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In the spring my dog Corky was diagnosed by his vet with kidney disease. The vet said he had only 30% of his kidney's working. Corky had been having on and off vomiting of white foam, refusing to eat and pain. My niece, Linda has a dog with health issues and recommended I contact Pet Health and Nutrition Center as her dog as done well with his treatments using their recommendations and products. For my Corky I ordered the complete package for kidney disease. Corky has been doing very well with the kidney support supplements. He has not vomited, loves his food and a happy guy! I am so pleased and grateful for the products, the customer support and the fast shipping.
Just wanted to share how pleased I am with the efficacy of the protocol for laryngeal paralysis. My 11-year old male Rhodesian Ridgeback was wheezing and short of breath and the products have made a remarkable difference within a week. He is calm and his breathing pattern is stable. This holistic products are a blessing.
I can’t begin to say enough great things about Maria and Phil. They have truly saved our fur babies lives! We really thought we were going to lose our 14 year old chihuahua Charlie & 12 year old pomeranian back in December of 2018. Both had been diagnosed with IBD a couple years back, and were suffering from flare ups, pancreatitis, and collapsing tracheas. Charlie also has heart disease, while Daniel was diagnosed with thyroid disease. They were both on a TON of Rx meds, and were not looking or feeling very good at all. Both of them were down in weight, on high doses of prednisolone, and were eating very inconsistently. Daniel always had loose stool and Charlie was frequently vomiting. I was desperate to find something that would help make them feel better, and luckily came across the Pet Health & Nutrition Center website. I reached out via email, and Maria got back to me the very next day. She recommended some great supplements and tonics which I immediately got both Charlie & Daniel started on. She even recommended a brand of food that worked for both of them, which was shocking! They have never been on the same food for this long until now! Now both of them are doing better than they have been in years. They eat consistently, have formed stools, no vomiting, and are down to only a couple of necessary Rx meds. I still reach out to Maria anytime I have a question or concern and she always gets back to me in a timely manner, even 8 months after I first reached out! I 100% trust her opinion & advice, and am so thankful I have her to turn to in times of need. I said it before and I’ll say it again - Maria & Phil have truly saved our fur babies lives! So before you even think about giving up on yours, contact the PH&NC. It’s the best decision we ever made! Thanks so much for everything Maria & Phil!
Hi there. Just want to thank Pet Health and Nutrition Center for the life saving products that you guys have. Carmella has terrible IBD and the products I use from you guys are the only thing that have given us any results. We use the daily multi plus, repair and strengthen, and seaweed calcium. Recently added liver tonic and have previously used the bioprep f3. We are so happy and grateful for you guys. I've come so close to losing Carmella to this disease and these products are the only thing that have her stabilized. Pet Health and Nutrition Center is the only place I trust after all we've been through with Carmella's IBD and as I said it's the only regmien that has not only shown us results but continued success so thank you guys so very much for being so great!!
We are in 8 weeks now after diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy in a relatively young American Pitbull Terrier. Max is doing much better with the Core recommendation package. We took him off all medication prescribed by my vet which included NSAIDs, pain meds, muscle relaxers and even antacids. It was like he woke up again, his coat is shinny, he is playing and walking, able to stand for longer until he starts going down on his hind legs. We are so glad we found this page and started him on this protocol. Thank you.
I cannot rave about Maria enough to anybody that will listen. 2 of my shepherds are alive, and healthy, thanks to her. My one boy is DM (DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY) affected, and the symptoms showed up earlier than normal for him. I put him on supplements from here, switched him and my other 2 to a raw diet at her recommendation, stopped over vaccinating, stopped using flea and tick poisons on them, and 20 months later, he is still up and walking. It has been 20 months, and we are keeping it at bay.!!! Thank GOD ! My other was a rescue at 5 months, and had giardia, low blood sugar issues, extremely thin, and a bad case of CANDIDA all over his skin. His hair was falling out by the chunks, he had red itchy spots all over... I put him on all the things she recommended, changed him to raw diet, and I am happy to say he is 100 pounds of GORGEOUS ! She will ALWAYS be my go to person for whatever comes our way down the road. I am a client for life. !!!
I have been very grateful for the kind, considerate and educated information I have received from Maria and others at Pet Health and Nutrition in the care of my dog Sasha.
Maria has listened and heard me and has given her best information to support Sasha and me. I love my "kids" as we all do so having a more holistic view in conjunction with my vet is extremely important. I work that way in my own health so I am clearly very appreciative of the ongoing support I have received. Thank you.
Yes I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Maria who has been so kind and patient with my sister and me whenever we call with a problem she is never too busy always patient and helpful without us breaking the bank we have between us 4 pets 3rescue cats all with different issues which Maria has been able to help us with and then my baby honey a Havanese dog who’s had bladder stones since she was a puppy had surgery I was told her body makes the stones I’ve been giving her the atilithic liquid one week each month matainece and she is stone free she is now 8 yrs young tried stopping the herbal remedy a couple of times and noticed the stones coming back Maria and her team are truly saving my honeys life after her first surgery before Maria she had a full bladder after one month the vets answer surgery again how many surgery’s could this poor baby have thank you Maria for all you help
Firstly, let me start by saying that this review is LONG Over-due!!!
I have a 5 lb., 13 year old Yorkie named Noisette, who's struggled with numerous health issues all of her life, from Digestive, Pancreatitis, Lyme Disease, UTI's, Ear & Skin Infections, etc.. I found the PH&NC (Maria & Phil) while searching online, desperate for answers, a few years ago. I've contacted Maria MANY times for all sorts of issues. Maria has been an Angel to us!!! She's always returned my (Many) calls & e-mails promptly, & has always taken the time to listen, get to the root cause of the problem, thoroughly explain everything to me, & make suggestions in a non-bias manner. She NEVER tries to "push" sales upon customers. It's been obvious from day one that her passion & true intention is to help & heal the animals!!! She is knowledgeable & Sincere.
Recently, Noisette was diagnosed with CKF, & Maria was who I turned to for advice on how to manage it holistically. We are currently managing her with supplements & tinctures (all suggested by Maria), & Noisette seems to be thriving again!!! I always recommend the PH&NC to anyone & everyone who is seeking to holistically heal or manage any health issues with their pets! I can not THANK Maria & Phil ENOUGH !!!! They have Truly been a Godsend to us!!!
~Holly G (& Noisette)
Hi PHNC wonderful people.. As requested I wrote a review for the thyroid glandular supplement that has made such a huge difference in my dogs health. Thank you again for providing such awesome health products for animals. I just received my order from you guys today and I'm looking forward to using the products to further help my pack. I rescue senior schipperkes and they usually come to me in pretty rough shape. Every dog that I have put on your products shows a marked improvement in health in usually a very short amount of time. I'm so thankful for you guys!!
M. McDonald
Ellie, Chico, Marley, Dartagnan and Perry
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