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Outstanding !
This is such an amazing story about my 15 ½ year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel – Cooper on this day of January 27, 2021. He was given to me by a friend when he was about 3 years old. So, in July of 2018 I contacted Maria after sending and email. I found them on the internet, how awesome and wonderful. Copper was diagnosis having IBD by my vet. He had fluid around the lungs and in the abdomen, coughing, very weak, anemic, lost 2 pounds in less than 2 weeks, 25 pound dog and his body was destroying red blood cells. He had stopped eating, hard for him to walk and he his hair was thin and lost a lot of it. He was put on several meds at vets for infections he had.
In parallel with what was being done at the vets to save his life Maria had her very detailed plan to make Cooper on the way to recovery. He was put on daily multi plus, diarrhea relief, repair and strengthen and seaweed calcium. I starting cooking food for him and giving him chicken, turkey, eggs, fresh fruits/vegetables after I learned all this information from Maria. No more science diet for Cooper. His body started to heal slowly from having IBD and the red blood cells started healing. His stools started to have some substance to finally being normal. So, his cells were no longer leaking. Whenever he would drink water he would cough, that today is very rare, but does occur. I have been working with Maria and her team for about 2 ½ years. The functional medicine/supplements have been healing his body. Today he is taking about 15 different things but I do not see the pain/fear I saw in his little scared eyes when he was very sick. I have blood work done at my vets ever 6 - 12 months, his heart is clear today, meaning no heart murmurs. He is so happy today. It was such a Gods blessing to watch this little dog gradually be healed in front of my eyes. If it was not for Maria and her team Cooper would not be here today. This testimonial is way overdue. Thanks for all the support and knowledge. I am very gratefull.
I love the wound balm for animals!
I have used it for over 10 years and it’s an amazing product. I had a chicken whose neck was almost taken off by a hawk. No vet would treat her, so I applied the ointment to her( you could see all her ligaments ) well she survived and healed with this amazing balm.
It truly is a miracle balm!
After developing a mild cough over the course of 6-8 months our vet thought our dog may have mild collapsed trachea. Then, after a horrible 2 week constant honking cough following a surgical procedure we were at our wits end and so hopeless after no traditional medications worked. We had successfully used other products from this site before and decided to give the Respiratory Tonic a try. Within 3-4 days the cough VANISHED and our little guy was back to his silly self. We cannot be happier we found this site and will continue to come here for non-invasive solutions!
on May 5, 2020 we celebrated Basilico's "15" Birthday. I can honestly say that had it not been for us connecting in early January and you providing the assessment of what you felt was at the core of his health issues and the recommendations you made that I enthusiastically and in faith implemented, Basilico would not be alive today. This birthday was so JOYFUL considering all that happened prior to us connecting. I promised Basilico that I would move mountains for him when in spirit he told me, he was not ready to leave us. I did not know how but I promised that I would figure it out. You were the answered prayer. Your assessment of his neuromuscular problem that was so severe he could not even stand much less walk and would tremble even in his sleep was spot on. This had been missed by 2 Holistic Vets in the area. You are both immensely knowledgeable in the area of Canine Nutrition and Wellness and gifted and caring beyond words. I will continue to use your supplements and protocols with my Beloved Basilico and the canine clients that I work with.
Having Basilico with my family and I, for more precious time is like a Wish Fulfilled and Joy Unspeakable. I will be forever grateful to you both. Continue your Amazing Work! Blessings to you Both and to Pet Health and Nutrition Center. I hope you enjoy the photos.
Valerie Rosania, ND, CNHP, MS, OTR/L
I have a cat with an inability to properly absorb insulin for an unknown reason...potentially Cushings ...very rare in cats...but no other signs of it at all. Vet said in 40 years never had a case like hers. Anyway it is my belief based on results that this product saved her life when veterinary medicine had no answers. Highly recommend and great service when I had a question.
My 2 years old terrier mix named Charlie got sick all of sudden. We rushed to the vet and found out that he had been infected with Ehrlichia and it caused him to become severely anemic. He was admitted at the vet for an immediate blood transfusion - his Hematocrit levels were at 8% - He stayed at the hospital for 2 weeks and had 3 blood transfusions during this period. After the last transfusion, his numbers (red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets) started to go down again. And after the confirmation that his bone marrow was producing close to no new cells, we'd decided that we were bringing him home, so he could be comfortable and surrounded by all the love. It was devastating to leave the vet with information about how he would pass away, euthanasia and cremation - I just couldn't believe that the handsome boy we had rescued a little over a year ago was going to die just like that. Once home, I researched all the alternatives to try to save my baby. That was when I stumble into this website and send an email to Maria. She guided me to get the complete treatment for IMHA. Charlie started taking the supplements right away, along with his steroids and antibiotics and a special diet (and lots and lots of love). After a few weeks, his numbers started to stabilize - we even got a little drop but nothing like it was before - and finally, his numbers were increasing, little by little. It took awhile, but today (7 months later) Charlie's numbers are thriving! He has reached the normal levels and my baby is not anemic anymore. His platelets were at 13 at one point and now are at 218.
We had many vets saying that Charlie wouldn't make it. So if you are here in a similar situation as I was, PLEASE TRY the products! It worked for us, it will probably work for you too.
I am forever grateful to God for putting this company and Maria in my path. Thank you for helping to save Charlie!
My bernese has kidney issues diagnosed through bloodwork and ultrasound. She had progressed to stage 2... I saw your kidney tonic and have been using for about 6 months. She had recent bloodwork and her numbers were all WNL! We will be continuing this product for sure...she will be 6 this fall.
Thank you!! Your products have helped our dog immensely! Our dog has kidney disease and laryngeal paralysis as well as nerve issues in her back. We know your products have extended our dog’s life and have given her a greater quality of life.
My dog tore her CCL last week. This is the second time I have been through this. This time, I started her on a homeopathic remedy and I give her a mixture of: goat yogurt, colostrum, Biopreparation F3, and elk velvet antler, 3 times daily. The improvement in a week is astounding. I am also resting her and doing massage. But she has had almost no inflammation or discomfort.

I know these tears take months to heal but it's the nutrition that is addressing the root of the problem and ensuring proper healing.

Thank you for your passion for animals. And for empowering pet parents with information and nutrition that we can use.
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