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Why We Don't Carry...

At The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we only carry the very best products for your animal's health. The products we would, or do, provide to our own animals. We strive to be better than everyone else, and we feel that we are.

Because of our commitment to your animal's health, you may not find some of the products in our store that you currently use or see elsewhere. That is because we either:
1). Have chosen not to carry that particular item because it does not meet our standards, or
2). There is a similar item that we feel is superior, so we carry that one instead.
Rest assured, this is not easy. It would be much easier for us to just place an order for our inventory from a distributor or two, like most other stores. Instead we order special bird food from Oregon, herbal remedies from Wyoming and our elk velvet antler for your animal's joint support comes from Canada. Not easy, much more time-consuming and expensive on our part. But this is why we started The Pet Health and Nutrition Center, to provide only the very best and live up to that standard. Other companies say this, but we live it - everyday!


Dog and Cat Food
We focus on whole foods - just like nature designed animals to eat. We stock one of the largest selections of raw pet foods you will find anywhere! We also like dehydrated raw foods as a second choice after raw feeding and carry a limited supply of only the best canned foods and two or three dry kibble choices with with Champion Pet Foods being our favorite in that area. Take a look at our detailed list of Undesirable Dog and Cat Food Ingredients to get a better idea of why we may not be carrying your brand of food. We don't carry dog and cat foods that:

  • Have a superior alternative available. We aren't a feed and grain and don't try to cater to everybody just to make a sale. Why carry fifteen or twenty brands of kibble pet foods when Champion Pet Food's Orijen and Acana are clearly the best choices and provide a variety of selections to meet our customers' needs? We offer what is best for your animal, not our bottom line!

  • Use pet or feed grade ingredients

  • Use lots of cheap filler ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions etc

  • Use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

  • Use marketing gimmicks such as breed specific, prescription or weight loss

  • Have protein levels that are way too low, like many organic and prescription kibble diets

  • Use too many grains, either as cheap fillers or to inexpensively boost protein levels

  • Are manufactured by a manufacturer or copacker with a history of recalls.

    eg., Taste of the Wild (Diamond Pet Foods), the Natura Pet Food line including Evo, California Natural, Karma and Innova; Iams and Eukanuba (Proctor and Gamble)

  • Use synthetic vitamins, when there is an alternative. That is why we may not carry your favorite brand of canned or raw food, because there are a number of great choices that don't use synthetic vitamins, so why provide those that do?

Bird Food
Did you know many of the commercial bird foods use feed-grade ingredients, seeds and nuts stored for long periods of time and that very well might have been sprayed with fungicides and other chemicals? We don't carry bird foods that:

  • Use feed or pet grade ingredients

  • Use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

  • Use sulfites to preserve the fruit (Dr. Harvey's Exotic Parrot Food is an exception)

  • Contain lots of cheap filler ingredients, that are typically high in fat or allergenic, like sunflower seeds, peanuts and soy.

  • Use synthetic vitamins (Harrison's Pellets are an exception)

Grooming Products

This can be a very deceptive category of pet products. So many shampoos and other bathing products are now are using the popular term "natural", that consumers are unfortunately making poor choices. To make sure products are safe and healthy for your animal, you always have to turn the container around and look at the ingredient list. There is no need for lots of chemicals in these products, but they are included because they are cheaper, can increase shelf life or make the product more attractive to the consumer in some way, such as scent or color. Chemicals found in many products can increase the sensitivity and porosity of your animal's skin causing skin problems down the road and allowing unhealthy chemicals to penetrate deeper into your animal's body. We do not carry pet grooming products that:

  • Contain any unhealthy chemicals that can damage your animal's skin and potentially cause other health problems, like parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, fragrance, propylene glycol, artificial coloring etc

  • Our research and investigation shows contain ingredients not indicated on the label. Unfortunately some companies are well aware that consumers are becoming more educated, so they leave ingredients like parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate off the label. In this unregulated industry it is easy to get away with.


Loads of choices here, but the vast number are comprised of low-grade synthetic ingredients and may have various safety and quality concerns. For instance Consumer Labs, an independent reviewer and tester of supplements, found pet joint and multivitamin supplements that did not contain the amount of key ingredients indicated on the label while also containing undesirable contaminates. How many of you use, or have used, the popular and inexpensive Pet Tabs® pet multivitamin supplement available at many pet stores and veterinarian's offices? Consumer Lab testing found lead contamination at 6.45 mcg per tablet, not something that is going to be healthy for your animal over the long-term.
We focus on high-quality supplements that derive all, or the majority of, their nutrition from whole food sources. More and more research is showing supplementing with synthetic vitamins can be dangerous at worst and ineffectual at the very least. In addition, we interview and investigate the manufacturers we deal with, and only carry the products from companies that we feel comfortable with and trust. We only carry products for your animals that we do, or would, provide for our own. If you are going through the trouble of supplementing your animal's diet to increase their health and longevity, why not make sure they are the best supplements possible. We don't carry supplements that:

  • Are comprised primarily of inexpensive synthetic vitamins.

  • Contain any unnecessary additives such as artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

  • Have failed testing by Consumer Lab or other independent company

  • Do not meet our standards

  • Have a similar but superior product available

  • Are manufactured by a company with which, for one reason or another, we do not feel comfortable

  • Contain ingredients that we feel are unethical, such as shark cartilage


We think many consumers underestimate the potential health threat posed by the toys with which they provide their animals. Whether it is the phthalates, found in vinyl dog toys that are linked to hormone disorders, liver and thyroid damage, testicular cancer and an increased breast cancer risk, or the pesticides and fungicides found in many commercial catnip cat toys, accumulated exposure to these toxins is a time-bomb waiting to wreak havoc down the road. We don't carry pet toys that:

  • Are manufactured using vinyl. No cheap, smelly, vinyl toys manufactured in China in our store!

  • Have a similar but superior product available - like organic catnip compared to regular catnip, natural plant-based dyes as opposed to chemical-based or non-toxic material as opposed to who-knows-what

  • Do not meet our standards

  • Are cheap and gimmicky, like plastic bird toys. Why not provide natural bird toys so they can enjoy more natural materials and behavior?

  • Contain materials that are considered to be unhealthy or could be dangerous, like vinyl, pesticides or zinc parts or snap clasps on birds toys