3 times per day by providing a squirt or two directly in the mouth and your animal should start to feel better in a few minutes. In the future when your animal is better use Stomach Soother only when you notice signs of discomfort. Keep on hand so you have this remedy available when needed.

Herbal Digestive Tonic
Many animals with IBS have gastric insufficiency and this often contributes to their condition. This is because when there is not enough stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) food particles are not broken down properly and can then lead to inflammation in the digestive tract. The Herbal Digestive Tonic provides herbs extracted in organic apple cider vinegar that help to acidify the stomach to better break down food and stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and bile from the liver and gallbladder. Use in every meal for the life of your animal. Recommended for dogs only because cats may be opposed to the stronger smell and flavor of this formula.

Biopreparation F3
This is a highly regarded supplement that can greatly benefit those animals struggling with IBS. We recommend the F3+ Forte for this condition. Microalgae feed cells on a cellular level providing thousands of natural nutrients directly into cells without the need for digestion while helping cells detoxify and repair themselves. This can be placed in with meals, a little meatball made with a favorite food or in a little water used with a syringe. Follow the recommendations below for the life of your animal.

Under 15 lbs - 1/2 capsule 2x daily
15 - 30 lbs - 1/2 - 1 capsule 2x daily
30 - 50 lbs - 1 capsule 2x daily
Over 50 lbs - 1 capsule 2x daily and you may add a third capsule daily if you desire

Antimicrobial Formula
Often a veterinarian will recommend an antibiotic “just in case”. This is because they are not sure what is causing your dog or cat’s condition. Because of the side effects that accompany these drugs and the unpleasant effect they can have on many animals we recommend you give the Antimicrobial Formula a try first. This supplement features herbs that stimulate the immune system along with herbs that have strong antimicrobial activity. Very safe and effective without the potential damage to your animal that antibiotics can cause. Use this herbal remedy only if there is a reason to believe there is a pathogen present in the GI tract.

About Medications
While medications may have their time and place in an animal’s treatment, very often in the case of IBS we have seen them contribute to a worsening of the condition over time. This is because the short-term effect a steroid can have to make your animal feel better comes with the high cost of numerous side effects. In addition, drugs do not promote healing, they are designed to suppress symptoms. Suppressing symptoms may work in the short-term, but in the long-term the condition will progress and get worse and worse.

Other Concerns
Animals with IBS are usually more sensitive. This means that you should limit their exposure to chemicals in their food, water and environment. Limit or avoid unnecessary vaccinations, flea and tick products, heart worm medication and the use of household and lawn chemicals (like Roundup!) (see Education section).

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Package for Dogs and Cats
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