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Pet Treats

Standard, commercial grain-based treats, loaded with sweeteners, colorings, artificial preservatives and who knows what else?!? You won't find that stuff here! In addition to the low cost, nutrient deficient ingredients found in most commercial pet foods, have you ever read the ingredient panel on some of the more popular pet treats? If you haven't you certainly should. Being a customer of The Pet Health and Nutrition Center you may be more knowledgeable than most. However, if you aren't that well informed yet you may be very surprised at what you find.

Would you believe some companies still use chemicals like Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT which are potentially dangerous preservatives removed from most pet products because of their health risks? You may also find chemicals such as propylene glycol, artificial colors and artificial flavors which are an assembly of chemicals your companion really should avoid for their long- term health. Synthetic vitamins in treats (names often begin with the prefix "dl")?! This is purely a marketing ploy so companies can say their treats are "nutritionally complete" or "fortified". Do treats really need these? Of course not! Not only are these synthetic vitamins in pet treats unnecessary, but more and more research is beginning to show the detrimental effects synthetic vitamins can have on a body. The latest bandwagon certain manufacturers are hopping on is the gimmick of adding nutraceuticals, such as glucosamine, to pet treats. Don't even get us started, a supplement being added to a pet treat?!? We feel that providing a health pet treat and a high-quality supplement independently of each other is the way to go.

Why Adding Nutraceuticals to Pet Treats is not a Good Idea

1). The amount of nutraceutical dosage is dependent on the amount of treats provided to your animal and the mixing of the batch used to combine the treat ingredients with the nutraceuticals. You are not going to get an accurate dose no matter how hard you try.
2). Very often in these types of products low-quality ingredients are used which are most likely going to be ineffectual for your animal and possibly contaminated with lead, antibiotics, acetaminophen and other undesirable substances.
3). How does the high heat and/or pressure used to create the pet treat affect the ingredients? Research has shown that high heat damages or destroys many nutrients so it makes sense that would apply here also.

What We Look for in a Healthy Pet Treat

1). Human grade ingredients - we get excited if the ingredients are organic.
2). Wholesome ingredients that are minimally processed and retain their whole food nutrition.
3). The absence of any unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients and additives like propylene glycol (an ingredient in antifreeze) which is used to make treats soft and chewy.
4). Made by an ethical company who puts their product's safety and quality before profit. Rare, but they do exist, and you can tell who they are by the ingredients they use.
5). Healthy and safe meat sources. We investigate our treats and make sure the meat does not come from China. Be cautious because many commercially available meat-based treats are manufactured in China and may be contaminated. Many animals have been sickened by treats purchased at large national retailers for this very reason.
6). Enjoyment and healthy nutrition for your animal. There are dozens of varieties of treats on the market. The ones we provide are selected for a reason - because our customers' animals love them and they are made with healthy ingredients. We don't hop on bandwagons, so you probably won't find the latest marketing gimmick in our store. Just tasty and healthy pet treats!