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Answers Pet Food

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Answers Pet Food provides a novel approach to feeding raw pet food. Their product line offers unique raw products, new raw forms and innovative green, recyclable packaging. In addition, Answers Pet Food is made from the highest quality ingredients, all made and sourced in the USA!

Unique to Answers Pet Food

  • Raw goat's milk that comes from sustainably raised free-range goats on a Pennsylvania farm. The goats are raised in a low-stress environment, with a strong emphasis on animal welfare.
  • Chicken from a supplier committed to animal well-being and care in the production of poultry (low stress raising practices, well being, and ethical treatment). It is their policy to meet or exceed established industry standards and government regulations pertaining to the humane treatment and handling of poultry.
  • Beef that is: 100% natural (never been administered any growth hormones or synthetic hormones and never received ionophores or antibiotics in any form, verified Angus (by genotype versus phenotype), United States born and raised (verified by signed cattle affidavit), 100% vegetarian fed (never been fed any animal by-products) and certified Humane Approved (raised using humane handling practices and subject to an evaluation in accordance with HFAC guidelines)
  • Pork sustainably raised on Midwestern family farms in a low-stress environment, with a strong emphasis on animal welfare, and that has never been administered antibiotics, growth promotants and is 100% vegetarian fed!

Answers Pet Food is a great choice when selecting a raw food diet for your canine or feline!

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