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Just wanted to say that I have an Orange Beast named Mr. Creamsicle who is Aids+. I've had him on Covania shots, Clavamox, colloidal silver, L-lysine, etc. for his constant upper respiratory. Nothing worked. I recently started giving him your Daily Multi Plus and it completely stopped in two days! This product is miraculous, and I am very grateful to you!
Ben (22 lb part wired haired terrior part schnauzer 11 year old dog) currently takes your probiotics & enzymes, liver tonic, kidney tonic, pain tonic, and elk velvet antler. His conditions include arthritis, sludge in his gallbladder, bad breath, occasional urinary accidents,
and some panting. Oh, and the vet reported that his kidney numbers were a little high a year or so ago. I put Ben on your kidney tonic and Raw Vibrance food and the vet hasn't reported Ben as having high kidney values since then. In fact, the next time she tested them, she
said they were normal.

I am always amazed at how well your products work! The pain tonic and
elk velvet antler allow him to actively play with our new kitten. He acts like a young puppy again! The probiotics & enzymes got rid of his bad breath.
My heart is dancing! Lexie is my 17 yr old Boston Terrier. She started having trouble standing and fell quite frequently. Poor critter was like a flounder out of water. She also had overnight fecal incontinence. I started her on the myelin sheath with some improvement and Maria recommended the nerve tonic. After 6 wks on the nerve tonic, which I have renamed Lexie’s Magic Elixir, she no longer falls and the bald spot on her bottom has regrown fur! We went 5 nights straight without incontinence so far. Additionally I have just started the Elk Velvet Antler hoping it will help her to stand for her whole meal.

I also read Maria’s book and highly recommend it. It is so well written and very heart warming. I contacted Carol Harrison and had a lovely session with her, it was most validating.

