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BioPreparation is a microalgae supplement for dogs and cats FAR superior to ordinary synthesized vitamin supplements! Biopreparation F2 Core & F3 Forte are the original nutritional formulas for pets with over 20 years of research, development and testing on over 20 different animal species. An all-natural, whole food supplement created with four of the most nutrient dense algae found on earth, BioPreparation is grown in a controlled, organic, hydroponic environment using mineral rich volcanic thermal fluid as the water source. This controlled hydroponic environment maximizes the nutritional value while virtually eliminating contaminants. Very different when compared to ordinary pond grown spirulina supplements (FYI - organic spirulina supplements have the same amount of heavy metal contaminants as regular spirulina!). Because Biopreparation is a blend of four algae species, this amazing microalgae supplement provides balanced and synergistic whole food nutrition and powerful healing effects for animals.



BioPreparation's thousands of nutrients occur in their pristine natural form that an animal's body recognizes (unlike synthetic vitamins!). BioPreparation is a Whole Food breakthrough in holistic pet nutrition with over 5,000 naturally occurring nutrients!

Led by Professor Michael Kiriac, PhD., N.D., the Science Academy of the former Soviet Union deployed over a thousand person-years of intensive research efforts to produce bio-algae concentrates that hold extraordinary nutritional properties. Consisting of blends of the best algae from over 35,000 available on earth, these concentrates have been clinically proven and used in animal and human applications for over 20 years.

The BioPreparation and BioSuperfood formulas are certified under the Health Canada Natural Product program. The algae in these formulas are nurtured and harvested in a hydroponic pure environment, protected from pollutants, free of herbicides and pesticides, and blended, encapsulated and bottled under strict quality control. The algae are protected with a proprietary freeze-drying technology that preserves the nutrients 100%.

  • The Formulas are kosher and vegan

  • Protected from pollutants

  • Guaranteed free of herbicides and pesticides

  • The formulas are certified under Health Canada Natural Product

BioPreparation Formula F2+ Core

BioPreparation formula F2+ Core is suggested for general nutritional support of the immune system and as a replacement for some supplements and vitamins; it is also recommended for increased vitality, strength and endurance for general activity. Note: this formula was the original formulation developed for animal research in Russia.

Possible benefits

  • Healthier teeth, skin, coat, nails and hair

  • Natural, safe and simple anti-aging

  • Muscle mass gains remain longer

  • Increased endurance and stamina

  • Faster recovery from exertion

  • Balanced blood-sugar levels

  • Overall biochemical balance

  • Natural energy boost

  • Boosted immunity and free-radical shield

  • Increased protection and prevention

BioPreparation Formula F3+ Forte

BioPreparation formula F3+ Forte offers advanced nutritional support for the immune system and increased vitality for healthy aging; it is also recommended as a replacement for some supplements and vitamins.

  Possible benefits

  • All the benefits from Formula F2+ plus:

  • Advanced protection and prevention

  • Reduced inflammation and faster recovery time

  • Restored overall biochemical balance

  • Natural long-lasting energy boost

  • Increased metabolic recuperation and regeneration

  • Powerful immune system support

How BioPreparation Works

As per Hippocrate's advice: "let thy food be thy medicine", good foods have the potential to nourish and heal. For this healing to be a reality, the nutrients in our food must be absorbed within our cells in sufficient quantities. With poor food choices, aging, and other metabolic deficiencies, this absorption becomes quite inefficient and cellular disease takes over. Due to its extraordinary broad nutrient content and bioavailability, BioPreparation's nourishing potential is much higher than that of ordinary foods and other supplements. In addition this formula has a dramatic effect on the brain! Specifically the hypothalamus and pineal glands that are responsible for the regulation of all physiological metabolisms. This includes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular system and the digestive system. This is where all healing and systemic maintenance and repair begins and this is why BioPreparation can have such a powerful effect on your pet's health!

BioPreparation Benefits

  • Contains Over 4,000 Enzymes

    Cooked food (canned and dry kibble) lacks enzymes because heat kills live enzymes. Your animals need enzymes daily to digest foods. Feeding your pet processed foods every day leads to depletion of live enzymes. Without enzymes pets age faster and are plagued with degenerative diseases such as arthritis, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, etc.

  • Formulated by Nature

    To get required nutrients, animals in the wild instinctively consume algae when they drink from natural water sources (e.g. pond or stream). Our domesticated pets, fed processed foods and tap water, do not get algae and therefore are deficient in many nutrients like: protein, enzymes, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Feeding BP to our animal companions provides them the daily essential nutrients they need in the natural form and dosage that nature intended.

