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Autoimmune Condition

Autoimmune Condition Treatment Options for Dogs and Cats

l. Holistic Natural Protocol Goal

The goal of our natural protocol differs somewhat from that of your veterinarian. We share your vet's goal in trying to reduce the damage caused by the hyperactivity of your dog or cat's immune system, though in a safer, more natural way. However, we also strongly believe in providing your animal with the nutrition and supplementation necessary to protect healthy tissue and repair damaged tissue. In doing so we don't just provide immune suppressors or other drugs that suppress symptoms, but instead organic, whole foods and herbs with powerful healing abilities and the potential to make your pet healthier.

ll. Natural Autoimmune Protocol

Core Recommendations 

Our "Core Recommendations" form the backbone of our Natural Autoimmune Protocol. They consist of the supplement recommendations we feel are the most important to provide to your animal companion for this condition. They are displayed individually at the bottom of this page along with other helpful products from which you may make additional selections. Pet foods can be purchased at your finer, local pet stores. If you desire more individualized attention please feel free to use our Consultation Form to provide detailed information about your dog or cat so we can better help you.

Immune Balance Remedy for Autoimiune Condition in Dogs and Cats Core Recommendation #1 - Immune Balance

This remedy contains organic herbs that help to modulate the body's immune response. This will help to alleviate the symptoms associated with your animal's autoimmune condition without the potentially serious side effects associated with immune suppressing drugs.

Daily Vitamin for Autoimmune Condition in Dogs and Cats Core Recommendation #2 - Daily Multi Plus

Our Daily Multi Plus is formulated with organic, whole foods that are extremely important to an animal's nutritional needs but are often missing from the majority of canine and feline diets. This special formula provides the enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, glandulars, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients that are so beneficial to the body's daily maintenance and repair needs for healthy aging. In this formula you will find the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants recommended by the veterinarian community for this condition - only in an organic, whole food form!

Biopreparation for Autoimmune Condition in Dogs and Cats Core Recommendation #3 - BioPreparation

This special blend of four unique algae was developed by a Russian Scientist, Dr. Michael Kiriac after decades of research. It is grown in controlled hydroponic conditions so it is the purest microalgae supplement on the planet. Its thousand of nutrients are so bioavailable they do not have to be digested, they easily pass through the digestive tract and feed cells on a cellular level - very important for this condition. BioPreparation can cross the blood brain barrier to feed the brain, support the hypothalamus to help balance the entire endocrine system and even cross the blood retinal barrier to nurture the eyes. We have had outstanding success with this product so it is highly recommended. Select the F3+ Forte for this condition.

Highly Recommended Products

Enzymes for Autoimmune Condition in Dogs and Cats Systemic Enzymes

Autoantibodies are responsible for the tissue damage your dog is experiencing with their autoimmune condition. Research has shown that systemic enzymes, taken between meals, enter the bloodstream where they can break the bond that holds circulating autoantibodies together, reducing or eliminating their destructive effects, so they can be very helpful in the case of autoimmune conditions.


Recommendation #4 - Repair the Digestive Tract

Abnormal bowel permeability has been associated with autoimmune conditions. This condition, also called Leaky Gut, allows food and bacteria to slip through the digestive tract into the bloodstream due to abnormal intestinal permeability. This results in an immune system response and increased levels of immune complexes in the blood. It is believed that these antigens (substances) are similar to antigens found in tissue. So antibodies formed to attack and rid the body of these antigens actually attack the body's own tissue by mistake. This permeability is caused by, or increased, by the use of NSAIDs so their use should be discontinued. What we want to do in this instance is to provide the body with nutrients that it needs to heal and repair the lining of the digestive tract and that is what this next product does.

Product Recommendation:

Repair and Strengthen

Recommendation #5 - Improve Digestion with Plant Enzymes and Probiotics

Poor digestion can lead to larger than normal products passing through the digestive tract as mentioned above. In addition, small intestine bacterial overgrowth has been associated with cases of autoimmune conditions. When this occurs the equilibrium of microbial flora in the small intestine is out balance. This occurs because of the use of antibiotics or NSAIDs, that damage intestinal flora allowing opportunistic bacteria and fungi to travel up from the colon. These other organisms interfere with digestion and secrete toxins. We have to increase the efficiency of your dog or cat's digestion and provide sufficient levels of probiotic organisms to bring the small intestine back into balance. We have the perfect enzyme and probiotic formula for this job.

Product Recommendation:

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

Recommendation #6 - Acidify the Gut for Optimum Digestion

Many animals we see are having problems with hypochloridia, or low stomach acid output. Feeding a kibble diet raises the alkalinity of your pet's stomach resulting in incomplete digestion, but dogs and cats can have problems digesting other food as well. This contributes to many inflammatory issues in the body such as autoimmune conditions, irritable bowel issues, arthritis and allergies. In order to acidify the gut many people use apple cider vinegar so our Herbal Digestive Tonic is the perfect fit.

Product recommendation:
Herbal Digestive Tonic for Dogs and Cats

Recommendation #7 - Provide Whole Food Nutrients and Antioxidants

Tissue damage leads to inflammation and the production of free radicals. These particles are a primary cause of premature aging and disease. We want to provide your animal with high quality antioxidants to neutralize these free radicals to not only fight tissue damage but prevent damage to cellular DNA. We also want to provide high quality nutrients that the body can use to heal and repair itself. Nutrients from whole foods are much more bioavailable to your animal's body and don't place a work load on the liver and kidneys as do synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements.

Product Recommendation:

Biopreparation Microalgae for Dogs and Cats

Recommendation #8 - Supplement with Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Inflammation causes pain and also leads to the creation of free radicals as mentioned earlier. Another way to counter this inflammation in your pet's body is with omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3's are anti-inflammatory as opposed to inflammatory omega 6's and 9's found in grains and factory farmed meat (used in most pet food). Fish oil is a good source of EPA & DHA omega 3 fatty acids, but it is important to choose your supplement wisely. Fish oil can be contaminated because of our oceans, so you should purchase a well known and highly respected brand, not just any brand for this particular item. Nordic Naturals produces the finest fish oil in its natural triglyceride form, which studies have shown is the preferred form of fish oil.

Product Recommendation:

Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Pet for Dogs and Cats

Recommendation #9 - Provide a Healthy Diet

Diet plays an important role in your animal's long term health. Feeding a raw whole food diet is the biologically appropriate way to feed an animal. If you do not want to feed raw, or can't for some reason, then sticking as close to whole food as possible is always best. An animal that suffers with an autoimmune condition is almost certainly going to have a more difficult time digesting a kibble pet food.

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Think Hard Before Vaccinating

Circulating immune factors are suspected to be one of the major factors contributing to tissue destruction in autoimmune conditions. These autoantibodies as they are called are the culprits and a major suspected cause is vaccinations. Studies have shown that the more vaccinations your animal gets the more circulating autoantibodies that animal has. If you suspect or know that your dog or cat has an autoimmune condition they should no longer be vaccinated! You can get an exemption letter for the rabies vaccine from your veterinarian. If they will not provide you with a letter to give to your town or county, we suggest you find another vet. Read our article: Are You Over Vaccinating Your Dog or Cat.

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