Knowledgeable, Results Oriented, Natural Care for Dogs and Cats

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Who We Are

Our Experience

  • Maria has managed a leading Afghan Hound kennel, and has been working with raw foods and holistic nutrition for 20+ years. She has also attended college for Canine Science.
  • Philip is an herbalist and is currently pursuing his Master Herbalist certification. He has years of experience and study concerning dog, cat, parrot and small animal care and nutrition.
  • Both Philip and Maria are certified MAR (Missing Animal Response) Technicians
  • Both have valuable experience and knowledge gained from two decade of working with holistic healing using nutrition, herbals, homeopathics, flower essences and nutraceuticals as well as other natural healing modalities.
  • Both have attended educational seminars with some of the greatest minds in the fields of holistic pet care and positive/gentle training techniques. Philip and Maria will continue to attend educational opportunities around the country as a service to animal companions everywhere and their guardians.
  • Both have experience and have gained valuable knowledge dealing with various animal disorders such as cancer, tumors, arthritis, hip dysplasia, seizures, canine compulsive disorder, thyroid disorders, various tick diseases, feline urinary blocking, urinary track infections, kidney issues, spay incontinence, skin cancer including melanoma and other afflictions.
  • Both Maria and Philip spend a part of every day studying and researching animal companion health to help their customers and will continue to make education a cornerstone of The Pet Health and Nutrition Center.

Who We Are

Our names are Philip and Maria Reich and we have been animal people since we were children. The type that brought the stray home or stole the little animal away before other youngsters had a chance to hurt it. We matured into young adults and we would stop traffic and jump out of our car to help the turtle safely across the road (or the mommy duck with her babies!), entice the lost dog into our car so we could find his true parents or stop to take the cat that was hit by a car to get medical care with our own very limited funds. With a home of our own, we adopted a house full of animals and it is for them, our children, that we began to break away from the usual way of treating animals which frequently includes the use of steroids, antibiotics and often unnecessary booster vaccinations - in other words, standard western medicine. We began to realize, as our experience grew, that allopathic medicine has its place, and can sometimes be life-saving, but the answers that would alleviate health issues and lead to true long-term health and healing could only be found by supporting a healthy immune system, providing species-specific nutrition, having knowledge of natural, holistic remedies, furnishing a healthy chemical-free environment and of course providing physical exercise and emotional fulfillment. With our knowledge and experience we began to realize that we could not rely too heavily on our local veterinarian. Many vets, unfortunately, receive very little nutritional or holistic education during their schooling. This, again unfortunately, leads to the reliance on western medicine and pharmaceuticals to suppress symptoms and seldom leads to outstanding health or true healing of any sort. If our animals were going to live long, vibrantly healthy lives, it was going to be up to us, we had to become educated and knowledgeable, and this we have become.

Our journey has finally brought us to a point in our lives when we can follow our life's work, to truly pursue what matters to us most; to care for the animals for as long as they are on this Earth. To do that we have to provide them with sound nutrition, emotional fulfillment and true healing. Perhaps most importantly, we must provide their guardians with the information they need to accomplish what they wish for the animals they share their lives with. With a better understanding of Holistic care on the rise, with some vets becoming better educated as to true healing, we have come a lot closer to taking better care of our companion animals. Now is a more rewarding time to be a caring animal guardian and hopefully it will only get better. Welcome to The Pet Health and Nutrition Center.