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My dog tore her CCL last week. This is the second time I have been through this. This time, I started her on a homeopathic remedy and I give her a mixture of: goat yogurt, colostrum, Biopreparation F3, and elk velvet antler, 3 times daily. The improvement in a week is astounding. I am also resting her and doing massage. But she has had almost no inflammation or discomfort.

I know these tears take months to heal but it's the nutrition that is addressing the root of the problem and ensuring proper healing.

Thank you for your passion for animals. And for empowering pet parents with information and nutrition that we can use.
I've been using PH&NC since October of 2018, when I was told my dog would likely not live through the night, and my ONLY chance at saving him was to put this 12lb guy on horrific dangerous chemotherapy drugs, put him through a series of transfusions and have his spleen removed. I'm a former vet tech and veterinary surgical nurse and I knew immediately that was insane. I began researching and created a whole food organic diet tailored to his specific needs and was led here. I CANNOT express enough how much they helped me. Imagine a site which gives you their actual phone number which connects you to actual humans, incredibly knowledgeable and willing to answer questions about YOUR dog... Or sending an email and getting a specific response..
It was like a miracle. Their supplements and advice are the reason this boy, my baby, is not just alive, but thriving, at 12yrs old. I have recommended them to everyone who will listen. I know its expensive. BUT, as expensive as it may be, it costs me less in a year than I spent in the 3 wks of vet care we received before I found them. Do the math. Avoid the drugs. THIS + REAL food is the medicine♡
Our little Jack (Brussels Griffon- 12 years old) started to drag back legs and had 3 seizures. After 3 visits to the vet , steroids and anti-inflammatory prescribed he did not show any improvement and all vet said it could be degenerative myelopathy. I purchased the DM kit about 3 weeks ago and along with that changed his diet to homemade - high protein - low carb food.
Jack still drags his back legs but he is a NEW dog. He is HAPPY , ACTIVE , even tries to jump on us :-) I am thankful to find you!
I am amazed at the difference the supplements and herbal treatments, along with other changes in her diet, have made in my 17-1/2 year-old poodle Gidget. She has had inflammatory bowel issues and skin problems, and both are greatly improved. After her vision problems caused by cataracts worsened, leaving her basically blind as far as I can tell, she went through a decline but once she began to adapt to the blindness, her issues subsided. With Repair and Strengthen and Diarrhea Relief, the diarrhea has greatly subsided. The skin issues are still present but not so prominent as in the past. I don't believe my sweet Gidget would still be here if I had not followed the recommendations I found here. I am so thankful for the prayer I made in mid-July to find a good source to help her. The next site that showed up on the screen was this one. Thank you for the knowledge and care shown here!
I have been given my 2 little yorkies these vitamins for awhile now and I am amazed at what a difference it has on my little guys...It has made an impact on their allergies and their coats are so much healthier looking..
I am so blessed to have found a company that is plant based verses all the fillers that are put in commercial products..
thank you for being the company you are for me and my 4 legged family members...
God bless you all.....
In the spring my dog Corky was diagnosed by his vet with kidney disease. The vet said he had only 30% of his kidney's working. Corky had been having on and off vomiting of white foam, refusing to eat and pain. My niece, Linda has a dog with health issues and recommended I contact Pet Health and Nutrition Center as her dog as done well with his treatments using their recommendations and products. For my Corky I ordered the complete package for kidney disease. Corky has been doing very well with the kidney support supplements. He has not vomited, loves his food and a happy guy! I am so pleased and grateful for the products, the customer support and the fast shipping.
Just wanted to share how pleased I am with the efficacy of the protocol for laryngeal paralysis. My 11-year old male Rhodesian Ridgeback was wheezing and short of breath and the products have made a remarkable difference within a week. He is calm and his breathing pattern is stable. This holistic products are a blessing.
I can’t begin to say enough great things about Maria and Phil. They have truly saved our fur babies lives! We really thought we were going to lose our 14 year old chihuahua Charlie & 12 year old pomeranian back in December of 2018. Both had been diagnosed with IBD a couple years back, and were suffering from flare ups, pancreatitis, and collapsing tracheas. Charlie also has heart disease, while Daniel was diagnosed with thyroid disease. They were both on a TON of Rx meds, and were not looking or feeling very good at all. Both of them were down in weight, on high doses of prednisolone, and were eating very inconsistently. Daniel always had loose stool and Charlie was frequently vomiting. I was desperate to find something that would help make them feel better, and luckily came across the Pet Health & Nutrition Center website. I reached out via email, and Maria got back to me the very next day. She recommended some great supplements and tonics which I immediately got both Charlie & Daniel started on. She even recommended a brand of food that worked for both of them, which was shocking! They have never been on the same food for this long until now! Now both of them are doing better than they have been in years. They eat consistently, have formed stools, no vomiting, and are down to only a couple of necessary Rx meds. I still reach out to Maria anytime I have a question or concern and she always gets back to me in a timely manner, even 8 months after I first reached out! I 100% trust her opinion & advice, and am so thankful I have her to turn to in times of need. I said it before and I’ll say it again - Maria & Phil have truly saved our fur babies lives! So before you even think about giving up on yours, contact the PH&NC. It’s the best decision we ever made! Thanks so much for everything Maria & Phil!
Hi there. Just want to thank Pet Health and Nutrition Center for the life saving products that you guys have. Carmella has terrible IBD and the products I use from you guys are the only thing that have given us any results. We use the daily multi plus, repair and strengthen, and seaweed calcium. Recently added liver tonic and have previously used the bioprep f3. We are so happy and grateful for you guys. I've come so close to losing Carmella to this disease and these products are the only thing that have her stabilized. Pet Health and Nutrition Center is the only place I trust after all we've been through with Carmella's IBD and as I said it's the only regmien that has not only shown us results but continued success so thank you guys so very much for being so great!!
We are in 8 weeks now after diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy in a relatively young American Pitbull Terrier. Max is doing much better with the Core recommendation package. We took him off all medication prescribed by my vet which included NSAIDs, pain meds, muscle relaxers and even antacids. It was like he woke up again, his coat is shinny, he is playing and walking, able to stand for longer until he starts going down on his hind legs. We are so glad we found this page and started him on this protocol. Thank you.
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