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Pet Training Aids

We only recommend training aids that use gentle training methodology. We feel the most important thing is the relationship between guardian and companion animal. Harsh training methods damage this relationship as well as the spirit of the animal on which they are used. Prong collars and choke collars can cause your companion serious injury if used incorrectly and often have serious emotional repercussions for your companion, such as associating the pain inflicted by these collars with other people or animals in the immediate area.

We only offer products recommended or utilized by the true experts in the field of training. The trainers and behaviorists that take the joy and well-being of the animal into account and not just the results. Believe me, there is a difference. Here, you will find products that will assist you in attaining desired results with your companion while maintaining that all important joy and trust. Visit our Books and Video section for products from the most revered people in their respective fields, all reviewed and heartily recommended.

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