  • BioPreparation is a Whole Food Supplement

    BioPreparation is a whole food supplement that is safe, naturally occurring, balanced and complete with thousands of natural enzymes in a form easily assimilated by your animal's body unlike most isolated or synthetic compounds found in other supplements. BioPreparation is not, and far from, a conglomeration of separate, isolated vitamins and minerals or extracted and concentrated ingredients bound together and compressed with fillers into a pill.

  • Superior Immune System Support

    Poor immune system, degenerative conditions and diseases, and a shorter life span are all indications of sub-standard nutritional diets (dry kibbles and canned food). BP helps give back to your pets the health nature intended them to have.

  • The microalgae in BioPreparation formulas are nurtured and harvested in a controlled hydroponic environment, protected from pollutants and guaranteed free of herbicides and pesticides. They are further blended, encapsulated and bottled under strict quality control. The nutrients are protected with advanced freeze-drying technology that preserves 100% of the nutrients for many years.

  • The formulas are Kosher and Vegan.

BioPreparation Details

Available in a container with 60 capsules.

BioPreparation is a special blend of microalgae, the oldest form of food on the planet. Fossils exist of cyanobacteria blue-green algae that are over 3.5 billion years old. There are over 70,000 algae species or types of algae in the world. Some are magnificent whole foods such as spirulina and dunaliella as contained in BioPreparation.

There are thousands of known nutrients in BioPreparation, and many unknown
BioPreparation is a blend of four whole microalgae (whole as in whole food), each containing thousands of nutrients that are seen under the microscope or detected with the latest laboratory equipment. As with some fruits and vegetables, in BioPreparation's microalgae, there are hundreds and possibly thousands more phytonutrients that are too small to be seen with their current microscopes and technologies, but that will be identified in the years to come. For example a few decades ago they identified lycopene in tomatoes even though it had been present in tomatoes for thousands of years.

Nutrient Profile

    • Complete Protein Makeup

The algae in these blends have minimal cellulose in their cell walls, being composed of soft mucopolysaccharides. Their proteins are 85% to 95% digestible, far more than meat and fish (15-25%), soybeans (35%), dried milk (35%), peanuts (25%), eggs (12%), grains (8-14%) or whole milk (3%). This high digestibility rate is especially important for animals and people suffering from intestinal malabsorption problems which is very common nowadays. The elderly have even more difficulty digesting complex proteins, and many are on restricted diets.

    • Amino Acids

Contains 20 amino acids; all eight to ten essential and 12 non-essential amino acids in high availability or non limiting form.

    • A Complete Range of Naturally Occurring Vitamins

These formulas contain the array of vitamins that most living beings need to carry on metabolic processes. Not only do they contain all vitamins, including a full Vitamin B Complex, vitamins A, D, K, E & C, BUT also contain all co-dependent nutrients for these vitamins to be functional and active for proper assimilation.

    • Minerals

There are more then 100 dietary minerals and trace elements detected in each of these formulas. But when using specific element analysis, some amount of all known dietary minerals can be detected! Minerals are constituents of the bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscle, blood, and nerve cells. They are vital to overall mental and physical well-being. Minerals act as catalysts for many biological reactions within the body, including, muscle response, the transmission of messages through the nervous system, and the utilization of nutrients in food.

    • Trace Elements

Contain some amount of all known trace elements occurring in a most animal/human friendly form, that is naturally occurring from the plant kingdom. In biochemistry, a trace element is a chemical element that is needed in minute quantities for the proper growth, development, and physiology of the organism. For this reason, in biochemistry they are also called micro nutrients.

    • Enzymes

These formulas contain thousands of enzymes! We believe that no other food or combination of foods contains so many naturally occurring enzymes. Some of these enzymes are critically important for health, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is an iron-containing enzyme that supports important body-cell processes and also protects the cells from free radicals. Enzymes are specialized protein molecules facilitating most of the body's metabolic processes - such as, supplying energy, digesting foods, purifying your blood, ridding the body of waste products etc.

    • Fatty Acids

Contain Omega 3, 6, 9, GLA and several more including some yet undocumented or undiscovered. Most of us think of fatty acids as oils coming from fish or seeds. You will be happy to learn that these formulas are a rich source and especially high in GLA, which is a critical nutrient that is universally lacking in the American diet.

