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Natural Tick Bite Remedy for Dogs

Tick Bite Oil is the perfect solution for those canine guardians that worry about infection when their dog gets bitten by a tick. This natural, herbal formula contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory essential oils that help to reduce the chance of infection, speed healing and decrease itchiness and inflammation. There is a noticeable difference in how quickly tick bites heal and it also gives you a sense of comfort that you are applying something to the tick bite that can help prevent infection and further irritation for your dog.

*For dogs only please because of the essentail oil content.

Contains a proprietary blend of organic essential oils: Lemon, Oregano, Thyme, Clove, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon in a sweet almond oil base.

After removing the tick apply one or two drops to the tick bite and gently massage oil into skin in a circular motion. You can apply two or three times daily if inflammation persists. Good for other insect bites too!

Our Tick Protection tincture is comprised of organic herbs with a rich history of safe and effective use. This tincture will help prevent the tick bites that transmit disease while providing circulating antimicrobial protection and immune system enhancement as additional safeguards to further protect your dog or cat.

Our Herbal Defense for Dogs is an all-natural flea and tick prevention spray that we feel you will find head and shoulders above other similar products. This special formula features organic herbs and essential oils with unique attributes that will provide protection against the itching, irritation and infection that can be related to flea, tick and mosquito bites.

Our Internal Powder helps to support and strengthen the body's resistance to parasites like fleas and other biting insects. We avoid the use of yeast in the Internal Powder because of issues so many dogs and cats have with that ingredient, and instead rely on organic herbs that are high in thiamine (B1), pyridoxine (B6) and sulfur compounds. Both constituents have been shown to strengthen the skin and induce a taste that biting insects dislike. This will help prevent the itching and inflammation associated with flea and other insect bites in a natural and safe way.


Our High Potency Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Formula has been created specifically for dogs and cats. It is formulated with higher amounts of the enzymes and probiotics needed to help your animals properly digest raw food, kibble, canned and home-prepared diets. This is a superior enzyme formula with 13 specialized enzyme strains and the addition of 5 billion CFU per gram of 13 species of beneficial bacteria.

Love this product! A couple of drops and the redness and swelling from the tick bite is gone the next day. There used to be a little lump where the tick bite was but no more. Smells wonderful too.
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