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Probiotic Products for Pets: Dogs and Cats

Probiotics for Pets: Dogs and Cats are beneficial bacteria, the good or friendly bacteria that populate the entire digestive tract and play an important role in digestion, nutrient assimilation and immune system function.
Unfortunately, many people have been lead to believe that all bacteria are harmful, but the reality is that we live in symbiosis with beneficial bacteria throughout our environment, and arguably the most important being our friendly intestinal bacteria. The average person has about four pounds of bacteria in his body with the majority residing in the digestive tract. We and our animals would become very ill or die without the right intestinal bacteria, and unfortunately this actually happens more often than most people realize. Many holistic doctors believe that imbalances in intestinal bacteria are a major factor in many of the chronic disorders that we see today. Our own experience with animals, and even their people, shows us this is very true!
Enjoy our selection of probiotics for dogs, because as always, we search for the safest and most effective products available for your animals!

What we recommend...

  • For help with certain problems or conditions related to deficient probiotic levels such as:
    • allergies and food sensitivities
    • fatigue, constipation or diarrhea
    • poor digestion that displays as gas or stomach pain
    • poor nutrient assimilation that displays as weight loss or lack of weight gain
    • painful joint inflammation or stiffness
    • bad breath, gum disease and dental problems
    • frequent colds, flu or infections
    • chronic yeast problems which display as itchy/infected ears/skin

    Choose Garden of Life Primal Defense because of its unique blend of Homeostatic Soil Organisms. We have had great success with this product for our customers and it is the one we use in our home. You can always switch to a less expensive product once the problem is cleared up. This product is also the one to choose for use during and following a course of antibiotics or for everyday use when you want the very best.
    Adding in a prebiotic supplement, like Animals Apawthecary Prebiotic Plus, can be helpful when dealing with problems or conditions. Prebiotics act as food for probiotics, helping to replenish colonies of good bacteria quickly, allowing them to out-compete pathogenic bacteria.

  • For normal everyday use, select from any of the probiotic supplements. Enhance Digestive Aid for Dogs is a very well-formulated product and many customers like the Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics because of its price point. Both are convenience  because the enzymes and probiotic are combined in one supplement.
  • For a more in depth look at this topic read Probiotics for Pets

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