    • Chlorophyll

Spirulina in these formulas is one of the richest sources of chlorophyll with a perfect balance of magnesium. All plants, algae, and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) which photosynthesize, contain chlorophyll usually with the proper balance levels of magnesium required for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is sometimes called "green blood" because of its similarity to the hemoglobin molecule found in human blood cells. In fact, both are constructed of almost identical molecular structure called pyrrole rings, and both substances are chemically known as "porphyrin pigments" by scientists. In addition, there's nothing more supportive to cleansing than chlorophyll. And people who follow Western diets (high in processed foods and animal foods) are in desperate need of cleansing.

    • Polysaccharides

The algae found in these formulas have unique cell wall made of complex polysaccharides, which have been shown to stimulate interferon production and exhibit strong anti-tumor activity in a series of studies conducted over the last several decades.

    • Phytonutrients

These formulas with their mix of blue-green, brown and red microalgae contain thousands of phytochemicals and colorful pigments making up the entire color spectrum found in nature from blue to green and red. We know today that the principal nutrients for prevention of cancers are found in colorful fruits and vegetables (American Cancer Society). Those nutrients are the mixed of phytonutrients such as antioxidants, carotenoids, chlorophils and other compounds found in those fruits and vegetables and especially concentrated in BioPreparation and BioSuperfood formulas.

    • Antioxidants

Contain extraordinary antioxidant compounds and especially those like alpha-carotene and beta-carotene known as "pro-pro vitamin A" for their capacity to not only traverse cell membrane but to span across the cell membrane. An antioxidant is a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons from a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals, which start chain reactions that damage cells. Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit other oxidation reactions by being oxidized themselves.

    • Carotenoids

These formulas contain an extraordinary number of yellow/orange pigments called carotenoids. Carotenoids are organic pigments that are naturally occurring in plants and some other photosynthetic organisms like algae, some types of fungus and some bacteria. The extraordinary amounts of carotenoids and several lesser pigments such as phycoerythrin, tetrapyrrole, and phytonadione found in these algae are not just the "color" of living organisms, but are used to carry on metabolic processes throughout the body. Without them, enzymatic reactions would be reduced until cellular disintegration occurred.

Spirulina Algae in Biopreparation

Spirulina for its large protein and mineral values

These formulas contain two species of Spirulina; Spirulina Platensis and Spirulina Pacifica.  Spirulinas are blue green micro-algae, unseen to the naked eye, usually grown in warm and brackish water. It contains between 60 to 70% complete and highly digestible proteins. Its protein makeup contains 18 to 22 amino acids, including all the 8 essential amino acids. Spirulina is a rich source of vitamins A, B, E, H, and of thousands of enzymes, dozens of minerals and trace elements, and chlorophyll.

It is also one of the best sources of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) – an essential fatty acid necessary for tissue growth and regeneration. Due to its soft cell wall all of Spirulina’s nutrients are easily assimilated.

Dunaliella Salina Algae in Biopreparation

Dunaliella Salina for its extraordinary mix of carotenoids

Dunaliella Salina is a single celled, salt-water micro-algae that under appropriate growth conditions can accumulate large amounts of beta-carotene and other carotenoids. Dunaliella contains other carotenoids such as alpha carotene and xanthophylls like zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin and lutein. It also accumulates very high concentrations of glycerol.

High concentrations of beta-carotene and glycerol offer Dunaliella protection from the saline conditions and osmotic pressure of the environment where it lives. Natural mixed carotenoids found in Dunaliella salina are among nature's best antioxidants.



Haematococcus Pluvialis Algae in Biopreparation

Haematococcus Pluvialis for its high content in astaxanthin

Haematococcus Pluvialis is the world's highest source of astaxanthin, a unique natural carotenoid pigment and an extremely powerful biological antioxidant. A growing body of scientific literature shows that natural astaxanthin surpasses by far the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C and vitamin E.

Astaxanthin holds superior antioxidant activity and has an ability to support and maintain natural inflammatory response. Additionally, scientific research has proven that astaxanthin is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and the central nervous system better than many other antioxidants.


Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Gelatin, Water and Glycerin. Please notice that there are none of the usual synthetic additives found in most other capsules and tablets.

These usage guidelines have been composed based on information gathered from years of empirical research conducted or managed by Dr. Michael Kiriac in the U.S.S.R. from the years 1973 to 1996, from use and research conducted in Canada since 1996, and more recently from input of practitioners and customers both in Canada and in the U.S.A. about their usage of BioPreparation with animals.

