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Pet Health Consultation


Enjoy a personal, phone Pet Health Consultation with Maria Reich. Maria is a certified Canine Nutritionist and is one of the more knowledgeable individuals you will ever speak to concerning the well-being of your dog or cat (just view our testimonials). She specializes in a natural approach to animal health, sometimes referred to as "holistic". Her specialty is of course diet, but her knowledge is very comprehensive having worked with clients in a personal manner for the past decade. Because of this close relationship with clients from all over the world she has gained tremendous amounts of experience that can greatly benefit your dog or cat and give you a much different perspective than you might currently be getting from your veterinarian.

Please be aware that all of us here at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center are not permitted to diagnose or treat specific conditions or provide supplements to treat a specific disease. Instead, Maria will make supplement, diet and lifestyle recommendations that will help to support weak/damaged systems in your dog or cat to improve their health in a safe and natural manner.

Which length consultation should I choose?

If your pet has a basic health issue such as an upset stomach after eating that Maria can more simply make diet and supplement recommendations the shorter time frame may be appropriate. If your animal has a more serious or complicated health issue and/or if you would like Maria to look over blood work and other tests the one hour consultation will be necessary. Of course, if your budget allows the longer consultation will give you more time to discuss things and you may wish you chose this after talking to Maria because she has so much knowledge to share!

Depending on time and priority, your holistic pet health protocol with Maria can include:

  • Explaining your veterinarian's current allopathic approach so you have a better understanding of what he/she is doing and why

  • Recommend a diet with the reasons why she feels this diet is best suited for your particular animal

  • Provide supplement recommendations with detailed explanations as to why these particular remedies can benefit your dog or cat

  • Explain the most likely cause(s) of your pet's illness so they can be avoided in the future

  • Explain how your animal's body works so you can better understand what is going on with your pet

How should I begin?

At the top of this page please make your selections for LENGTH and PREFERRED TIME. Then make your purchase by completing the order through checkout. When we receive your order we will reply via email with a suggested time for the consultation to take place usually within two to three business days. If the time is okay for you then reply that you accept (or make an alternative request) and Maria will call you at this time. If there are test results that you wish Maria to look at please attach them to your email response. Please keep in mind that we only view emails Monday thru Friday so if you make a purchase on the weekend we will receive it on Monday.