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Visiting The Dog Park

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Visiting The Dog Park

For most dogs, a visit to a dog park is a great experience filled with chances to interact with other dogs and get some exercise. But not all dogs (not to mention their owners) have a great experience every time. So what can you do to increase the chance that going to the dog park will be safe and fun for your dog? Cheryl provides you with the information you need to know including:

* The design features a well-planned park should have. * The four key behaviors your dog needs to know to thrive in a dog park. * Dog park etiquette - for both humans and dogs. * How to evaluate your dog's temperament to determine if he is dog-park ready. * How to read canine body language to anticipate and prevent problems. Anyone who takes their dog to a dog park - especially those who may have had some negative experiences - should benefit from reading this book. For you trainers who are asked by your clients about the pros and cons of dog parks, this book should be on your recommended reading list.†