Holistic Usage

If one wants to use BP as per Hippocrates’ advice “Let thy food be thy medicine”, then one must let go the palliative mindset (a specific remedy for a specific symptom) in favor of the holistic approach (remedy aimed at the whole of health and the root cause of the symptom). Transitioning from our palliative training to the holistic one involves faith, trust, wisdom and experience. Faith and trust are innate while wisdom and experience are acquired. The holistic approach in the context of BP means that you are going to nourish the body a certain quantity of BP in order to derive whole body benefits which include energy, growth, repair, cleansing, protection and regeneration or cell splitting.

With food “no one food or quantity of a food fits all”, and as per any other diet or nutritional program, flexibility and respect of individual biochemistry is recommended. In general, for health maintenance and prevention, one can feed an average size pet anywhere from a pinch up to 3 capsules per day (of a single formula or a mix of formulas) depending on the animal specie, its size and several factors and on each animal case by case:

  • selected nutritional support program objectives and goals – i.e. nutrition, remedial, performance

  • animal unique biochemistry, adaptation and sensitivity

  • other program underway (medication, supplements, etc)

  • may vary based on need (or not) for speed

  • multiple parallel objectives

For more advanced nutraceutic use, you may contact us for suggestions.

Selection of formula(s) and quantity of capsules/amount per day

The first thing to consider when using BP is that “you have to eat some to derive benefits”. BP is a micro food with mega nutrients which delivers more or less nutritional results and benefits base on the quantity consumed. There are two BP formulas, and each one contains the four algae and their thousands of nutrients occurring in different proportion or distribution. Due to these differences, each formula results in nutraceutical value and beneficial effects.

General Suggestions

  • Even when there is more than one Formula to give, as much as possible, feed no more then one capsule at a time, scheduled every few hours starting first thing in the morning until reaching the total capsules for the day. For larger animals like a horse or cow, it is OK to give two capsules at one time.

  • When 2 formulas are suggested, alternate each formula. When the total capsules for one formula are finished, continue with the remaining capsules for the second formula.

  • Though not required, you may feed capsules alongside meals or snacks.

  • Water is important for animals eating BP. Use filtered water without chloride. It is important to ensure the animal drinks plenty of water as to avoid dehydration. In some instances, to accomplish this, one can sprinkle a small amount of sea salt on their food to make them thirsty or add lots of water to their food and monitor their water intake.

  • Avoid commercial dry foods; look for fresh wet and raw real meat.

  • For pets, feed the animal at least 50% of raw foods

  • Feed the animal with organic food as much as possible

  • Where appropriate, exercise the animal frequently.

  • Allow the animal to be in the sun daily 30 to 60 minutes - early morning and late afternoon.

  • Modifications to program due to reactions are normal and can be different for every animal and condition.

  • Mix BP powder well with food/feed or feed directly, but make certain it is ingested.

  • For high performance goals, degenerative conditions, injuries and other health issues: Augment the number of capsules as well as introduce F3+ when required. A protocol for these goals, objectives and conditions can be obtained from your professional that introduced BP.

Durations of Use

Duration of use may vary depending on specifics and conditions, frailty or other issues with each animal. Generally, degenerative conditions that took years to settle in will require between 3 to 6 months of the initial program suggested. Following the initial program, a lifetime maintenance program of at least a pinch (for very small) to 1 capsule of F2+ per day will be recommended. Often with nutritional supplements, one may observe early results or no results, and decide to stop the program prior to achieving the desired results. It is recommended to follow through with the program until the goals are achieved.

Adaptation Mode

Because of the nutraceutical benefits of the products, as with any dietary changes, it is suggested to start giving the product gradually to allow nutritional changes to take place gradually within the body and be well received by the animal. Select from the Adaptation Modes below the appropriate mode based on the health condition and/or desired goal for the animal.

Start with one dose per day of each suggested formula; increase the dose for each suggested formula every two (2) to three (3) days until you reach the suggested total dosage per day.

Slow - Start giving 1 dose per day of each suggested formula; increase the dose of each formula suggested every four (4) to six (6) days until you reach the suggested total dosage per day.


With condition of high blood pressure, brain injury, thyroid condition, pregnancy, fragile intestine and any other serious or fragile health condition, it is important to start the program in Slow mode.


BP is micro-food and will combine well with other vitamins, herbs, greenfood and diets. There are no known contra-indication with drugs.

Suggestion of Usage by Species

Maintenance: 1/3 to 1 capsules of F2+ between 1 to 3 times per day.
Advanced: 1/3 to 1 capsules of F3+ between 1 to 3 times per day.

