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PetzLife Oral Care Spray


PetzLife Oral Care Spray is a much safer alternative to risky anesthesia used for teeth cleaning and scaling; 1 in 400 pets die and 1 in 8 suffers side effects from anesthesia. We have spoken with Holistic vets who report that many older cats suffer from renal failure shortly after receiving anesthesia and suffer a premature death; these are not isolated incidents!

According to the AVDS, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age three, often indicated by bad breath, a change in eating or chewing habits, pawing at the face and mouth and depression. Besides causing receding gums and tooth loss, the infection may enter the bloodstream, potentially infecting the heart, liver and kidneys. Give a Petzlife Oral Care product a try - our customers rave about this product!

PetzLife Oral Care Spray Benefits

  • A safe alternative to risky anesthesia used for teeth cleaning and scaling.
  • 100% all-natural ingredients.
  • Naturally kills harmful bacteria and loosens plaque and tarter.
  • Kills bacteria living in your pet's mouth helping eliminate bad breath (halitosis). If that is the reason for your pet's bad breath. Bad breath can be a sign of illness or digestive problems as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About PetzLife Oral Care Spray

1. Are Petzlife Oral Care products safe for my pet?
Yes! All the ingredients in both products are 100% natural with the main ingredient being grapefruit seed extract making them safe for all breeds of cats, dogs and ferrets.

2. What is the difference between the Oral Care Spray and Oral Care Gel?
The difference between the two products is in the application, the ingredients are basically the same in both products with the gel having a natural gelling agent to help coat the teeth.

3. How do Petzlife products work?
The ingredients in Petzlife mix with your pet's saliva when applied on your pet's teeth and completely coats your pets teeth and mouth. This process kills harmful bacteria and loosens plaque and tarter.

4. How long will it take for my pet's teeth to be white?
The results with your pet will depend on how closely you follow the directions, the age of your pet, and the current condition of your pet's teeth. You should notice a disappearance of tarter and plaque between the tooth and the gum line and a reduction in redness within the first few weeks of application. If there is a large build-up of plaque the last area that will disappear is toward the center of the tooth.

5. My pet has bad breath will these products help?
Yes! In most cases bad breath (halitosis) is caused by bacteria living in your pet's mouth. PetzLife Oral spray and gel are specially formulated to kill bacteria on contact, so as your pet's mouth becomes healthier breath becomes fresher.

6. Are there any side effects when using Petzlife Oral Care products?
None! The only thing you will notice is that your pet will lick their lips repeatedly after application. This natural reaction helps coat your pets teeth and gums.

7. I just had my pets teeth cleaned why should I use anything else?
Now is an especially important time to use Petzlife Oral Care's uniquely formulated products. Your Veterinarian scales under your pets gum-line and in most cases this area does not immediately seal back to your pet's teeth. By using PetzLife Oral Care products you kill the bacteria that could enter directly into your pet's bloodstream. You will also notice that redness will disappear sooner and with normal maintenance, either spraying or brushing, you most likely will not need to return for another cleaning!

PetzLife Oral Care Spray Details

Available in a 4 oz. spray bottle.

PetzLife Pet Oral Care Ingredients
100% all-natural ingredients! The main ingredient is grapefruit seed extract. Other ingredients include Grape seed extract, Thyme oil, Neem oil, Rosemary oil, and Peppermint oil. These are all specially formulated with distilled water and grain alcohol to produce one of the most effective and safest dental products ever produced.

PetzLife Oral Care Directions
Spray directly on the largest area of tartar. (You will notice your pet licking it's lips repeatedly. This helps mix the spray with your pet's saliva and the natural ingredients will coat all surfaces of your pet's teeth and gums.)
Apply 2 sprays for small dogs, one on each side of your pet's mouth is recommended. For larger dogs increase the amount of sprays: 12-35lbs--3 sprays, 35 to 60lbs --4 sprays and large breeds--5 to 6 sprays (For heavy build-up apply twice / day.)
*If applying with a brush, a "soft" or finger brush is recommended. Note: The brushing action removes the plaque and tartar that has been softened by the ingredients in our gel and spray. *For best results withhold food and water 30 minutes before and after applications.
*After 30 days you can reduce to one application per day sprayed directly into your pet's mouth. (After 60 days you can reduce to every 2nd or 3rd day) Note: Your pet's plaque and tartar should not return with this recommended usage.
*You will know Petzlife Oral Care Spray is working when the tartar begins to leave the area between the gumline and the teeth. When the gum area is tartar free, it is no longer a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can go directly into your pet's bloodstream. The last area to become tartar free is the middle of your pet's teeth. You will also notice that your pet's breath will be much fresher.

I received this oral spray last week for my cat, I love it and he does too!! When he is looking like he is not feeling well and doesn't want to eat, I know his gums are bothering him and needs a spray. He use to run from me but not anymore. Within one or two minutes after spraying, he is completely different. At ease and actually becomes playful, coming back and flopping next to me as if to say thank you. So glad I tried this product, Love it !!
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