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Grain Free Dog Foods are becoming a fast-growing segment of the pet food industry. There are good reasons for this, though many consumers may be confused as to what they are or why grains are considered “bad” for their dog.

While it is true that dogs and cats are carnivores and require that the majority of their nutrition come from animal sources, whole grains used in small amounts would not be a problem for the majority of animals. But this is not what occurs in the formulation of the majority of commercial pet foods. Grains have become a major ingredient in commercial dog and cat foods, helping to provide texture and acting as the “glue” that holds different formulations together. In recent years, animal proteins have been dramatically reduced and replaced by gluten meals, which are protein rich vegetable protein sources.

In their attempt to squeeze greater profits out of their pet food operations, large corporations rely more on processed grain products rather than nutritious whole grains. Pet labels read rice bran, rice flour or brewers rice instead of whole grain rice. At the same time that grain levels have risen in pet food, sourcing for many commercial foods is relying primarily on “not fit for human consumption” ingredients, which may often be contaminated with pesticide and fungicide chemicals as well as molds and insects. Important animal protein is replaced with wheat or rice gluten, and since these are incomplete, vegetable protein sources for our canines and felines, pet food manufacturers add isolated, synthetic amino acids to the pet food to try and form complete proteins necessary for our animal’s health.

Because of the low-quality and excess amounts of grains used, our dogs and cats often become sick when fed these commercial pet food diets.  Numerous recalls have been linked to mycotoxins resulting from mold contamination and overexposure to grains can become irritating to your pet, causing an immune system response and allergy symptoms. There is even more reason to feed your canine a grain free dog food when new information is showing mite infestation in low-quality grains can be as powerful an allergen as household dust mites.

Grain free dog foods can be a good choice for you canine companion. Basically, because grains are not a part of a dog’s natural diet and it is hard to trust many pet food companies to use quality ingredients. If pet food manufacturers had used nutritious, human-grade, whole grains in moderation, along with quality animal proteins, there might not be all of this hullabaloo. And, if they had not tried to artificially boost the protein levels of their pet foods with melamine back in 2007 many dogs and cats would not have died. But we can’t trust the large corporate owned pet food companies and, as such, we supply your dogs with a fine selection of healthy, grain free diets.

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