Maintenance: 1/3 to 1 capsules of F2+ between 1 to 2 times per day.
Advanced: 1/3 to 1 capsules of F3+ between 1 to 3 times per day.

Cow and beef
Maintenance: 1 capsule of F2+ two to three times per day.
Advanced: 1 capsule of F3+ one to two times per day.
Note: Dairy cows protein feed will need to be reduced by ~1.25 lb gradually over the first four weeks.

Horse and Pony
Adaptation: 1 capsule each of F2+ and F3+ twice per day for two weeks.
Maintenance: 1 to 2 capsules of F2+ twice per day.

Goat and Sheep
Maintenance: 2 capsules of F2+ per day - one AM and one PM

Maintenance: 3-4 capsules F2+ per 1.5 kg of feed. First mix well 2 capsules with two handfuls of feed, then mix well the resulting two handfuls feed with ¼ of the remaining feed, and then mix well this resulting feed with the balance of the feed.
Notes: A 20% productivity increased was observed in the poultry at the Moldavian research center, with better essential amino acids, albumin and fat content, reduction of diseases and mortality while not using antibiotics, resulting in healthier and better tasting meat. BP helps with the essential assimilation of calcium so important for the bone mass and the egg shell, while allowing for larger eggs.

Ferret, Mink, Rabbitt
Maintenance: 1/3 capsules of F2+ three to four times per day

Maintenance: a pinch to 1/3 capsules of F2+ twice per day - one AM and one PM

Bird (small birds)
Maintenance: 1 capsule F2+ mixed to one day feed for 10 small birds
Note: Mix well with feed, to avoid loss of product.

Fish (small pet fishes)
Maintenance: a pinch to 1/2 capsule F2+ in water to feed up to 50 small fishes per day.

After a day or two, animals will get used to the smell and taste of BP and instinctively will look for the algae powder in their food.

Why is this one of your favorite products?

This is a favorite product of ours for two reasons. The first is that both BioPreparation and BioSuperfood adhere to the basic principle that pure, natural, whole food nutrition is the best way to attain wellness and longevity and this directly correlates with our beliefs. The second is that we have witnessed first hand the powerful, healing effects these bio-algae concentrates can have on people and animals.

What is the difference between these formulas and the many synthetic nutritional formulas found on the market today?

BioPreparation and BioSuperfood are composed of whole, organic water plants that have thousands of both discovered and undiscovered nutrients. These nutrients are fully assimilated by the body without causing toxicity or digestive burden. Often, only a fraction of the content of "health food vitamins" are actually absorbed by the body. Additionally, man-made supplements only contain what the formulators choose to include and this can lead to deficiencies, or worse yet toxicity issues, especially when mixing with other supplements.

How are these formulas different from other brands of algae?

BioPreparation and BioSuperfood contain the micro-algae Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Platensis, Dunaliella and Haematoccocus for its high concentration of the carotenoid Astaxanthin. You can be assured that these bio-algae concentrates never contain any toxic or contaminated algae since they are grown in controlled bioreactors and not in the wild. Everything from the selection of light, heat, water and nutrients is done under the supervision of Dr Kiriac.

From over 20 years of research, the formulator, Dr. Michael Kiriac, has learned that specific light, heat and water conditions are necessary to maximize the nutrients of algae. The concentration of nutrients in these formulas far exceeds that of any other single or mixed algae. This level of technology and purity is the principal reason why these formulas are a breed apart in the algae market. Dr Kiriac's algae are more "nutraceutical" than any other algae and have a much greater potential to awaken the body's own natural ability to heal.

Are the BioPreparation and BioSuperfood Formulas considered a raw food?

Yes, they contain 100% raw ingredients in their natural, unrefined state.

How much BioPreparation should be consumed each day?

See the Instructions Tab for detailed guidelines. This is dependent on needs, goals and budget. In my case I give my cat 1/4 BioPreparation F2 capsule mixed in with each meal and my dogs (weighing between 35 and 50 lbs) get one F2 capsule mixed in with each meal. They are all healthy so my supplementation goal is for anti-aging and disease prevention.

How much BioSuperfood should be consumed each day?

