Knowledgeable Results-Oriented Natural Care for Dogs and Cats

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Animals Apawthecary


Animals Apawthecary began formulating herbal remedies for animals in 1995. Created by world renowned herbalists and authors Gregory Tilford and Mary Wulff-Tilford, Animals Apawthecary offers a broad assortment of glycerin-based herbal tincture formulas that are safe, effective and sweet tasting. These herbal remedies from Animals Apawthecary are in direct contrast to the harsher, less potent dog herbal products sold elsewhere. In addition, the active constituents of the herbs used are extracted into a tincture making them much more effective and more easily assimilated by the body than dried herbs and very easy to administer.

We also love that the products from Animals Apawthecary are formulated with organic and/or ethically wildcrafted herbs. Used by hundreds of holistic veterinarians and thousands of holistic-minded dog parents worldwide, Animals Apawthecary has revolutionized the use of herbs for dogs in the daily and clinical care of companion animals.

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