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I’m hoping my review will reach other cat/dog owners who are struggling to find pain relief for their allergic pets. My cat Elmo has suffered with allergies for 8 years, which developed soon after we found him as a stray and had him vaccinated. A few months after vaccination he developed asthma, rashes, itching and hair loss. I have tried everything In the hope he will get better, grain free food, and all different remedies. I found the Centre and ordered allergy relief & Immine balance. I noticed 3 weeks after taking the herbs, Elmo was showing positive signs of change, more energy, cheeky, playful with my other cat and sleeping peacefully without being woken up by itching! Elmo chased after my other cat to play with him, which he hasn’t done for so long, he is usually always the last one. It brought happy tears to my eyes...Maria & Phil have supported me every step of the way. They have provided my baby with happiness. This new energy Elmo is showing is having a dominoes effect with the other cats, they are reacting more playfully towards him because he feels better. Fingers crossed this positive change continues but whatever happens I’m grateful for this time.. thanks Maria & Phil
Thank you for all you do. My previous order was for Lukas, my Giant Schnauzer. He was very sick, and the vet had said he did not think he was going to make it. Lukas is just 8 years old. He was thought to have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and had severe diarrhea. He was on three medicines, Prednisone, Flagyl, and Cyclosporin, and not really a lot better. He was going down hill daily, losing weight fast, his hair was coming out by the handfuls. After finding your site, and ordering he IBD protocol, I stopped Cyclosporin, Flagyl, and weaned him from prednisone. His diarrhea stopped after only one dose of the regimen. He has gained back most of his weight that he had lost, his hair loss has stopped and is coming back now. I cannot thank you enough for saving my best friends life. He is totally better now, and I could not be happier. I am recommending all my friends who are pet parents, to look up your site and start using your great products. And Maria, your book is fantasic. It touches every emotion, I laugh through some pages, and cry through some. Thank you both again for your knowledge and expertise. Sincerely, David Bell, RN
Can see a huge change with our dog and cat, the vitamin truly works. Thank you !
We recently adopted a dog that came from a breeder. He was healthy, but was neutered late in life and we think that is what caused his incontinence. He started having accidents in the house when he turned 7 years old. We took him to his vet who recommended expensive tests but no one knew how to interpret the results. So our poor guy was diapered until we continued to search. After a considerable amount of time and lots of $$$s spent, the conclusion was to put him on some sort of amphetamine. No thanks.
I contacted PHaNC and was given the Male Incontinence drops to try. After 2 months, the accidents lessened. After 3 months, he was dry and happy....and so were we!
With all natural remedies, it is important to follow the directions and give the appropriate amount of medicine consistently.
Thanks again, PHaNC!!
My 6 y/o dog, Molli, suffers with chronic IBD. I rescued her over two years ago. It took those two years to get to the bottom of her medical issues. We had visited several different vets from Arizona to Vermont. After getting the runaround from vets and nutritionists- a couple of them claiming "there's simply nothing wrong, just indigestion"- we landed in CT and got a proper diagnosis after our first GI Blood Panel. So... Now what? Our new vet is on board and giving us information about what this is and why it could be happening, but ultimately leaving it up to me to come up with a consistent plan to manage Molli's condition. That's where the Pet Health and Nutrition Center comes in. I emailed them and received a prompt reply full of detailed information, assurances, and answers. Molli has
been on the core recommendations for IBD for a couple months now and the difference is remarkable. She has gained her lost weight back, hasn't had a single IBD symptom since, and her energy levels are consistent with what they were on her best days.
On top of this, she has been suffering from incontinence for a year. We've been trying the Female Incontinence and have been able to scale back her Proin to half of the daily amount and anticipate completely phasing it out in the next couple weeks.
We use the Diarrhea Relief, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, Repair and Strengthen, Daily Multi Plus, Female Incontinence, Bio Preparation Microalgae Supplement, Topical Probiotic Spray, and Internal Powder.
Molli and I love The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and know that you will too.
I had to leave a review about the Licorice Root, as well. My little bug (cat :) is suspected to have caught the feline herpes virus so common among cats, as well. He had his first flare, just within the last year or so (he is well into his adult years). Again, as part of a Medicine regimen I Crafted for him - I gave him Licorice Root for 3 days (@ twice daily). And his symptoms eased and cleared up, quickly. I've used it successfully for such flares, since. In his case, I take him off the kidney tonic for the 3 days he gets it; this has worked well for him. I've noticed that the taste is a bit challenging for him; but with one exception, so far - he keeps it down. The fact that it actually helps him feel better, afterward - helps. :) So thanks again, for a great product, guys. (And for the quick delivery! Everything I order gets to Me quickly, every time.)
I've been using the Kidney Tonic for My little bug (cat :) for 6 months, as part of a very carefully Crafted, multi-faceted regimen I put together for him, after his vet diagnosed him with Stage 2 chronic kidney disease. I waited until now, to officially join TPH&NC and leave a review.