For most people, we recommend starting with one or two capsules per day, increasing to six per day. Follow the directions on the bottle, work your way up at your own pace and also trust your intuition. No two people are alike. For example I personally take 6 BioSuperfood capsules each day. I take three F3 and three F2 spread evenly throughout the day. So it is very much dependent on your personal needs, goals and budget. My goal is antioxidant protection for anti-aging and disease prevention. I include the F3 in my diet for the extra antioxidant protection. However, you could just as easily take six f2 per day or just one or two for that matter. There are some people I know who suffer from severe imbalances, acidosis and/or Candidiasis. They can feel effects such as dehydration and other symptoms when taking BioSuperfood. They may have to start with only 1/4 capsule at a time for days or weeks until their body begins to adapt and rebalance.

What is the difference between BioPreparation and BioSuperfood?

The BioSuperfood formulas are specifically designed for humans, though as with other earthly foods, our animal companions can also consume them. The BioSuperfood formulas have the same nutritional makeup as the BioPreparation formulas, except that they are freeze dried at a less cold temperature in order to achieve a slightly coarser powder. This was done to adjust uptake assimilation for humans as we have longer digestive tracks, unlike dogs and cats that have very short digestive tracks.

The BioPreparation formulas were originally designed for animals, though as with other earthly foods, we humans can also consume them. BioPreparation has the same nutritional makeup as BioSuperfood, except that is freeze dried at a colder temperature in order to achieve a slightly finer powder. This was done to increase uptake assimilation for the shorter digestive tracks of animals like dogs and cats.

What is the difference between formulas F1, F2 and F3?

The BioSuperfood nutritional formulas F1, F2, F3, and BioPreparation formulas F2+ and F3+ were developed in order to accommodate individual biochemistry. No two people or animals are alike. For example, a developing child has a different health state and different resilience, immunity and nutritional needs than; an adult, an athlete, a vegan, or someone with a severe degenerative condition.

All of the formulas contain some amount of the green algae Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Platensis, and of the red algae Dunaliella and Haematoccocus Pluvialis. Together these algae provide thousands of nutrients with proportioned nutritional and protectional values. The green algae contain a broad spectrum of proteins, minerals and chlorophyll that have great nutritional value, while the red algae contain a large amount of mixed carotenoids / antioxidants, phytonutrients and fatty acids that have much higher protectional values and a greater ability to cross the brain barrier and thereby nourish and protect the hypothalamus-pituitary axis.

Due to an increasingly larger amount of red algae from F1 to F2 to F3, the formulas increase in brain reaching nutritional and protectional efficiencies. This is due to the fact that red algae contain more carotenoids and fatty acids that can efficiently cross the blood brain barrier and the blood iris barrier.

When will I notice a difference after using these formulas?

The beneficial effects of consuming BioPreparation or BioSuperfood can be experienced within hours of consumption, while the more subtle benefits work to provide long-term protection and well-being. Some people may experience noticeable changes within a few weeks of use - others may notice differences right away or, conversely, notice no effect whatsoever.

While the benefits of consuming these formulas may not always be tangible, there is no doubt that their nutrients are working at the cellular level throughout your, or your pet's, entire body. As with any other health pursuit, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to reap more of the full, long-term benefits of these micro-algae formulas.

I experienced tiredness and a headache after taking one of these formulas. Why is that?

It is normal when first starting to take one of these formulas that some people, or animals, may experience symptoms of detoxification, which may include a low grade headache and tiredness. These symptoms are the body's way of releasing toxins. These micro-algae formulas contain an abundant amount of chlorophyll which helps to rid the body of toxins. It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help flush out any toxins and prevent symptoms of detoxification.

When is the best time to take this supplement?

For maximum results, we recommend that you take one capsule of BioSuperood at a time starting first thing in the morning and continue taking one capsule at 3 to 6 regular intervals throughout the day preferably on an empty stomach before meals. For your pet you may provide BioPreparation in a small amount of almond butter, yogurt or soft food and/or mix in with meals.

Some algae can contain toxic levels of mercury. How do you know these formulas don't?

Both BioPreparation and BioSuperfood are certified by Health Canada for their purity and exact content. Health Canada imposes that each lot is analyzed for its nutrient content and verified for heavy metals and other pollutants.

There are over 25,000 different species of algae in the world. Most are found growing in the wild and some beneficial to all living creatures are cultivated by man for consumption; unfortunately many are toxic to some degree due to their habitats or pollutants.

In order to avoid airborne pollution including sun ultra violet damage, the sensitive algae in these micro-algae supplements are grown in covered facilities called bioreactors where temperature, turbulence and light can be controlled and enhanced. And to further avoid toxicities from oceans, lakes, or open lagoons, pure and mineral rich water is obtained from geysers stemming from two thousand feet below a Siberian volcanic peninsula. The algae are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and without antibiotics, growth hormones or any additives.


