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The Honest Kitchen Free Range Fact Sheet

Free Range Fact Sheet


The Honest Kitchen’s Force, Thrive and Prowl recipes for dogs and cats are now proudly made with chicken from Petaluma Poultry, which is 100 percent:


  • Free-Range
  • Sustainably Farmed
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Vegetarian Fed, NO Animal By-Products


Petaluma Poultry’s chickens are locally raised in Northern California on spacious ranches with full access to sunlight, fresh air and natural earth – unlike factory-farmed chicken.


How is this chicken better for my pet?


  1. By feeding your pet chicken that has never been fed antibiotics or meat by-products, you’re taking an extra step to make sure his/her diet is more pure, clean and even more safe.
  2. Consuming chicken that contains antibiotic residues can lead to antibiotic resistance and other health concerns.
  3. In addition, free-range chickens are less stressed, more flavorful and more nutritious.
  4. Free-range chickens (and their eggs) contain trace elements that are ingested while pecking in the dirt – another benefit of being raised in a natural setting.


How is this chicken better for my planet?


  1. Petaluma Poultry is the first and only food producer in the world to be ISO 14001 certified. This means the company undergoes continuous testing and accreditation to ensure their practices are sustainable.
  2. Petaluma Poultry takes extra steps to conserve water, care for its land and respect its ranch workers.
  3. Petaluma Poultry is committed to reduced emissions and waste.


What about our other meats?


Our turkey is already certified cage-free. We are working to secure a supply of 100 percent free-range turkey as well as 100 percent grass-fed beef in the coming months. In addition, we are looking at suppliers of sustainable exotic meats and fish to add to our current line.


Passion and principles


The Honest Kitchen has had a long-standing goal to actively support sustainable agricultural practices, and is absorbing the costs associated with transitioning to the new free-range chicken. We believe using sustainably-farmed, free-range chicken is simply the right thing to do, so there will be no change in prices as a result of this important upgrade.