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Safe Dog, Cat and Bird Toys

Safe Dog, Cat and Bird Toys are not something you see advertised or promoted everyday. Yet here, at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center, they are something we have concentrated on from the beginning. Like unhealthy food or treats, unsafe pet toys can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health; it’s just that often most people may not realize they were the culprit in their pet’s illness or untimely demise.

There is a complete absence of regulation for pet toys, so purchasing safe dog, cat and bird toys is not always going to be easy; you have to find a dedicated and trustworthy retailer. A couple of years back hired ExperTox Analytical Laboratory to analyze Chinese-made pet toys they had purchased from a big box store. The toys were found to have elevated levels of lead, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and mercury. In addition, the tennis balls from a large national pet retailer were found to have lead levels 335 times higher than the toys had! Yet, since there are no guidelines, who is to say the levels of these toxic chemicals were too high? The retailers said the levels were safe for pets and two veterinary toxicologists said the levels of lead, chromium, and cadmium in the dog toys and catnip toys did not pose a health risk to pets, but did not cite any long-term studies to back up their opinions. Really?!? So the dogs and cats chew on these toys, their saliva mixes with the toys, they surely ingest some pieces at some point, but all that lead, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and mercury is no big deal…really?!? Sometimes you have to wonder who is on your side.

At The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we provide only safe dog, cat and bird toys! We research products, speak with manufacturers, ask for more information and then do further research on our own time if we feel it is necessary. We know that phthalates in vinyl pet toys are endocrine disruptors and can affect not only your animal’s hormone system, but their liver and kidneys as well, so we don’t carry them! How come everybody else does?!? We know that the pesticides used on catnip can have unhealthy long-term effects for your cat, so we only provide organic catnip and catnip toys. We know zinc is dangerous for birds and certain materials can present dangers so we make sure the toys we provide for your birds are the safest possible. Pet toys from China. There can be big risks there. So we carry safe dog, cat and bird toys that are primarily manufactured in America. The few imported selections we offer are from only two or three manufactures that we trust and that perform safety tests because they care about the health and safety of your pets like we do. We also indicate when pet toys are Made in the USA, and it is clearly marked to make your selection easy.

At The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we purchase safe dog, cat and bird toys from ethical, manufacturers from around the country. Many are small companies and they are dedicated business owners and animal lovers. We don’t take the easy way out and just put an order in with our local distributor. What we do takes more time and more effort, sometimes lots more. But we know there are people and animals that depend on us and need somewhere that they can trust. We go above and beyond to make sure that place is The Pet Health and Nutrition Center!

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