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Dog Vitamin Customer testimonial
Henry was underweight and despite my best efforts, I could not get him to get his healthy weight back. I even thought to give him dry food just to help him gain but he could no longer digest any dry food. He’d vomit it up completely undigested even after a few hours. I turned to Google again and this time I found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center. I had a lot of questions. Maria spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me and I ordered the Daily Multi Plus to start off. Within a week or so, Henry and his otherwise healthy sister Ellie, had the first really solid #2 of their life! It had never been so perfect, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal to not be firm. I saw a difference in his coat and his energy level. Unfortunately, I stopped using the product for a couple of months. I was using raw goats milk and kefir and figured that should be enough. It wasn’t. I started them back on the Daily Multi Plus and within a week they were back to the good solid #2 again and I started seeing the shine come back to their fur. It’s been 4 months on it now and Henry has gained back 4 of the 8 pounds he lost last summer. He’s finally getting his health back. We have used the DMP, the elk velvet antler, colostrum, the mushroom supplement and the Biopreparation F2 Core. He is now on a full raw food diet. A year ago, raw food had sent him into a pancreatic episode. I’ve never seen so much energy from him. He is truly a new dog. And his sister is getting all the benefits as well. She struggled with skin problems but those are now a thing of the past too. I can never thank Maria and the folks at The Pet Health and Nutrition Center enough. You gave me my Henry’s health back. And, just a bonus note, my cats took a little longer to get used to the DMP but they now fully enjoy it and even though they were raw fed already, I’ve seen a softening of their coats and less hairballs. Truly amazing products. I tell everyone I can about them!!
Alison R.