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Dog Digestive Enzymes Customer Testimonial

Stella was a perfectly healthy 12 yr old cocker spaniel. She had a Parvo vaccine and started having severe diarrhea that never went away. Our vet gave her 2 antibiotics, after normal blood work, and changed her to a low fat canned prescription food. She was diagnosed with colitis. A second vet gave us barium daily to coat the intestines. She got worse, not better, and had diarrhea for 4 months. Stella was lethargic, vomiting, drooling, didn't want to eat and was sleeping most of the day. I did an extensive online search and found The Pet Health and Nutrition Center. I contacted the company by email and heard back right away from Phil. We had many email conversations and came up with a plan. I ordered diarrhea relief, repair and strengthen, and probiotics and enzymes along with collagen to help repair the digestive tract. We also changed her diet to eating meat, organs and vegetables. These supplements and new food were a miracle. After 3 days of these supplements her diarrhea is gone and after 1 week her health seemed back to normal. She loves to eat now and dances around the kitchen when we get her food ready. She is full of energy and runs to play outside. We will continue to use the supplements as needed and tweak them with Phil as she continues to improve. You saved Stella's life and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.