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Pet Vitamins and Supplements

The pet industry is a highly unregulated industry. Recently in the news, the result of product testing by Consumer Labs ( found that a popular pet product manufacturer's arthritis formula did not live up to their claims. Unfortunately for your companion animals there was very little in the actual product of what was touted on the label. This is not an isolated incident.

At The Pet Health and Nutrition Center we realize this problem and take it very seriously. We spend large amounts of time speaking with manufacturers, investigating the ethics of companies we deal with and always keeping our ears open as we speak with industry insiders and other contacts we have within the pet industry. We do not offer gimmicky, marketing driven products like the nutraceutical and treat combinations. Why provide products with ingredients that are often inferior in quality, heat used to manufacture the treats that most likely damages the nutraceuticals and that make dispensing measurable doses virtually impossible. How much is mixed into each treat? You really don't know! We only offer what we feel is best for your animals and our own animals from the top companies in the industry!

What we look for...

1). Products made in America. Products made in China may often be contaminated with lead, heavy metals, unhealthy chemicals or preservatives avoided in the U.S. Even products made in the U.S. but with ingredients from China are best avoided. One good example is the readily available arthritis supplements which contain glucosamine. Very often the glucosamine is imported from China and may be contaminated with lead or unhealthy chemicals. You WILL NOT find those products here!
2). Products formulated from real research. We do not jump on a bandwagon or sell unethically derived products. Shark cartilage is an example of an ingredient we do not offer; it is a very environmentally unfriendly product that may provide some reduction in joint pain but little to improve joint health. There are other products such as plant based enzymes, like bromelain, which will do the same and in a more acceptable way.
3). Vitamins from whole food sources. Nutrients from whole foods are much more bioavailable to an animal's body than synthetic vitamins. New research is beginning to show what we have felt for years - synthetic vitamins can be unhealthy. However, even some very good products may contain a select few synthetic ingredients. But not our favorites!
4). Ethical companies. We like companies that do their product processing in their own facility or at the very least are very involved in the manufacturing process. This provides you with products that have much more supervision during manufacturing. Our favorite companies are very often small, family owned business concerns that are very passionate about their products.
5). Products that do not contain chemical additives. We avoid products with chemical preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT, as well as products with artificial colors, flavors or other chemical additives. Our criteria is very strict, just ask some of the manufacturers we speak with!

We are confidant that no other company does the sort of research or puts in the time and effort that we do to make sure your animals are receiving the best, safest and healthiest vitamins and supplements available!