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Keys MetaCare Healing Lotion


Keys MetaCare Healing Lotion  is a chemical-free healing therapeutic lotion developed for dog skin disorders, cracking dry skin and minor abrasions. Keys MetaCare combines natural and organic pharmaceutical grade ingredients in therapeutic proportions of Neem and Karanja oil. Both Neem and Karanja are in maximum strength levels and have legendary healing properties while also acting as insect repellents for fleas, tick, mosquitoes, black flies and lice. Karanja is a natural low-level UVA & UVB sunscreen.

Keys MetaCare also has a concentration of avocado, carrot seed and black cumin oils combined with Shea butter in a lotion consistency achieved by emulsifying the ingredients using ultrasonic blending. Keys MetaCare has soothing, moisturizing and anti-fungal properties. It can be used anywhere on pets and people, including around the eyes without irritation.

Keys MetaCare Healing Lotion for Dog Skin Disorders Benefits

  • Made with natural, organic, chemical-free ingredients!

  • Healing First-Aid Lotion

  • Heals Skin Disorders

  • Natural Insect Repellent

  • Heals Pet Hot Spots


  • Heals Burns & Rashes

  • For Pets & People

Keys MetaCare Healing Lotion for Dog Skin Disorders Details

Available in a 3.4oz dispenser.

Keys MetaCare Ingredients
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This is the best thing that I have ever used for any skin problem!
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