Our High Potency Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Formula has been created specifically for dogs and cats. It is formulated with higher amounts of the enzymes and probiotics needed to help your animals properly digest raw food, kibble, canned and home-prepared diets. This is a superior enzyme formula with 13 specialized enzyme strains and the addition of 5 billion CFU per gram of 13 species of beneficial bacteria.

Our Daily Multi Plus is a premier supplement for dogs and cats featuring organic, whole food nutrition. This 3-supplements-in-1 formula was created in response to our clients’ requests to simplify their animal’s supplement regimen and is sure to exceed even the most demanding pet parent’s expectations! By providing just this one nutritional supplement to your dog or cat you will be supplying an amazing array of both important functional nutrients and amazing antiaging and antioxidant superfoods.


Elk Velvet Antler with Glucosamine Sulfate blends pharmaceutical grade glucosamine sulfate with elk velvet antler. We have created this joint supplement blend for those wishing to use elk velvet antler for their dog or cat but for budgetary reasons needed a more affordable alternative.


Our Colostrum Powder for dogs and cats is the finest 100% human-grade colostrum available for your animal. Certified True Colostrum by Cornell University, it is 6-hour, first-milking colostrum and is tested ORGANIC free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and steroids.

Follow the links below to view Natural Pet Health Protocols in which this product is included. We have created these protocols using our years of experience working with dogs and cats. Protocols are a group of supplements that work together to help support weak organs and glands and improve overall health. They can be very powerful at solving many pet health complaints and often result in true healing. We feel they are a much better alternative to medications that basically just suppress symptoms and often have many serious side-effects. There may be a time and place for prescription drugs, however we feel that time is after a safer and more natural approach has been tried.



Autoimmune Conditions



Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Skin Conditions

Urinary Tract Infection

This formula is WONDERFUL. No more bad doggie breath and it's because it cleans her teeth and gums at the deepest level, holistically within her system.
Her breath smelled great after one week!
My little fur girl became very ill in May of 2018, she was diagnosed with IMHA and a red blood cell count of 12. A "specialist" told me she should be put down. After hours and days of desperate searching about this disease and treatment, I was loosing hope. I came across The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and their recommendation for Chlor Oxygen and BioPreparation to combat this terrible disease. I spoke with Maria who took the time to converse with me at great length, with great compassion and empathy. My poor girl was on a multitude of harsh drugs prescribed by the vet, 3 different immune suppressants, steroids, antacids and many many more. She was 12 lbs. and taking more drugs than a grown man could or should. The cure seemed almost worse than the disease. After starting the BioPreparation regiment she started to make gradual improvements and soon was off all the drugs with red blood cell counts between 45 & 50! It's 2 years since she was diagnosed, she is doing great and I will continue her dosage because I truly believe it saved her life and is keeping her healthy. Zoey and I thank you for helping her survive this deadly disease. God bless!
My nearly 17-year-old kitty has had several issues as of late. A chronic sinus condition that nothing seems to help, a slight arthritic limp, loss of appetite, frequent vomiting, what seems like the beginning of kidney disease, waning appetite, and just not feeling like her old self. She was at the point where we began discussing euthanizing her. But after just a couple of days on BioPrep3, along with colostrum, kidney tonic, kidney glandular, and whole body tonic, she is back to eating, drinking, urinating normally, her fur looks and feels great, she's not limping, her eyes are bright, she hasn't vomited once since she's been on these products, she is quite active, goes up and down stairs, jumps up on the bed and furniture, climbs a ladder, and purrs so loud you can hear her from across the room. Her sinus condition seems to be lessened as well. I cannot thank Maria and Phil enough. You are both life savers.
My little dog Sugarpie was diagnosed with IMHA 3 years ago and after 3 blood transfusions and $7000.00
Later the animal hospital sent her home to die. After much research on line I discovered F3 and started syringing it every few hours to her. After a week my husband had me take her in to get her blood work checked and she was up to 40!! (She went into hospital at 6)
The vet couldn’t believe it!!