Pet Health and Nutrition is a wonderful entity, a great source for the health of pets using holistic therapies. I give them many thumbs up and a 10/10. I thank them whole heartedly for all they do. I randomly found them on the web through searching and now I tell all my friends with dogs and cats to check them out.
My journey into healthy feeding for my girls began when my blue heeler, Minnie Moo, had a bladderstone the size of my vet's palm, (she has small hands :))), removed from her stomach. We had been treating Minnie Moo for a UTI. Quick jump forward. I started researching diets online. All the "safe" foods for struvite bladderstone dogs were expensive, and filled with crapola. I found a holistic sight that had great recipes; most of the recipes called for calcium and omega 3 supplements, and that is when I found the pet health and nutrition center.
Fast forward, I feed all 3 of my herding dogs cooked veggies and organic meats, and supplement with Pet Health and Nutrition products. The result has been AMAZING!! My 6 year old blue heeler is a healthy weight again, looks great, and moves like a 2 year old. I added seaweed calcium, cranberry powder, and chia seed oil. All 3 of my girls look amazing and are healthy thanks to those supplements!! So..many thanks to you all at Pet Health and Nutrition!!!!!
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Maria and Phil as dog nutrition and health advisors, or the vast array of holistic, organic supplements they craft or make available to dog and cat parents.
My dog has suffered from digestive issues since late 2019. And, if I reflect back, probably longer than that displaying mild symptoms that I wasn’t educated enough to notice.
I met Maria and Phil in September 2020 through a website search at the height of my dog’s discomfort: vomiting, burping, pacing, chewing at mattress strings, and lip-licking throughout the day and night.
Almost a year later, after consulting with Maria and Phil several times (Phil has gone above and beyond at researching dog foods for me, giving me detailed instruction on product protocols, and Maria has incredible patience, answers all of my questions and willingly shares her knowledge with me on products and animal health) on my dog’s diet and using several of PHNC’s products, my dog is significantly improved.
I currently use Daily Multi Plus, Repair and Strengthen, BioPreparation F3, Ox Bile, and Elk Velvet Antler for my dog with digestive issues, and many of their skin and allergy solutions for my other dog who has seasonal allergies. I trust every product on their website and am incredibly grateful I found this company to work with on the health of my pups. My dogs deserve nothing less.
Thank you, Maria and Phil!”
I’m hoping my review will reach other cat/dog owners who are struggling to find pain relief for their allergic pets. My cat Elmo has suffered with allergies for 8 years, which developed soon after we found him as a stray and had him vaccinated. A few months after vaccination he developed asthma, rashes, itching and hair loss. I have tried everything In the hope he will get better, grain free food, and all different remedies. I found the Centre and ordered allergy relief & Immine balance. I noticed 3 weeks after taking the herbs, Elmo was showing positive signs of change, more energy, cheeky, playful with my other cat and sleeping peacefully without being woken up by itching! Elmo chased after my other cat to play with him, which he hasn’t done for so long, he is usually always the last one. It brought happy tears to my eyes...Maria & Phil have supported me every step of the way. They have provided my baby with happiness. This new energy Elmo is showing is having a dominoes effect with the other cats, they are reacting more playfully towards him because he feels better. Fingers crossed this positive change continues but whatever happens I’m grateful for this time.. thanks Maria & Phil
Thank you for all you do. My previous order was for Lukas, my Giant Schnauzer. He was very sick, and the vet had said he did not think he was going to make it. Lukas is just 8 years old. He was thought to have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and had severe diarrhea. He was on three medicines, Prednisone, Flagyl, and Cyclosporin, and not really a lot better. He was going down hill daily, losing weight fast, his hair was coming out by the handfuls. After finding your site, and ordering he IBD protocol, I stopped Cyclosporin, Flagyl, and weaned him from prednisone. His diarrhea stopped after only one dose of the regimen. He has gained back most of his weight that he had lost, his hair loss has stopped and is coming back now. I cannot thank you enough for saving my best friends life. He is totally better now, and I could not be happier. I am recommending all my friends who are pet parents, to look up your site and start using your great products. And Maria, your book is fantasic. It touches every emotion, I laugh through some pages, and cry through some. Thank you both again for your knowledge and expertise. Sincerely, David Bell, RN
Can see a huge change with our dog and cat, the vitamin truly works. Thank you !
We recently adopted a dog that came from a breeder. He was healthy, but was neutered late in life and we think that is what caused his incontinence. He started having accidents in the house when he turned 7 years old. We took him to his vet who recommended expensive tests but no one knew how to interpret the results. So our poor guy was diapered until we continued to search. After a considerable amount of time and lots of $$$s spent, the conclusion was to put him on some sort of amphetamine. No thanks.
I contacted PHaNC and was given the Male Incontinence drops to try. After 2 months, the accidents lessened. After 3 months, he was dry and happy....and so were we!
With all natural remedies, it is important to follow the directions and give the appropriate amount of medicine consistently.
Thanks again, PHaNC!!
My 6 y/o dog, Molli, suffers with chronic IBD. I rescued her over two years ago. It took those two years to get to the bottom of her medical issues. We had visited several different vets from Arizona to Vermont. After getting the runaround from vets and nutritionists- a couple of them claiming "there's simply nothing wrong, just indigestion"- we landed in CT and got a proper diagnosis after our first GI Blood Panel. So... Now what? Our new vet is on board and giving us information about what this is and why it could be happening, but ultimately leaving it up to me to come up with a consistent plan to manage Molli's condition. That's where the Pet Health and Nutrition Center comes in. I emailed them and received a prompt reply full of detailed information, assurances, and answers. Molli has
been on the core recommendations for IBD for a couple months now and the difference is remarkable. She has gained her lost weight back, hasn't had a single IBD symptom since, and her energy levels are consistent with what they were on her best days.
On top of this, she has been suffering from incontinence for a year. We've been trying the Female Incontinence and have been able to scale back her Proin to half of the daily amount and anticipate completely phasing it out in the next couple weeks.
We use the Diarrhea Relief, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, Repair and Strengthen, Daily Multi Plus, Female Incontinence, Bio Preparation Microalgae Supplement, Topical Probiotic Spray, and Internal Powder.
Molli and I love The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and know that you will too.
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