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Pet Grooming Products

We searched for the best shampoos, free of unnecessary and unhealthy additives. When your animal companion will inevitably come into contact with far too many toxins in his everyday life, why bathe him in some more. It is the eventual build up of these toxins in your animal's system that often leads to cancer and other disease. You would be amazed at the chemical additives included in products labeled to give the idea they are safe and natural. However, all you have to do is turn the container over for the truth in the ingredient listings (well, as much as we can trust them to tell us anyway). We look for new products that make your job of grooming your companion easier and safer.

We keep our eyes open all the time for new products and purchase them and test them before we offer them to you.

**Please remember that cats do not have the enzymes in their livers necessary to break down essential oils. Therefore, any products containing essential oils should not be used on, or even around, your companion cat.