"My dog eats only raw meat and chicken. He has such a sensitive stomach, that he can’t tolerate organ meat like heart, kidney, or liver. This multi glandular dry blend has been a godsend. I have used it now for several years and he is a healthy, vigorous dog." Jacqui Tolin

Multi Glandular Blend for Dogs and Cats


Multi Glandular Blend for dogs and cats is the missing link in many of our companion animal's diets. Commercial pet foods do not take into account our canine and feline companions evolutionary diet. It is generally recommended that organs make up approximately 10% of a carnivores diet. Yet, how many of our domestic animals actually get that amount and from what source? The answer to those questions is the very low percentage of dogs or cats that are fed raw food diets (and even those usually only get liver or heart) and the source is generally factory farmed animals.

Our Multi Glandular Blend features 9 New Zealand sourced, freeze-dried glandulars. This is very important when looking for a glandular supplement for your dog or cat because the bovine we source from in New Zealand are grass fed, free-range animals. This makes a very big difference in the purity of our product compared to those that utilize feed lot raised animals treated with antibiotics and growth hormone while being fed a low-quality, grain-based diet. In addition, the glandulars we use in our blend are lyophilized, which means they are freeze-dried at a very low temperature to quickly preserve all of the important nutrients!

Available in a 85 gram container.

Why Feed Glandulars to My Dog or Cat?

You may be surprised to know that organ meats (glands are organs) are the most nutrient dense part of an animal. When compared with the usual muscle meat, organ meats are more densely packed with just about every nutrient, including higher doses of B vitamins such as: B1, B2, B6, folic acid and vitamin B12.

Organ meats are also loaded with minerals like iron, copper, magnesium and iodine, and provide the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. It is important to note that organs from animals raised outside on grass (like those we use in our Multi Glandular Blend) contain even higher levels of these essential nutrients, and a higher omega 3 content, than their grain-fed counterparts.

A proprietary blend of freeze-dried (lyophilized), grass fed glands/organs sourced from New Zealand:
Liver*, brain*, heart*, kidney*, pancreas*, spleen*, thyroid*, adrenal* and thymus**

Other ingredients: None

No Additives in Dog Glandular Blend

Provide 1/2 tsp daily per 50 lbs divided equally between meals. This is a general dosage and you can come up with your own dosage as your research or goals suggest.

Home-Prepared Diets: three grams of our Multi Glandular Blend equals one ounce of fresh, raw organs.

There are 48.5 teaspoons per container

Storage: Store at room temperature away from heat and moisture.

This makes a good companion product to our Daily Multi Plus vitamin supplement. Even though that supplement already has some glandulars in it, this makes a more substantial addition of glandulars to the diet.

Multi Glandular Blend for Dogs and Cats
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