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Maria and Phil have gone above and beyond when it comes to helping me choose the right products for my dogs, and navigate some of their health issues. I’m happy to say both are doing very well. This is an excellent company with superb products, great customer service, fast shipping, (nothing has ever been back ordered/out of stock or arrived to me in more than two days over the course of the two years I’ve been a customer-even through COVID 19!).

I am very pleased with the high-quality of their organic lines, and the breadth and depth of their product line. Pet Health Nutrition Center makes it carries it all!

Thank you, Maria and Phil! May as much goodness as you’ve given to others come back into your own!
Stella was a perfectly healthy 12 yr old cocker spaniel. She had a Parvo vaccine and started having severe diarrhea that never went away. Our vet gave her 2 antibiotics, after normal blood work, and changed her to a low fat canned prescription food. She was diagnosed with colitis. A second vet gave us barium daily to coat the intestines. She got worse, not better and had diarrhea for 4 months. Stella was lethargic, vomiting, drooling, didn't want to eat and was sleeping most of the day. I did an extensive online search and found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center. I contacted the company by email and heard back right away from Phil. We had many email conversations and came up with a plan. I ordered diarrhea relief, repair and strengthen, and probiotics and enzymes along with collagen to help repair the digestive tract. We also changed her diet to eating meat, organs and vegetables. These supplements and new food were a miracle. After 3 days of these supplements her diarrhea is gone and after 1 week her health seemed back to normal. She loves to eat now and dances around the kitchen when we get her food ready. She is full of energy and runs to play outside. We will continue to use the supplements as needed and tweak them with Phil as she continues to improve. You saved Stella's life and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
I have had my 11 year old dog on the Kidney Protocol for approximately 1 month and had his blood work & urine analysis done yesterday. His creatinine level was in the upper end of normal, but normal! A marked decrease from previous above normal levels. There was no protein in his urine which is great. So, I am already seeing some improvement and will continue with the Kidney Protocol. I also switched his diet, as you recommended, and spoke to the vet about decreasing the amount of vaccinations that he gets. I am so thankful that I found your website! I will be updating in the next 3 months, as I hope to see continued improvement. I have joyful tears. Thank you!
All I can say is the outlook was bleak for the IMHA diagnosis - & after 4 blood transfusions & the help of the supplements - Tater pulled through. I can't thank you enough - she is pretty much the same dog as she was before. I don't think she would have made it through without this help.
My dog Bonny, 12 yrs., has IBD, she was diagnosed a few years back but I suspect she's had this issue for most of her life, I just didn't know what it was. After trying all the recommends; food changes, CBD etc. she was still suffering with frequent attacks and I knew vet recommended prednisone was not what we wanted to do. After finding this wonderful site, I ordered the package for IDB and could not be more pleased with the results. Even though she still suffers from occasional attacks, they are mild and short term with no nasty after effects like before. She looks SO much better now that she is digesting her food correctly. Both my dogs also take the Daily Multi Plus and the Internal Powder for repelling fleas etc. Bonny also takes the Elk Velvet Antler w/Glucosamine for her arthritis. I am so glad I found this site, you folks are the best thing that ever happened to my dogs! Thank you.
Tugger the jack Russell mix, is doing very well now. He had digestive issues, for a year, after a long bout of giardia. Special diet food, he kept being miserable, losing weight. I started daily multi, repair and strengthen, and occasionally diarrhea repair. Within a month he was a different dog. I also started making his food at the same time as adding the supplements. Gained his weight back and is playfull and happy. Thank-you for your help!
Just wanted to say that I have an Orange Beast named Mr. Creamsicle who is Aids+. I've had him on Covania shots, Clavamox, colloidal silver, L-lysine, etc. for his constant upper respiratory. Nothing worked. I recently started giving him your Daily Multi Plus and it completely stopped in two days! This product is miraculous, and I am very grateful to you!
Ben (22 lb part wired haired terrior part schnauzer 11 year old dog) currently takes your probiotics & enzymes, liver tonic, kidney tonic, pain tonic, and elk velvet antler. His conditions include arthritis, sludge in his gallbladder, bad breath, occasional urinary accidents,
and some panting. Oh, and the vet reported that his kidney numbers were a little high a year or so ago. I put Ben on your kidney tonic and Raw Vibrance food and the vet hasn't reported Ben as having high kidney values since then. In fact, the next time she tested them, she
said they were normal.

I am always amazed at how well your products work! The pain tonic and
elk velvet antler allow him to actively play with our new kitten. He acts like a young puppy again! The probiotics & enzymes got rid of his bad breath.
My heart is dancing! Lexie is my 17 yr old Boston Terrier. She started having trouble standing and fell quite frequently. Poor critter was like a flounder out of water. She also had overnight fecal incontinence. I started her on the myelin sheath with some improvement and Maria recommended the nerve tonic. After 6 wks on the nerve tonic, which I have renamed Lexie’s Magic Elixir, she no longer falls and the bald spot on her bottom has regrown fur! We went 5 nights straight without incontinence so far. Additionally I have just started the Elk Velvet Antler hoping it will help her to stand for her whole meal.

I also read Maria’s book and highly recommend it. It is so well written and very heart warming. I contacted Carol Harrison and had a lovely session with her, it was most validating.

Pet Health and Nutrition is a wonderful entity, a great source for the health of pets using holistic therapies. I give them many thumbs up and a 10/10. I thank them whole heartedly for all they do. I randomly found them on the web through searching and now I tell all my friends with dogs and cats to check them out.
My journey into healthy feeding for my girls began when my blue heeler, Minnie Moo, had a bladderstone the size of my vet's palm, (she has small hands :))), removed from her stomach. We had been treating Minnie Moo for a UTI. Quick jump forward. I started researching diets online. All the "safe" foods for struvite bladderstone dogs were expensive, and filled with crapola. I found a holistic sight that had great recipes; most of the recipes called for calcium and omega 3 supplements, and that is when I found the pet health and nutrition center.
Fast forward, I feed all 3 of my herding dogs cooked veggies and organic meats, and supplement with Pet Health and Nutrition products. The result has been AMAZING!! My 6 year old blue heeler is a healthy weight again, looks great, and moves like a 2 year old. I added seaweed calcium, cranberry powder, and chia seed oil. All 3 of my girls look amazing and are healthy thanks to those supplements!! So..many thanks to you all at Pet Health and Nutrition!!!!!
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