Honestly, being aware of all the quacks and charlatans out there - I picked this tonic being put forth as Medicine, apart. I needed to be well-informed before putting My little Creature on it. I scrutinized every ingredient, dosage, the short and long-term safety - everything. And honestly, again - when I first asked about side effects and contraindications, and was told there'd been no adverse reactions, and no long or short term side effects or contraindications...I thought "I'm not sure I believe that." While the product passed My initial sniff test - it seemed to good to be true, that it was THAT pristine. So I monitored him closely for any noticeable side effects, as I started him on a 5 days on, 2 days off dosing schedule. In his case, I kept him on that, long-term. Then at the 6-month marker, I had his vet run a full Chem-27 / CBC / T4 blood panel and urinalysis, to check for any toxicities or other adverse fallout.

Not only were there no side effects noted, from the jump - but the testing just done, all showed zero toxicities, and zero adverse side effects. In fact, his vet said his kidneys were functioning better than they were last time he was tested. Instead of crediting all I was doing for him, though (properly and effectively using Natural Medicine) - he actually opted for the notion that he'd "overdiagnosed his CKD" (that is - that it apparently wasn't as bad as he first thought). Lol! He was actually willing to say he was wrong, before admitting Natural Medicine was effective. *smh* Okay - maybe. Or - maybe this tonic, along with everything else I was doing - was actually improving his kidney function. All the evidence points to the latter - including the tests comparisons, themselves (improved values and total profile).

In sum: nothing got worse, his Medicine regimen has made him much better (observable at home and in medical testing) - and all this, without any toxicities or adverse affects. His vet did concede that whatever I was doing - I should keep doing it. Lol... Don't worry, doc - I will. :) So the jury is in, as far as I'm concerned. This stuff works...healing without harm. Well done, guys! I'm so glad you offer this product. You have been a crucial part of My baby boy's better health. We thank you. :)
I waited to post my comments until I had used PHaNC's supplements for two years. I can tell you that they work!
If you've ever had a Westie, you know that most have skin issues. We made the usual rounds with vets and specialists and the answer was always prednisone and/or antibiotics....which work, until they don't, and the skin issues come back with a vengeance.
Our current Westie guy suffers from seasonal allergies which create sores on his belly and neck. Left untreated, they get bigger and ooze. I tried all the topical remedies, some soothed, but none "cured."
THEN I found PHaNC and the amazing Philip and Maria Reich. I sent them our guy's symptoms and photos. Philip sent me a long message with great suggestions.
By far the best supplement I've used is the "Allergy Relief" drops. I've learned to get ahead of the allergy season and begin giving him 3 drops daily, starting in February and ending in Oct/Nov. Our pup loves the taste and the drops are very easy to administer. His skin is now pink and smooth year round, although he does still get that Westie "black pigmentation" every now and then. But no more furious scratching and red sores.
Thank you Pet Health and Nutrition Center.
Outstanding !
This is such an amazing story about my 15 ½ year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel – Cooper on this day of January 27, 2021. He was given to me by a friend when he was about 3 years old. So, in July of 2018 I contacted Maria after sending and email. I found them on the internet, how awesome and wonderful. Copper was diagnosis having IBD by my vet. He had fluid around the lungs and in the abdomen, coughing, very weak, anemic, lost 2 pounds in less than 2 weeks, 25 pound dog and his body was destroying red blood cells. He had stopped eating, hard for him to walk and he his hair was thin and lost a lot of it. He was put on several meds at vets for infections he had.
In parallel with what was being done at the vets to save his life Maria had her very detailed plan to make Cooper on the way to recovery. He was put on daily multi plus, diarrhea relief, repair and strengthen and seaweed calcium. I starting cooking food for him and giving him chicken, turkey, eggs, fresh fruits/vegetables after I learned all this information from Maria. No more science diet for Cooper. His body started to heal slowly from having IBD and the red blood cells started healing. His stools started to have some substance to finally being normal. So, his cells were no longer leaking. Whenever he would drink water he would cough, that today is very rare, but does occur. I have been working with Maria and her team for about 2 ½ years. The functional medicine/supplements have been healing his body. Today he is taking about 15 different things but I do not see the pain/fear I saw in his little scared eyes when he was very sick. I have blood work done at my vets ever 6 - 12 months, his heart is clear today, meaning no heart murmurs. He is so happy today. It was such a Gods blessing to watch this little dog gradually be healed in front of my eyes. If it was not for Maria and her team Cooper would not be here today. This testimonial is way overdue. Thanks for all the support and knowledge. I am very gratefull.
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