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Buck Mountain Botanicals Parasite Dust


Buck Mountain Botanicals Parasite Dust helps to safely offer protection for dogs and cats against biting insect pests and parasites. Our customers have had outstanding success with this product. Try this natural parasite dust and put the power of nature to work for you while helping your animal avoid exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals found in topical pesticide products.

As this is being written, the FDA has begun an investigation into several flea and tick topical pesticide products because of the large amount of adverse events being reported in the animals on which they are being used! Don't let your companion be among those sickened, or worse, from these dangerous chemical products - go natural instead!

Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Parasite Dust acts in four ways to assist animals in their dealings with biting insects and parasites and to help rid buildings of flies, fleas, lice, ticks, mites, spiders, beetles, ants and more.

  • The neem tree contains a natural chemical, azadirachtin. It is an active insecticide, a repellent and a potent-antifeedant and ecdysis inhibitory compound. Neem herb has found broad use as a wound healing agent and has reported antimicrobial properties

  • Yarrow acts as a repellent to many insects and parasites

  • Diatom flour desiccates (dehydrates) many insects

  • The combination of these ingredients is a very effective external parasite dust which also presents disinfectant and healing properties to skin infections, lesions and other irritations secondary to infestation

Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Parasite Dust Details

Available in 3 oz  shaker bottles. 

Organic Parasite Dust Ingredients
Organic Neem (Azadirachta indica), Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) and diatom flour.

How to use Organic Parasite Dust
Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Parasite Dust rids mammals of parasites and a teaspoon or two on your window sash or sill eliminates flies, beetles and other bugs in home or office very effectively. It is safe for use in your garden as well.
The current manner of application which has yielded success is to sprinkle the dust from head to tail along the animal's spine and brush against the hair to bring the dust into contact with the skin. This should be done under dry conditions.
The only difficult parasite encountered thus far are engorged ticks. Even engorged ticks have disappeared by the next day post dusting.
The ingredients singly are nonmutagenic and nontoxic to mammals, fish and birds. It is expected that in compound they also are harmless in the form and concentration in this product. There have been no adverse events reported to date.

This stuff works!!!
Those horrible products my veterinarian sold and insisted would stop fleas (and cost a fortune!) didn't work on my English Springer Spaniel. She would still have ticks whenever she went outside. Last summer, I tried Buck Mountain Parasite Dust for Animals, and she didn't have one tick all season. Highly effective product!
I used to use those spot on flea and tick drops from my vet. When I discovered that they are all a neurotoxins and extremely dangerous I researched safe alternatives. With your help I chose the Buck Mountain Parasite dust. I have been using this powder for over 6 months now and have not found a flea or tick on any of my cats or dogs. Thank you for offering safe alternatives to that deadly poison the vets and big brand name stores are pushing. Its sad and scary that these vets don't take the time to research, like your company does, what they are recommending to their clients.
After I apply this natural parasite dust to my dog there is not a living flea to be seen! You might want to use it outside when you first apply it so any fleas hopping off your dog do so outside! It works so wonderfully that I wonder why you don't see this product everywhere. That is why I love The Pet Health and Nutrition Center, because you get great products here that are natural and safe but also really work.
I highly recommend this product to all my friends. It really works on fleas, but I also notice that after I go for a walk in an area where my dog used to pick up a lot of ticks I hardly ever find any on him anymore. If I do find one or two they are walking around on the outside of his fur and not biting him like I used to find them.
I used this product as suggested and found a tick on my dog the next day (in a spot where I applied the powder around her neck)... I don't believe it lasts a month as suggested. I have to reapply frequently (after each hike) to keep her flea and tick free.

Our reply:

Nothing works 100% of the time with ticks. In heavily infested areas, or at certain times of the year, we have found that you have to apply more frequently. From your comment it would seem the Parasite Dust works when you do that, which I consider a victory, especially when compared to the dangers of topical chemical flea poisons. (p.s. they don't work 100% either!). In the future, you may consider combining this with a tick repellent spray right before your walk or hike, especially when the little parasites are at their worst! Thanks for your comment.
I think this is such a great alternative to the chemical treatments. I just hated putting that stuff on my dog. I try to avoid pesticides and buy organic etc., so this seemed to be a great fit in my lifestyle. I really recommend you try this powder, there is definitely a noticeable difference in the number of ticks that are on my dog when I get busy and don't apply this powder in time. So now I try to make sure I use this at least every week during tick season.
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