My precious doggie Molly was diagnosed with imha, rbc 19%.
The vet started her on steroids, after a week her rbc was 13%. They advised a blood transfusion or start thinking about euthanazia. I was devastated. I stopped all drugs, as the side effects were killing her and it wasnt effectively supressing her immune system anyway. I decided against the blood transfusion as I believe the stress would have made it worse. I started bioprep f3. Everyday she continued to get better and by a week later she was just about back to her spunky self again! I gave her 3 capsules a day. When she wasnt eating I used the syringe to squirt it in her mouth. She now likes it and simply licks it out of the bowl. Bioprep f3 saved my baby's life!
Thank you Maria.
I received the BioPrep. late yesterday and started using it today. I started at 7 am giving my dog a total of 1 1/2 capsules by afternoon. I had my dog Mikey sitting on my lap. What happened next is shocking. I started feeling his body getting warm under his stomach within an hour 1/2 after the first dose. I started to notice all the pale color gone from his ears, and he started to gain his pink color back. My wife said how could that be so soon. I told her to take a look. Before taking the product his ears and gums were pale from the anemia. After giving him only 1 1/2 capsule he is now playing again like he used to. I cannot believe this is happening so soon. I will keep you up to date. How I found your website is another miracle. My wife and I prayed for our dog to be healed. I got up at 2 am in the morning for some reason. Went online and found your website. It was like God pointed me to it. Some people will think I am crazy but I don't care as long as our dog is healed.
Our 9 years old dachshund, Matteo was diagnosed with IMHA on August 17. He got 7 blood transfusions and PCV was between 15-20%. He didn't want to eat or drink. Vet told us that the disease might already affect the bone marrow. We talked about taking him home so he could be with his family.
Feeling hopeless, I started searching for holistic meds that can help prolong his life and I found Pet Health Nutrition website. I contacted Maria after hours and she got back to me first thing in the morning. She was super helpful and told me to get BioPrepartion F3+ and overnighted to me. I gave 1 1/2 capsules spread into 2x a day right after I gave him at the hospital. I had to make a paste and put it on his tongue since he didn't want to eat or drink.
That night his blood count cell was up to 25% and stayed up to almost 24 hours before dropping to 17% again. We were surprised and my husband told me to give 2 capsules spreadinto 2x the next day. And surprisingly, it went up to 27% the next morning and for almost 36 hours and dropped to 23% and he started to eat.
They sent him home after 48 hours watch with blood count being stable at 23% on 08/23. Couple days later, we came back to get his PCV done, and it was 32%. We started giving him daily multi and calcium along with his meal.
As of yesterday 09/06, His PCV was at 43% and he's taking 2-1/2 capsules spread into 5 times a day. The vet is so happy with the results and start tapering his steroid medication.

Thank you thank you thank you again Maria, for saving Matteo's lives.
My 11 year old Golden has an auto immune disease that causes his retina to detach. He was put on a steroid by an eye doctor to control it. His eye had been very unstable with the retina detaching and then reattaching. The eye doctor informed me that eventually would probably go blind in that eye.

I was lucky enough to find this shop on line and I contacted Maria who told me to try BioPreparation F3. She explained that it is able to cross the retinal barrier and penetrate into the eye. I have been using it for about a year now and my dog's eye is stable, his retina has remained attached and he still has his vision. It seems to have made a big difference in him. I couldn't be happier.
I just wanted to add a note to my previous review.
This is how I found out how much this product was working.
I too did not think much at first, so I skipped it for 2 days.
Amber, a 11 years old Pug almost could not use hind legs in just 2 days of not using this product. I am giving her F3+ twice a day now and very happy with the result. Now she can use stairs & her favorite couch again. She was diagnosed DM in Sept.
Very expensive and did not notice any difference in my dog. Have given as advised for 2+ months and will discontinue when supply is depleted. May work for some but I was disappointed as I was advised by buck mountain to administer for any serious health condition.
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Biopreparation Testimonial
(This is Mikey's Birthday photo!) I received the BioPrep late yesterday and started using it today.  I started at 7 am giving my dog a total of 1 1/2 capsules by afternoon.  I had my dog Mikey sitting on my lap. What happened next is shocking.  I started feeling his body getting warm under his stomach within an hour 1/2 after the first dose.  I started to notice all the pale color gone from his ears, and he started to gain his pink color back. My wife said how could that be so soon. I told her to take a look. Before taking the product his ears and gums were pale from the anemia. After giving him only 1 1/2 capsule he is now playing again like he used to. I cannot believe this is happening so soon. I will keep you up to date. How I found your website is another miracle.  My wife and I prayed for our dog to be healed. I got up at 2 am in the morning for some reason. Went online and found your website. It was like God pointed me to it. Some people will think I am crazy but I don't care as long as our dog is healed.