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Dog Bladder Stones Customer Testimonial

Just a note of thanks to you wonderful people. I have always fed my furry babies very healthy organic and mostly raw diet, so this really stumped me. My 6 year old rescue, Bella  had all of a sudden developed a urinary tract infection, so we go to the vet and $345 later, she is on this nasty science diet food and powerful antibiotics.  I really am not a fan, but anything for my girl. So after a month of this, we do our follow up with the vet and they tell me, Bella has to have surgery to remove bladder stones! I was told last visit it was a UTI, (urinary tract infection), this time, they said, she is worse and I only had 2 options, surgery or give the nasty expensive food and antibiotics another try. So again, $345 later, We are driving home crying because I know my furry baby is not doing well. So I get home and start looking up causes and natural care for canine bladder stones. This is when I found the best pet supplements ever!!!. Antilithic was the best supplement ever and less than  $345,  most of all, it worked !! No more surgery and no more stones!!! Also, no more nasty food! Thanks for this supplement, it truly is great for balancing the urinary tract and getting rid of bladder stones. Bella and her family truly thank you for being a wonderful knowledgeable company. Attached is a picture of our happy little girl, Bella.

Forever grateful,
The Weaver's

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