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Buck Mountain Botanicals Milk Thistle


Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Milk Thistle contains silymarin that acts to promote the health of your dog or cat's liver. Organic milk thistle offers well known protection against hepatotoxins and is most popular for its ability to stimulate production of new liver cells to replace damaged ones. Milk Thistle has a long history of successful use for:

  • liver detoxification

  • blood cleansing and immunomodulation

  • lipid and biliary effects

  • Cirrhosis of the liver (but not in decompensated cirrhosis)

  • Amanita mushroom poisoning

  • hepatitis

  • High liver enzymes which very well may be the result of one of the above

Buck Mountain Botanicals Milk Thistle Benefits

  • A natural, holistic remedy that offers well known protection against hepatotoxins and is most popular for its ability to stimulate production of new liver cells

  • Formulated with organic herbs

  • A long history of safe and effective use

Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Milk Thistle Details

Available in 70ct 400 mg capsules

Buck Mountain Botanicals Ingredients

Ground organic milk thistle seed

Organic Milk Thistle Suggested Dosage

1 gram orally for every 100lbs for carnivores

* Oral dosages as given are for carnivores by body weight. It is advised to dose low initially and adjust upwards as the circumstances direct. May be used as a cleanse or liver tonic for two weeks or so at the start of every season.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Milk Thistle Contraindications

Milk thistle is regarded as nontoxic (GRAS). Contraindicated during pregnancy. May depress liver function if used for extended periods of time on a healthy liver.

Appears to be good quality and buck mountain provides fast, well packed shipments. Will continue to order.
Happy to say PO is still with us!! A little over two years ago she was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. With homeopathic treatments it has been miracle that she has never yet had a bad day. We have used Buck Mountain Milk Thistle since June of 2011. It's a great product and thank you for the quick and easy service!
My toy poodle, Teddy has had seizures for most of his 12 years. He was on phenobarbital for about 8 years, when my former vet took him off it and started using potassium bromide instead. I could see that Teddy's liver was enlarged. At that time she also introduced me to Buck Mountain Milk Thistle, to help correct the condition of his liver. It has improved and when I was close to running out of the product, I told my new vet that I needed more. He said, "his liver values are OK, try going without the Milk Thistle". I didn't like the sound of that and thought, I'll try to get this product myself. Why tamper with success? I'm so happy I found your website and can order your products directly. Teddy will continue to use the Milk Thistle, and if there is anything else I think he needs, I will order it through your company. Thank you.
Just started giving this to my PO girl this week. She has liver cancer and this milk Thistle was recommended by a renowned homepathic vet hospital in NY. Since it has no synthetics in it. i am confident with this product and the long distance treatments from this hospital that PO will have chance of survival after all. Great service and super fast delivery!!
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