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Daily Multi with Joint Support

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We have decided to discontinue this blended supplement and instead rely on the two individual supplements that comprise the Daily Multi Plus w/ Joint Support. By using these two supplements independently you will be providing your dog or cat with more green foods and glandulars per serving while being able to control the dosing of the Elk Velvet Antler. There is more product in these two individual supplements so they will last longer and the cost is a little bit more because of this.

We have made this simple for you to do. Just go to the Daily Multi Plus product page and then cick on the Buy Together tab and follow the instructions found there. Then click Add All to Cart in the Blue Box.

I wanted to take a minute and write a review for The Pet Health and Nutrition Center and their fabulous products! I use many of their amazing products, but the Daily Multi with Joint Support is something I will never go without. I live and work on a cattle ranch and now have an Australian Cattle Dog who is literally a little wild maniac and the love of my life. She is the most active, wild, crazy little ball of fire I have ever had to deal with, but she is also a member of our family and I will do whatever I need to in order to keep her healthy, and in her later years it is very important to me that she not suffer with pain or arthritis. Maria advised me to start her on their elk antler at 4 years of age so, of course, I did! I figure as active as she is I'm going to need all of the help I can get to keep her joints healthy.

I'm so grateful for Phil and Maria, for their knowledge, for their kindness with my concerns and questions, for their honest advice, for the timeliness of their shipments of their products, and especially for selling products that I know are the best I can buy for my dogs. If I have a question or concern about anything with my dogs I go straight to their website and to the EDUCATION tab at the top and read. No need to look any further than The Pet Health and Nutrition Center for products for your dogs. Thank you Phil and Maria.

Wonderful and amazing product! I add this to the raw diet I feed Storm and she is happy, healthy, shiny and I know she's getting everything she needs! She has been on this product since she was 8 weeks old and you can see the results, thank you to Pet Health and Nutrition Center for making my dog the healthiest she could be!
I have been using this once daily for my two cats. Just on my third re-order today. Ruby is 12, Petey is 7. They have never had any conditions and have always been in good health, but I was looking for a great boost in overall well being, had read into some holistic cat care literature. This works great, especially the joint support. Now Ruby is really still a super cat, jumping on up on all window ledges in my apartment and chasing Petey when she feels like it. That is my sure proof this great supplement was a great idea to give to them. Also Maria recommended the Nordic naturals Omega for Cats, along with their daily fix of coconut oil, their coats suddenly aquired a dazzling new shine and sheen. Big thanks to Maria, from a happy customer and happy cats.
This was the first supplement we ordered, and both of our dogs love it! Our 9 year old and 5 year old both needed some joint support so we opted for this version with the velvet elk antler and we are so pleased. Our 9 year old Gunner has some scar tissue in her hips and in the last four months of use her range of motion has increased and she has less difficulty when getting up and down off furniture, now loves to run on our walks! And enjoys playing with her 5 year old hyper active brother Cash instead of sitting and grumpily staring at his activity like she used to. The probiotics have been so helpful as Gunner has low stomach acid which has been causing her some digestive troubles, and she needs extra support. Cash had extreme allergies to all kibble we tried him on, and at Maria's advice we switched him to Aunt Jeni's homemade and he has been thriving ever since! We added this daily multi complete to his meals and he is so excited to eat again, with no stomach upset. Both dogs have changed for the better with this daily multi, we are so thankful for the Pet Health and Nutrition Center!
I purchased this for my 13 yr old Cocker Spaniel who is in renal failure and who developed tremors due to arthritis. Her high phosphorus levels additionally made movement for her difficult. She already takes the Microalgae Forte 3 capsules and Maria recommended I add this to her regimen, to ensure that she receives all the nutrients necessary for her each day but to also assist her in lubricating those poor joints. It has been over 2 weeks that I have been giving her this. I had purchased an arthritis supplement from the vet but saw that it had fillers and other undesirable chemicals in them. With the Daily Multi and Joint supplement, I have seen an improvement in her ability to move about and use her doggie door. She had stopped using it over a month ago as she found it hard to jump up into the door (it is several inches off the ground). Since using this, not only has she been able to once again use the door (albeit slowly), her digestive issues seem to have resolved itself. I had been giving her a digestion aid, as her previous medications had killed all the good bacteria in her stomach. With this product, along with a low protein, low phosphorus diet, she has resumed tapping us on the foot or arm with her paw when she needs our attention and she seems to move about the yard and house longer than before. I do not hear her stomach growling anymore after meals and she seems alert and happier. Her face and the condition of her skin seem to have improved as well. Thank you very much for this really good product. Thanks a million, Maria for your patience with me and my myriad of questions! You ROCK!
I used to purchase a daily vitamin powder, a digestive formula and a supplement for my dog's arthritis. I replaced them all with this one product and meal time is so much easier. My dog looks great and the digestive issues he was still having have disappeared. I am very pleased with this supplement.
Just finished my first bottle and am back to order the next one. Just have to let people know that this is the freshest supplement I have ever purchased. It smells so good I want to try some. My dogs both seem to love it and they can sometimes be a little picky.
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Daily Multi with Joint Support Customer Testimonial
Hi! Here is a picture of our sweet 12-yr. old chocolate lab, Holly. Since starting your joint and vitamin supplements, Holly is moving more easily and everyone remarks how nice her coat looks! Thanks so much! I’m so thankful we found you!
My very best regards!
Susan H.